Webroot browser deprecation FAQs

1- What happens on September 1, 2018, if my company has not transitioned from using the Webroot SecureWeb browser to the SOTI Surf browser?
The Webroot SecureWeb browser app will continue to operate; however, the browser will no longer prevent device users from accessing restricted web pages or web content.

2- Will my company lose any functionality transitioning from the Webroot SecureWeb browser to the SOTI Surf browser?
No, SOTI Surf supports all the capabilities available in the Webroot SecureWeb browser. In addition, SOTI Surf provides numerous enhancements over the Webroot SecureWeb browser including the ability to access intranet sites without the need for a VPN, cross-platform support for iOS and Android, and data loss prevention capabilities for corporate web content.

3- What happens to my web filter configurations and the Webroot SecureWeb browsers deployed to my company’s devices when I upgrade to a version of MobiControl 13.2 or greater?
Any existing Web Filter configurations will become read-only once the upgrade is complete. Web Filter configurations will continue to be enforced within the Webroot SecureWeb browser and additional devices may be assigned to profiles containing the Web Filter configurations; however, no changes can be made to the configurations.