1- How do I file a case with SOTI Support?
Cases can be created by sending an email to or by visiting our log a case page. You can also call our support team at +1-888-624-9828 (for more contact information please click here) and one of our engineers will be happy to assist you and create case on your behalf.

2 - Can I enroll rooted and / or jailbroken devices to MobiControl?
No, only devices in which the digital protections added by the manufacturer have not been circumvented are supported by MobiControl.

3- Do I have to pay for MobiControl upgrades?
Customers who are hosted on our cloud solution can request unlimited free upgrades as part of their service agreement, just reach out to our support team and request for your cloud server to be upgraded. Clients that have MobiControl installed on-premise and who also have a valid registration code can download the latest version of MobiControl from our website and upgrade their server at no cost.

4- I’m using MobiControl on an Apple computer, can I still remote control my devices?
Yes! On version 12 and onwards of MobiControl we introduced a new type of remote control called “Remote Control HTML5” which is compatible with Apple computers.

5- Which are the MobiControl supported versions?
Over the years we have acquired a large number of customers who are running different versions of MobiControl, and while we will support you on any version of MobiControl you might be currently using, we will only provide code base bug fixes for the most recent revisions of the last two major versions of MobiControl (14.4 and 15.0).

SOTI Assist

1- How do I extend my SOTI Assist trial?
Please reach out to your SOTI Account Manager in order to purchase a license / extend your trial for SOTI Assist.


1- How do I get access to test SOTI Snap?
You can contact your SOTI Account Manager to get access to a test account for SOTI Snap.