Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.5.1 Build 1273 (September 06, 2018) - Download the Android device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MC-42625 Added "Prevent Uninstallation of Managed Applications" as new feature control option on Huawei devices
MC-44830 Occasionally, the floating home button and the on-screen keyboard were not visible while devices running Android 8.0 were in Kiosk Mode

13.5.1 Build 1234 (August 27, 2018)

MC-52249 Added ability to specify a time interval for the installation of packages
MC- 56420
MC- 59003
Added new feature control options to Samsung ELM enabled Android Enterprise Work Managed devices:
  • Disable Bluetooth Desktop Pairing
  • Disable Disable Outgoing calls via Bluetooth
  • Allow Limited Bluetooth Discoverable Mode
MC-57135 Added support for configuring certificate policies for managing VPN and WiFi connections on Samsung ELM enabled Android Work Managed devices
MC-59004 Added support for configuring WiFi proxy policies on Samsung ELM enabled Android Work Managed devices
MCMR-14744 Media transfer protocol (MTP) for USB connection was set as default when available when revoking 'Disable Mass Storage'
MCMR-15227 Geofence alert did not send email when it was triggered
MCMR-15242 VPN profile was incorrectly reported as installed
MCMR-15418 Device users could uninstall packages with "Do not allow user to uninstall" option selected

13.5.1 Build 1148 (August 08, 2018)

MC-44134 Added support for collecting information on telecom data usage on Android Enterprise Managed devices running Android 7.0 or later
Added new feature control options to Samsung ELM enabled Android Enterprise Work Managed devices:
  • Disable Home Key Support
  • Disable USB Media Player Support
  • Disable prompt for Credentials (WiFi) Support
  • Disable Edge Screen Support
  • Disable Bluetooth Pairing support
  • Disable Cellular Data Support
  • Enforce GPS Availability Support
  • Disable incoming MMS Support
  • Disable incoming SMS Support
  • Disable outgoing MMS Support
  • Disable outgoing SMS Support
Added "Disable GPS Mock Locations" and "Enforce Minimum WiFi Security Level" as a new feature control options via Android Plus plugin
MC-56837 Local log file of device agent was not deleted after device unenrollment
MCMR-14617 Apps enabled for use in Kiosk mode disappeared from Kiosk mode screen after update to profile was pushed
MCMR-15006 The APN did not appear in the Device Information panel of the console
MCMR-15091 On devices running Android 8.0, the device agent temporarily stopped responding after clearing all apps from the Recent Apps view

13.5.1 Build 1035 (July 12, 2018)

MC-54593 Screens on Zebra devices with the SOTI MDM plugin installed became blank if, while in Lockdown admin mode, they were moved to a new device group with no management policies
MC-54789 Added ability to configure WiFi proxy settings using a script on Android 8.0 or later (5.0-7.1 with MDM plugin)
MC-56584 Added "Enforce minimum WiFi security level" feature control option
MCMR-13544 Device restarts disabled the 'Disable USB Debugging' feature control option
MCMR-14512 Added ability to disable Doze Mode after ELM activation
MCMR-14645 Increased package installation timeout to reduce timeout errors
MCMR-14705 %SERIALNUM% did not retrieve correct information

13.5.0 Build 1577 (May 22, 2018)

MC-49049 Added ability to report cellular signal strength
MC-51923 Improved security of agent logs sent to internal FTP site
MC-53020 Improved log information for errors when downloading managed Google Play account tokens
MC-53696 Improved time tracking for testing agent startup length
MC-53715 Implemented API to report last antivirus scan date//Agent now reports last antivirus scan date
MCMR-13449 Occasionally, file sync disregarded files already on device and resynchronized all server files
MCMR-13538 File browser while in remote control did not work on some devices running Android 7.0
MCMR-13682 Fixed security vulnerability

13.5.0 Build 1474 (May 01, 2018)

MC-43938 Added notification to the Web Console for a failed ELM activation
MC-44862 Added APN profile configuration
MC-45104 Agent snapshot now collects information on the currently connected APN connection
MC-45691 Added support for installing and reading MCSetup.ini on device external storage
Added ability to configure F5 VPN connections
Added menu item to Lockdown mode that displays current notifications for authorized apps and allows device user to read or clear notifications or go to the associated app
MC-46998 Added new feature control option to disable multiple Google account creation on a Work managed device
MC-47048 On some devices running Android 8.0, the Home button did not work correctly after applying Lockdown mode
MC-47270 Lockdown notification feature has permissions silently granted via service plugin
MC-47276 Set toast message to appear if proper permissions are missing for Lockdown notification feature
Added support for device feature control options on Android 8.0: Disable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, Disable USB Tethering, Disable Bluetooth Tethering, and Disable All Tethering
MC-48451 Added support for Single App Mode in Lockdown Mode
MC-48575 Added ability to access Administrator mode via gesture while in Single App Mode of Lockdown mode
Agent failed to install on some Zebra devices due to an XML processing error
MC-48962 Added new device feature control option for LG devices: Disable Multi-User Control
MC-49104 Agent collects information on arbitrary strength unit (ASU) for cellular signal strength
Added requirement for Draw Over app permission to allow access to administrator mode while in Single App mode of Lockdown. Permission is either granted silently or requested through agent
MC-50358 Some log messages did not present the full log message information
MC-50615 Updated device-side remote control notification to replace user name with generic "Administrator" title
MC-50993 Agent displays connection status when awaiting server response
MC-51115 Improved root detection reporting process
MC-51775 Increased the compile SDK version to 27
MC-51923 Improved security of agent logs sent to internal FTP site
MC-53020 Improved data collection for logs regarding the MGPA token

13.5.0 Build 1110 (February 08, 2018)

MC-44434 Added ability to remote control Lenovo Moto devices enrolled as Android Enterprise without using a plugin
MC-48551 Resolved issue with Doze Mode exemption when enrolling devices using Android Enterprise as device owner