SOTI Insight v1.0.3 Release Notes

1.0.3 (February 6, 2020)

Improvements Included In Release 1.0.3

CB-6669 Subscription info: The subscription information on the modal was updated.
CB-6723 Data source: Users with complex MobiControl passwords were not able to create data source in SOTI Insight.
CB-6819 Performance improvement: The loading time between the dashboard and administration section has been improved.
CB-6820 Faster login time: Users will be directed to the login page directly instead of loading dashboard first.
CB-6879 TMM & DID exception: A 4x4 space in SOTI Insight console caused unexpected alerts to show when clicked.
CB-6932 Faster loading times: The date range picker has been optimized for better performance.
CB-6970 Dashboard horizontal scroll: Users were not able to see horizontal scroll bar unless a row in device table was selected.
CB-6971 Login: Users with mixed-case tenant IDs were not able to login.
CB-6980 EULA window: The buttons on the license agreement window were misaligned.
CB-6981 Custom date drop-down: Users were not able to see dates in the date field on Battery, Application and Data usage dashboards.
CB-6994 Tables: Table columns will be automatically sorted without requiring first click from users.