2.4.2 -- April 19, 2023

SOTI Connect 2.4.2 Release Notes

Release Highlights

Upgraded Zebra Support

SOTI Connect now supports Zebra printers that require SNMP, which includes a wide range of older devices. All features of LinkOS 6.7 devices are supported with the exception of File Download capabilities, which will be added in a future release.

In addition, we’ve expanded support to include the new Zebra Plus range of printers.

New Printer Models for Existing Partners

SOTI Connect now supports more models for existing partners, including some newly released devices. This includes the following:

  • SATO: S84NX / S86NX
  • SATO: CLNX firmware upgrade

Resolved Issues

IOT-16093 CPU/Memory usage increased during rules creation
IOT-16107 Add Device to Group action did not correctly use hierarchical controls
IOT-16138 Users could not see any devices in the Device tab when logged in as an Identity/OneLogin user
IOT-16437 Devices could not be copied to a group in the same parent group when using a rule with the Add to Group action