2.4.1 -- March 2, 2023

SOTI Connect 2.4.1 Release Notes

Important Notes About This Release

Currently, SOTI Connect supports Zebra models that can be upgraded to Link OS 6.7. As part of a future upgrade, we are adding SNMP support to enable managing older devices like the QLn range within SOTI Connect. This feature will be fully released in a later version, but a preview is available that can be installed along with 2.4.1. For access to this preview, please contact your SOTI Connect sales engineer.

Release Highlights

Permissions by Device Type

SOTI Connect now allows administrators to set up user access permissions by device type, allowing user restrictions on who can see or modify devices of a certain class, manufacturer, or model group. This is particularly useful for customers who want their manufacturers to support their devices via SOTI Connect while controlling which other manufacturers devices are visible.

Visualization Enhancements

SOTI Connect is giving users a more diverse set of tools, widgets, and quality-of-life improvements to provide users with greater flexibility and control over their visual boards, enabling them to organize and display information in a way that best suits their needs.

New additions to Visualization include:

  • Warning widgets to show a descriptive window with the name of the warning and relevant details
  • Interactable points on widgets that provide the ability to adjust size and dimensions
  • Snap-to-alignment functionality
  • Context menu
  • Visual improvements for graphs

Location Tracking

SOTI Connect now features a location-tracking functionality using Bing Maps that enables users to track their geolocation using historical data. This feature displays points on a map for each geolocation data point in the user's data, providing a clear visual representation of their location history. This new functionality offers a comprehensive and efficient way for users to manage their location data as well as identify patterns and trends.

Remote Control on Printers

SOTI Connect now supports remote control on printers using HTTP tunnelling, providing users with a more efficient way to manage their printing devices. The feature includes a remote-control action on the main action bar of the device details panel for devices that support remote control. When selected, the feature takes the user to the selected device's remote-control panel in a new browser tab.

Other Enhancements

This release features several minor enhancements designed to improve the overall SOTI Connect experience:

  • SNMP PA Integration
    • SNMP DTD in DTD Studio
    • Base SNMP PA now on .net6
    • SNMP PA device Registry and discovery
  • Filter out permissions for specific devices within a device type group

New Printer Models for Existing Partners

SOTI Connect now supports more models for existing partners, including some newly released devices. This includes the following:

  • Honeywell: RP2F, RP4F
  • Avery Dennison: XD5-40D

Resolved Issues

IOT-15169 Users were not being restricted based on device permissions to different groups
IOT-15239 Device logs could not be downloaded
IOT-15405 Individual conditional rules could not be set up
IOT-15421 "View all devices" was showing for users with limited group permissions
IOT-15493 Users with limited group permissions could create new root groups
IOT-15689 PA/MS ping intervals were the incorrect length, causing timeout issues
IOT-15769 Cluster failover installation failed to complete
IOT-15800 Enrolled devices showed PAs as disconnected
IOT-15817 Reactivating the device type definition gave back an error
IOT-15842 It was not possible to use 3rd party server HTTP cert for MS with installer
IOT-15880 FileStore connections could not be established when using a custom FS root
IOT-15940 Default global users did not see the default groups or the option to add new groups
IOT-15968 DTD Upload failure did not cause a rollback as expected
IOT-15992 Group automation rules failed when involving multiple devices
IOT-16107 Add Device to Group action used the wrong control
IOT-16437 Devices could not be copied to a group in the same parent group when using a rule with the Add to Group action

Known Issues

IOT-14449 During Installation, PA connecting is not connecting to the MS address, rather it is connecting to the server address
IOT-14576 Content Security Policy contains 'unsafe-inline'
IOT-15450 Users with permissions limited to a single group cannot create an enrollment rule