SOTI Connect 2.3.1 Release Notes

Release Highlights

Link OS 6.7 Support for Zebra Devices

We have added support for Zebra mobile and industrial printers using Link OS 6.7, expanding our catalog of supported devices. See the provided list of supported models:

  • Desktop Printers: ZD510-HC, ZD411, ZD421, ZD611, ZD621
  • Industrial Printers: ZT231, ZT411, ZT421, ZT510, ZT600 Series
  • Mobile Printers: ZQ300 Series, ZR300 Series, ZQ500 Series, ZQ600 Series, ZR600 Series
  • Print Engines: ZE511, ZE521

MQTT RPC Protocol Adaptor Installation

We’ve updated the SOTI Connect installer to include MQTT RPC Protocol Adaptor installation. This protocol adaptor is required to support some Zebra devices.

New Models for Existing Partners

This release adds support for the following devices to SOTI Connect for our existing partners:

  • TSC 30R

Resolved Issues

IOT-13321 A large number of groups (3,000+) in an environment caused slow-down of the UI
IOT-13588 Duplicate device actions were shown when searching actions for printers
IOT-14007 Creating a report for 9,000+ groups caused an error
The system became unresponsive when performing a group search in an environment with 10,000+ groups
IOT-14202 Device groups were always expanded when opening the Device view
IOT-14219 MQTT PAs did not pick up responses after being reset
IOT-14203 Device type search was not auto-expanding the groups in Rules and Reports.
IOT-14320 Some files could not be downloaded from the File Store

Known Issues

IOT-14131 Masked fields are unmasked in the Configuration page