SOTI Insight v1.1.1 Release Notes

SOTI Insight 1.1.1 (July 20, 2020)

General Improvements

  • Optimizes API calls to achieve faster application load time
  • Caches static content for faster page loads on subsequent visits
  • Enhances ICU and location security
  • Triggers logout if user tries to access another tenant by tampering with the URL
  • Updates data collection frequency to five minutes if submission frequency is set to 5 or more minutes
  • Improves location accuracy using Google services where available
  • Updates dashboard and reports to show all applied filters on the three KPI dashboards and reports
  • Makes the SOTI MobiControl Device ID the default in SOTI Insight

Known Issues and Limitations

Known Limitations

TMM – Sample Data Source (Rocket Co): The information icon opens the third stepper but lacks a way to close the window as the validation fails for sample data, which would enable Finish button.

Known Issues

CB-6242 Changing the page count or navigating between pages in the device table refreshes and reloads entire charts.
CB-6283 At 1366x768 resolution and below, dashboard and chart labels overlap with the chart legend.
CB-6400 In the Signal Strength Chart, the date filter does not use the custom date as the default setting.
CB-6419 Duplication in report names is currently allowed.
CB-6431 The Device Group dropdown is not updated when the date filter is changed.
CB-6470 Until the first scheduled report is sent, the report section shows “Invalid Date” in the Last Sent column and “N/A” in the Total Reports Sent column.
CB-6483 Chart reloads twice when reset button is clicked.
CB-6506 Generated HTML view report should not be interactive.
CB-6528 The Pagination dropdown in the device table is not displayed properly after navigating away from scheduled reports.
CB-6533 When one report is open in another tab, others reports cannot be selected from the list of available reports.

Bug Fixes

CB-7096 Network Carrier filter in Signal Strength dashboard changed selections based on network quality (2G/3G/4G).
On Samsung devices, the agent stopped responding upon enrollment and reboot.
CB-7508 Changes to the Device Group Filter were not updated unless date range was changed.
CB-7516 Users were not able to save a Location Dashboard with same filters but different zoom levels.
CB-7521 Scheduled reports were left aligned instead of center aligned
CB-7539 Changing a data source selection from an unsaved data source to a saved data source made the Save button active.
CB-7540 The Most Frequent Location dashboard focused on a random location for users with no data.
CB-7583 Users were not able to unsubscribe from scheduled reports.
CB-7612 Save Button became active if the user clicked on “Network Carrier” filter but did not make any changes.
CB-7630 Updated the default date range on Most Frequent Location for a single device from “Last Week” to “Yesterday”.
CB-7638 Future dates were visible in the Single Device Location dashboard.
CB-7639 The dashboard did not retain filter selections if the “TOP N” filter was changed and the user returned to the page after navigating away.
CB-7739 Changed the "View Info Panel" label in the user interface.
CB-7780 ICU page displayed “Activate a Data Source” screen on already active data sources.
Data collection by the agent was inconsistent.
The dashboard screen loaded indefinitely when logging into tenants with partial data sources.
CB-7902 Devices in ICU could not be edited or snoozed.
CB-7997 Data sources were not displayed in the data source dropdown list if the user deleted all dashboards, logged out and then logged back in.
CB-8017 On GM Mobile devices, the agent stopped responding after agent upgrade.
CB-8081 Device groups were not visible in the Device Group dropdown list in the ICU.
CB-8084 The Single Device Dashboard was not populated with data.
CB-8085 Full device table briefly appeared when clearing map legend on Most Frequent Location dashboard.
CB-8086 Reports were not sent if a user filtered a chart on the Data Usage Dashboard and then scheduled the report.
CB-8091 Device groups listed in the dropdown list did not match the selected data source.
CB-8094 Device group did not load on a saved dashboard when the user logged out and logged back in.