Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.6.0 Build 1928 (April 03, 2019) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MC-55465 “Prevent other email accounts from forwarding through this account” Knox feature was not working.
MC-66636 Added support for the kill_application script command on Android Enterprise managed devices that leverage the SOTI plugin.
MC-70668 Added remote control support on Samsung devices running Android Pie (9.0)
MC-71820 Android Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) profiles using macros to pre-populate user email details weren’t updating user details when the user assigned to the device was deleted or changed in SOTI MobiControl.
MC-71984 Android POP/IMAP profiles using macros to pre-populate user email details weren’t updating user details when the user assigned to the device was deleted or changed in SOTI MobiControl.
MC-72084 Enrollment failed when the "Preserve Device Name on Re-Enrollment" option is checked in Add Devices rules.
MC-72108 Email profiles containing macros that were successfully configured on the device were displaying the status “Pending Install” in the SOTI MobiControl console.
MC-72742 SOTI MobiControl can now silently grant permissions to third-party applications on Work Managed Devices.
MCMR-13648 Clicking the Home key during a remote control session of an Android Enterprise management CAT S50C/S60 device was not launching the home screen on the device.
MCMR-17138 Packages deployed via an Android Enterprise profile with the “Uninstall package contents upon profile revocation or deletion” option set, were not automatically removed when the profile was revoked.
MCMR-17231 Devices enrolled into Android Enterprise management via Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) were not being encrypted by default.

13.6.0 Build 1844 (March 12, 2019)

MC-16916 Added "Disable Microphone" as new feature control option
MC-55929 Device's home button enabled by default in lockdown mode on devices running Android 9.0
MC-60442 "Draw Over Other Apps" permission granted with installation of Android Plus plugin
Updated "Disable USB Mass Storage" and "Disable background data" feature control options to support devices running Android 9.0
MC-66636 New script command to kill application: kill_application_<packagename>
MC-67666 Added support for installing system updates on Elo Touch devices running Android 7.0
MC-67717 Updated agent log message to clarify that connect -f script command is ignored if device is already connected to deployment server
MC-67745 Added device log messages regarding Android Enterprise migration process
MC-68517 Added support for block sizes larger than 8 KB during file transfer
MC-69693 Added support for writesecuresetting -glob script command
MC-70035 Added new macro %device_date_time%
MC-70150 Added support for "Disable Factory Reset" feature control option on Samsung ELM enabled Work Managed devices
MC-70170 Added support for writesecuresetting -sec script command
MC-70172 Added support for writesecuresetting -sys script to change system settings on Android enterprise devices running Android 9.0 or later
MCMR-16168 Data collection rule did not report foreground app name when set to collect data on foreground apps
MCMR-16300 "Disable USB Mass Storage" did not work properly on Zebra devices
MCMR-16592 New setting to prevent device users from forgetting WiFi profiles that were configured by MobiControl
MCMR-16920 Agent did not correctly truncate log files
MCMR-17283 %ICCID% did not properly resolve when used in showmessagebox script
MCMR-17285 Restored event log message for out of contact policy status when moving between administrator and user mode

13.6.0 Build 1662 (February 07, 2019)

MC-16916 Added support for "Disable Microphone" feature control option
MC-54165 Added support for "Disable Outgoing Calls via Bluetooth" feature control option via plugin
MC-65789 Added ability to detect failed remote control action without restarting agent
MC-66857 Zebra devices provisioned using hashtag were incorrectly enrolled as profile owner rather than device owner
MC-66759 Added support for wipeapplication script command on Samsung ELM enabled Work Managed devices
MC-66986 Added ability to automatically grant requested permissions to all applications on device owner devices
MC-67046 Changed behavior to repeatedly prompt user to update password if new user password policy is stricter than current password on the device
MCMR-16326 Geofence alert was not triggered if device was offline while crossing geofence border

13.6.0 Build 1567 (January 23, 2019)

MCMR-16592 Disabled device user ability to 'forget' WiFi profiles set by MobiControl
MCMR-16595 Agent restarted multiple times during plugin package deployment

13.6.0 Build 1366 (December 06, 2018)

MC-54161 Added support for the "Disable Roaming Syncing" feature control option via Android Plus plugin
MC-59015 Pinned agent to foreground during provisioning
MC-60522 Set some hardware security management feature control options to be enforced by default
MC-63174 Updated Zebra Enterprise storage path for Android Enterprise
MC-64355 Preserved threading information in MobiControl log file for better troubleshooting

13.6.0 Build 1257 (November 06, 2018)

MC-16925 Updated user password policy to allow for disabling lockscreen
MC-47987 Added support PPTP VPN on Samsung ELM enabled Work Managed devices without using a service plugin
MC-49692 Added ability to send packages to Android devices with Work Profile
Increased target SDK version to 27
MC-53993 Updated product logos
Added support for following feature control options via Android Plus plugin:
  • Disable GPS Mock Locations
  • Disable Bluetooth Desktop Pairing
  • Disable Cellular Data
MC-54922 SOTI MDM RC Plugin API appeared in the Active MDM API configuration list when not appropriate
Added support for following feature control options on Samsung ELM enabled Android Enterprise Managed devices:
  • Disable Roaming Syncing
  • Disable Bluetooth Tethering
  • Disable Portable WiFi Hotspot
  • Disable Wi-Fi profile changes
  • Disable Wi-Fi Profiles
MC-58608 Added ability to enroll device regardless of SafetyNet check status
MC-58661 Expanded "Disable Google Account Creation" feature control option to "Disable Account Creation"
MC-58684 Added new password criteria for "Minimum Password Quality" dropdown list in Authentication policy
MC-58686 Added ability to retrieve remote debug logs from device
MC-58713 Occasionally received a duplicate permissions error when trying to install Android Enterprise agent
MC-59465 Added ability to configure Time Sync on Android Enterprise Work Managed devices via the Android Plus plugin
MC-59513 Added ability to configure Time Sync on ELM activated Samsung Work Managed devices via the Android Plus plugin
MC-59676 Added ability to grant certain users ability to unlock a device after a factory reset
MC-59811 Added new feature control option: Perform SafetyNet check on Device Check-in"
MC-60825 Certificates for Applications and VPN connections did not persist on device following device reset
MC-60885 Renamed "Disable Toast Message" feature control option to "Disable all System UI"
MC-60909 Renamed "Disable USB File Transfer" feature control option to "Disable USB File Transfer and USB Storage" and updated description to reflect change in capabilities
MC-60942 Added new feature control option: Skip App First Use Hints"
MC-62577 Agent did not restart on Android 8.0 following package installation of MDM plugin