SOTI Connect v1.1.1 Release Notes

1.1.1 (January 13, 2020)

Improvements Included In Release 1.1.1

The following improvements are included in this maintenance release:

  • SOTI Identity Integration – Resolved a number items related to SOTI Identity Integration turning off or becoming unusable.

  • Orchestration Integration – Orchestration can now install SOTI Connect without accepting the EULA, which was preventing the Trial / NFR process in Salesforce from completing without manual intervention.

  • SOTI Announcements – Support for SOTI Announcements, needed for Catalog services and other customer communications.

  • Catalog Services – Support for downloading and adding new device definition files.

  • Status History – Show history of Status Flag changes, important as many changes occur via rules.

  • User Preferences – Updated to consistent UX design and added additional preferences as requested by our partners.

  • Auto-register – SATO printers can now be found and auto-registered as part of an enrollment rule.

Bug Fixes

The following table lists the issues that have been resolved in this release.

IOT-6177 File store is not handling cookie-based token correctly.
IOT-6190 Rules | Actions tile is blank after adding any action which has an input text field.
IOT-6245 Enrollment rule is not firing upon approval.
IOT-6277 User gets logout after 15 minutes of inactivity.
IOT-4902 Units of Measure not responding to preference changes.
IOT-5721 Automation rule for Any device is not firing for all the targeted devices.
IOT-5872 Emails for scheduled reports are being received every time MS gets restarted or update happens.
IOT-5893 Cannot login to SOTI Connect after SOTI Identity is turned off in SOTI Connect UI.
IOT-5974 Device action in the drop-down list even though it isn't supported.
IOT-6179 EULA flow for SOTI Identity users - not correct for Administrator.
IOT-6180 EULA flow for SOTI Identity users - redirect after accepting not working.
IOT-6319 Websocket to browser connection crashed the MS.
IOT-6342 Blank EULA on login.
IOT-6356 Alerts | Error messages for SOTI Identity config are not shown.
IOT-6381 Unable to log in to SOTI Connect after SOTI Identity upgrade.
IOT-6386 File Upload: should use whatever installer set as MS URL.
IOT-6415 Protocol Instance actions should not ask to choose Protocol Adapter.
IOT-6416 UI showing numeric value and its units without a space in between.
IOT-5100 Service Config Page - Unregistered instances showing up on MS restart.
IOT-5314 REST PG Log files stop getting new logs.
IOT-5404 Installer failed to update the instance.
IOT-5614 Enrollment Rules - Actions not executed when set to device type specifically.
IOT-5733 User Security - Invalid email addresses are accepted while registering a user.
IOT-5756 Default text and link in Reports/Collected data tab when there is no data is missing.
IOT-5840 Automatic logout (Signal R) for SOTI Connect and IDP is not working when IDP initiated SOTI Connect login happens second time.
IOT-5904 Print quality darkness defaults inconsistent.
IOT-5942 Create SOTI Assist icon is shown disabled for a SOTI Identity enabled user.
IOT-5944 Columns on Report page not reordering properly.
IOT-5945 Navigating to SOTI Connect when not logged in, SOTI Connect page shows before SOTI Identity login page.
IOT-5975 Device action drop-down list not aligned when window zoom 75% or more.
IOT-5979 System Alert messages are gone when user refreshes the browser.
IOT-5998 SOTI Identity: Error login to SOTI Connect (when SOTI Identity was ON using FILE metadata) after an Update.
IOT-6031 Scheduled Report - Report is not fired when set on a group or type.
IOT-6063 User: Creating user with email containing capital letter throws error.
IOT-6201 Device Page: Two message for one check-in action.
IOT-6206 MQTT PA config should use the same MS address as given in the installer while installing.
IOT-6220 Rules | Enrollment rule for auto discover does not work for SATO.
IOT-6244 File store: spinner shown on file store page after 10 minutes of idle session.
IOT-6282 Page layout no longer responding to left menu resize.
IOT-6300 Remove duplicate column names in device screen for event channel properties.
IOT-6357 Metric unit is not showing in Device grid.
IOT-6380 "LICENSE DEVICE LIMIT REACHED" error is shown during the device approval.
IOT-6395 Unit conversion produces invalid units for negative subscripts.