SOTI Connect v1.1.2 Release Notes

1.1.2 (March 23, 2020)

Improvements Included In Release 1.1.2

The following improvements are included in this maintenance release:

  • Mongo Database – This has been removed from SOTI Connect. The only database now required is SQL Server 2017 or SQL Server 2017 Express.

  • Centralized System Logging – Added an interface to allow viewing system logs from all components in SOTI Connect.

  • SOTI Identity User Roles – Support for managing user roles in SOTI Identity when it is enabled, with assignment of permissions still in SOTI Connect.

  • Device Catalog – Updated to allow enabling and disabling device type definitions.

Bug Fixes

The following table lists the key issues that have been resolved in this release.

IOT-5673 Client ID does not get cleared from the Chrome cache on reinstalling SOTI Connect.
IOT-6332 Incorrect top message when moving devices from the parent group to a child group.
IOT-6454 Opening device details of TSC printer shows internal server error.
IOT-6526 Rule Creation - Finish button not visible while creating an automation/action rule for newly enrolled devices.
IOT-6546 Reports - Cannot save selected columns in reports.
IOT-6580 User preferences not interacting correctly with Show device specific button on device details.
IOT-6600 Casio watch is causing SOTI Connect to behave unexpectedly.
IOT-6716 Option to set/not set the tenant ID for MQTT PA is absent in the installer.
IOT-6777 Automation Rule - While editing an automation rule , Then clause is gone.
IOT-6809 Historical Data: SQL Server Express runs out of space.
IOT-6829 Need to add back ability to do the check-in function on an automation or action rule.
IOT-6891 Compare DTD - When user first uploads a DTD file for comparison it shows a warning message.
IOT-6932 Report not getting generated based on device type.
IOT-6933 Three dots are not clickable on SOTI Assist page.
IOT-6938 General Settings - Not getting API error on side bar when entering incorrect client ID/secret.
IOT-6999 TSC change certified device.