2.5.1 -- September 6, 2023

SOTI Connect 2.5.1 Release Notes

Important Notes About This Release

With this release, SOTI Connect no longer installs device protocol simulators on the cloud by default and removes existing device protocol simulators on upgrade unless configured to keep them. These device protocol simulators are still available for use with customer and partner cloud installations but will need to be installed separately.

Release Highlights

Zebra Device Support Extension

All Zebra devices supporting LinkOS 6.7 and the MQTT protocol have been added to the SNMP protocol, enabling SOTI Connect to support these devices on earlier versions of the software and, most importantly, enabling SOTI Connect to upgrade them to LinkOS 6.7.

Updated Visualization Tabs

SOTI Connect has updated the default tabs for all certified devices to use the widgets added in SOTI Connect 2.5, such as graphs and gauges, demonstrating the utility of these new features.

Resolved Issues

IOT-17021 Previously installed simulators were not removed if they were unselected during installation
IOT-17456 Users received an HTTP error when attempting to communicate with the server
IOT-17492 PAs could be incorrectly registered to brokers
IOT-17738 MQTT simulators caused server load to spike to 99% when improperly configured
IOT-17894 Users were unable to copy existing configurations
IOT-17907 Using remote control with Printronix devices created multiple audit log entries
IOT-17963 System Management did not show the three-dot menu after upgrading SOTI Connect to 2.5