SOTI Insight 1.1.2 (October 26, 2020)

General Improvements

  • Performance is significantly improved to achieve faster application load time and data retrieval.

Device Support

Android 6.0+ devices are supported by SOTI Insight. The SOTI Insight Android agent must be installed on the devices you wish to analyse.

System Requirements
  • A multi-tenant, cloud-only solution hosted on AWS
  • 13" monitor @ 1024x768 resolution (1600x1080 resolution or higher recommended)
  • Google Chrome web browser

Known Issues

CB-6242 Changing the page count or navigating between pages in the device table refreshes and reloads entire charts.
CB-6283 At 1366x768 resolution and below, dashboard and chart labels overlap with the chart legend.
CB-6400 In the Signal Strength Chart, the date filter does not use the custom date as the default setting.
CB-6419 Duplication in report names is currently allowed.
CB-6483 Chart reloads twice when reset button is clicked.
CB-8539 Changes cannot be made to the custom dashboards utilizing the previous version of RocketCo (Non-Shared).

Bug Fixes

CB-8087 The scheduled time did not display AM/PM in the email in scheduled reports.
CB-8089 Users were able to duplicate the name of custom dashboards.
CB-8092 The activate button was not displayed when a data source was deactivated on the Edit ICU page.
CB-8152 The device group dropdown incorrectly deselected certain items when creating a new dashboard.
CB-8153 The device group dropdown did not load for distinct scenarios until the user clicked on the Edit ICU button.
CB-8204 The pins on the map and data source did not match for distinct scenarios on the Location Signal Strength Dashboard.
CB-8224 The device group dropdown did not dynamically change based on the date filter selected.
CB-8237 The Charge Level Chart incorrectly included No Data items within the category of 0-9%.
CB-8269 When a dashboard was created, the To and From date fields incorrectly displayed one day less in some scenarios.
CB-8270 No charts were displayed when the user selected This Month on the date filter for the Data Usage and Application Usage Dashboard.
CB-8274 The bars on the bar chart did not update after modifying the Top N field value for the charts.
CB-8317 When the Most Frequent Dashboard was moved to the top of the list on the sidebar, it did not display after refreshing the page.
CB-8387 On the Network Carrier dropdown, the checkbox appeared as blank rather than displaying the No Data status for the Location Signal Strength Dashboard.
CB-8391 The device table displayed No Data on the rank column for the Most Frequent Location Dashboard.
CB-8394 An error page displayed after refreshing the Most Frequent Location dashboard.
CB-8397 The Device Table would not correspond to the selected pins after viewing the saved Location Dashboard.