Android Classic Agent Maintenance Releases

15.2.1 (July 27, 2022) - Download the Android Classic device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Specific Agent Downloads page.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-28315 The agent was incorrectly reporting remote control failure

15.2.0 (June 21, 2022)

Release Highlights

New JavaScript Scripting Features

The agent's JavaScript scripting feature set has been expanded with more options for automated and powerful scripting on Android devices:

  • Access commonly used folder paths (Downloads, Documents and Agent's external storage) on Android Classic and Android Enterprise Work Managed, Work Profile and Corporate Personal
  • Install, uninstall and set/get preferred Access Point Names (APN) on Android Classic and Android Enterprise Work Managed
  • Display dynamic device properties on Lockdown screens on Android Classic and Android Enterprise Work Managed
  • Install operating system updates on Android 10 and higher for Android Enterprise Work Managed

Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) License Support

The agent now supports the ability to activate the Samsung KPE Standard license instead of the Enterprise License Management (ELM) configuration which provides access to Knox-specific features for devices enrolled as either Android Classic or Android Enterprise. As a result, administrators have continued support for their Samsung Knox secured devices.