Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

15.3.4 (April 12, 2023) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30146 Packages were installed on the device at the wrong time after a package installation schedule change
MCMR-33214 Devices incorrectly appeared offline on the Web Console

15.3.3 (March 8, 2023)

Release Highlights

Clear App Cache Support

You can now clear the cache of an app on devices enrolled as Android Classic or Android Enterprise Work Managed with a supported plugin via a script command. This provides administrators the ability to remove temporary files and retain the core data of an app while freeing up storage space on a device.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-32351 On Zebra devices, the agent prematurely installed certificates before Zebra Mobility Extensions (MX) had been configured
MCMR-32450 The agent was incorrectly reporting the connection type as LTE when the device was on a 5G Network

15.3.2 (February 9, 2023)

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30787 The agent disconnected from the server when prompted by a JavaScript script that contained the "createTextPromptDialog" class after there was no device user response for three minutes
MCMR-32425 The activation of the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license failed on some Samsung devices
MCMR-32804 Zero Touch Enrollment was failing to enroll devices into SOTI MobiControl

15.3.1 (January 18, 2023)

Resolved Issues

MCMR-28315 The agent was unable to detect remote control capabilities on some supported devices
MCMR-29708 The agent was unable to synchronize files in subfolders from the device to the server
MCMR-30591 Devices were not connecting to a roaming cellular carriers even when Data Roaming was enabled via the Feature Control policy
MCMR-30699 The agent was incorrectly applying lockdown policies that were misconfigured
MCMR-31410 On Samsung Android 12, the agent was unable to set the Wi-Fi Proxy
MCMR-31583 The agent was taking longer than expected to disengage from speed control
MCMR-31586 On Zebra Android 11, the agent was unable to show the Lock screen during a remote-control session
MCMR-31840 On Zebra devices, the agent restarted multiple times after the plugin failed to install during enrollment
MCMR-31882 The agent was unable to import the middle name from a vCard (.vcf file) when updating the contact list on the device
MCMR-32012 On Samsung Android 12, the agent was incorrectly detecting remote view even when the Samsung Enterprise License Management (ELM) license was activated on the device
MCMR-32292 Device users were unable to authenticate themselves via the Microsoft Authenticator app and access Microsoft apps

15.3.0 (October 24, 2022)

Release Highlights

Expanded Device Support

Android 13 devices can now be enrolled as Android Enterprise and Android 12 devices can now be enrolled as Android Classic. This allows administrators to adopt newer devices into their fleet and make use of current management capabilities on SOTI MobiControl.

View Enterprise Folder During Remote Session on Zebra

On Zebra devices, you can now navigate to and view contents within the Enterprise folder during a remote control/view session when enrolled as Android Enterprise Work Managed, Corporate Personal, or Android Classic. This provides administrators with more granular visibility of the Zebra device file system to view their business apps' data.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-31309 On Android 11, the agent was unable to provision the "Allow copy/paste from Work Profile to Personal" Feature Control policy correctly
MCMR-31478 Device battery levels were depleting rapidly when the agent relied on GPS services for capturing the device location
MCMR-32134 The JavaScript API "" incorrectly returned the app's user-friendly name instead of the bundle ID