Android OEM Agent Maintenance Releases

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.5.1 Build 1234 (August 29, 2018) - Download the Android device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Agent Downloads page.

MC-42625   Added "Prevent Uninstallation of Managed Applications" as new feature control option on Huawei devices
MC-52249   Added ability to specify a time interval for the installation of packages
MC-57446   Added ability to customize device name through setup file rather than enrollment settings
MC-58346   External encryption feature did not work on Samsung ELM agent
MC-59326   Added support for remote control on devices running Android 9.0
MCMR-13748   "Disable Mass Storage" feature control option persisted after setting was removed
MCMR-14348   New custom attribute values sent to device in Lockdown mode were not updated immediately
MCMR-15227   Geofence alert did not send email when it was triggered

13.5.1 Build 1154 (August 15, 2018)

MC-56827   Agent logs are now deleted after device unenrollment from MobiControl
MCMR-13469   Serial numbers of some Lenovo devices were not accurate in the Console
MCMR-14442   Device users could still add email accounts when "Disable addition of new email accounts" feature control option was enabled
MCMR-14929   After entering Lockdown mode, devices' status bar quick icons became default icons
MCMR-14938   Some authorized applications did not launch while device was in Lockdown mode
MCMR-14986   Send SMS feature did not work on devices in the Japan region
MCMR-15280   MobiControl did not automatically detect the INI file on some EloTouch devices

13.5.1 Build 1044 (July 18, 2018)

MC-38118   Added support for sending OTA firmware updates using script commands to Point Mobile devices
MC-48767   Added "Disable Background Data" as new feature control option
  Added support for using Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files to configure WiFi settings on Android 6.0 - 7.1
  Fixed various methods for bypassing Lockdown mode
MCMR-13390   Added "Use TLS" option to IMAP and POP email profile configurations for Android devices
MCMR-13633   Created a secure protocol for distributing and installing certificates to agents
MCMR-14281   During remote control sessions, the list of applications in Application Manager did not match actual running applications on devices with Samsung ELM agent
MCMR-14548   Email profile configuration was incorrectly reported as failed instead of successful
MCMR-14654   In some cases, agent launched automatically when device woke from standby while in Lockdown mode

13.5.0 Build 1677 (June 18, 2018)

  The administrator password persisted after exiting administrator mode in Lockdown mode
MCMR-10881   A rare firmware bug blocked remote control functionality
MCMR-11630   Remote control was unavailable after firmware upgrade
  Some LG devices entered a bootloop cycle if they were restarted while Lockdown mode was enabled on device
MCMR-14461   After upgrade, multiple temporary device agent files were installed on device

13.5.0 Build 1587 (May 30, 2018)

  Improved Telecom Expense Managment feature
  Agent experienced difficulties when connecting or removing USB connection to computer
  While in remote control, file browser did not work on some devices running Android 7.0
MCMR-13682   Fixed security vulnerability
  The application catalog experienced errors when attempting to add applications for the Managed Google Play Store due to an external change

13.5.0 Build 1496 (April 23, 2018)

MC-46803   Added menu item to Lockdown mode that displays current notifications for authorized apps and allows device user to go to the associated app
MC-43389   Added requirement for Draw Over app permission to allow access to administrator mode while in Single App mode of Lockdown. Permission is either granted silently or requested through agent
MC-51923   Improved security of agent logs sent to internal FTP site
MCMR-13449   Occasionally, file sync disregarded files already on device and re-synchronized all server files

13.5.0 Build 1453 (April 18, 2018)

MCMR-12669   Some devices looped between agent installer and full agent
MCMR-12955   Some Motorola Zebra devices did not support the MXConfig script
  Agent experienced difficulties when connecting or removing USB connection to computer

13.5.0 Build 1420 (April 18, 2018)

MC-50615   Updated device-side remote control notification to replace user name with generic "Administrator" title
MC-51096   Added support for Disable All Tethering feature control option on Android 8.0 devices
MC-51775   Increased the compile SDK version to 27
  Administrator password was inconsistent in disabling Lockdown mode
MCMR-13094   USB connections remained unavailable following revocation of USB feature control options
MCMR-13398   Agent persisted in foreground of device during upgrade
MCMR-13412   Agent failed on some Android 7 devices if, while in Lockdown mode, an app was launched or screen timeout was applied
MCMR-13414   User Password Policy set by Authentication profile configuration could block the Disable Passcode Lock and Reset Passcode device actions

13.5.0 Build 1345 (April 18, 2018)

MC-49104   Added ability to retrieve and report ASU signal strength
MC-50645   Disable Bluetooth Tethering feature control option now supported on Android 8.0
MC-50993   Agent displays connection status when awaiting server response
MCMR-11586   Fixed potential security risk
MCMR-13256   Profiles were occasionally uninstalled if agent attempted to connect to Deployment Server while it was experiencing a high load
MCMR-13445   Agent failed on some Android 7 devices if, while in Lockdown mode, an app was launched or screen timeout was applied

13.5.0 Build 1327 (April 04, 2018)

  Error messages appeared repeatedly on Lenovo devices when a feature control policy for USB mass storage was applied to the device while it was in Lockdown mode
  Authentication profile configuration on Samsung devices could render the screen lock method such as the pin or pattern invisible
MCMR-12704   The Web Console did not display the correct hardware serial number for Point Mobile devices
MCMR-12721   The "Disable WiFi profile changes" feature control setting did not stop device users from altering WiFi connections
MCMR-13593   Some devices could not access the device home screen after entering administrator mode while in Lockdown mode
MCMR-13600   The %internalsdcard% macro did not resolve correctly when used with file sync

13.5.0 Build 1088 (January 10, 2018)

MC-22974   Added support for BitDefender Antivirus
  Lockdown mode did not activate until user pressed a button on device
  Profiles containing an Authentication configuration did not install correctly on first attempt
MCMR-10469   Default Android launcher stopped working after entering administrator mode
MCMR-11444   Some Point Mobile devices did not enroll on first attempt
MCMR-11489   On some Android devices, the top status bar remained accessible while in lockdown mode
MCMR-11975   Profiles with filter criteria regarding agent installation status were temporarily removed after agent upgrade
MCMR-11996   Remote view did not work on Huawei devices enrolled using Android Enterprise or Android OEM agent
MCMR-12145   Executing script commands using shell during remote control did not work
MCMR-12469   Pre-install script was installed simultaneously with the package instead of before the package
MCMR-12503 Zebra %sdcard% macro resolved to external storage rather than internal storage on some devices
MCMR-12575   Some Motorola Zebra devices could access open WiFi networks regardless of the minimum security level set in device feature controls
MCMR-12887   Lockdown menu items did not open activities on devices running Android 6.0