SOTI Insight v1.0.1 Release Notes

1.0.1 (November 18, 2019)

Bug Fixes

CB-6553 Device tables: Users were not able to see the table rows when the columns were reordered.
CB-6558 Device groups population: If users added a second data source to their SOTI Insight instance, they could not select/view MobiControl groups for it in the dashboards.
CB-6559 Reports: Users were not able to unsubscribe from reports if they were not logged in as the user that generated them.
CB-6561, CB-6625 Overall performance: Overall performance improvement related to location dashboard and resource allocation for SOTI Insight users.
CB-6632 Tenant provisioning: Users were not able to choose tenant IDs containing hyphen or underscore.
CB-6641 Data source population: Users could not view/select the demo data source 'Rocket Co' in the dashboards.
CB-6644 User experience: Users had to pick a date every time they switched between location dashboards.