Android Classic Agent Maintenance Releases

15.3.0 (October 24, 2022) - Download the Android Classic device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Specific Agent Downloads page.

Release Highlights

Expanded Device Support

Android 13 devices can now be enrolled as Android Enterprise and Android 12 devices can now be enrolled as Android Classic. This allows administrators to adopt newer devices into their fleet and make use of current management capabilities on SOTI MobiControl.

View Enterprise Folder During Remote Session on Zebra

On Zebra devices, you can now navigate to and view contents within the Enterprise folder during a remote control/view session when enrolled as Android Enterprise Work Managed, Corporate Personal, or Android Classic. This provides administrators with more granular visibility of the Zebra device file system to view their business apps' data.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-31478 Device battery levels were depleting rapidly when the agent relied on GPS services for capturing the device location
MCMR-32134 The JavaScript API "" incorrectly returned the app's user-friendly name instead of the bundle ID
MCMR-32172 On some Samsung devices, the Access Point Name (APN) policy was not being applied