Android OEM Agent Maintenance Releases

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues for Android OEM device agents for MobiControl have been addressed:

13.6.0 Build 1844 (March 12, 2019) - Download the Android device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Agent Downloads page.

MC-55929   Device's home button enabled by default in lockdown mode on devices running Android 9.0
  Updated "Disable USB Mass Storage" and "Disable background data" feature control options to support devices running Android 9.0
MC-67666   Added support for installing system updates on Elo Touch devices running Android 7.0
MC-67717   Updated agent log message to clarify that connect -f script command is ignored if device is already connected to deployment server
MC-68517   Added support for block sizes larger than 8 KB during file transfer
MC-70035   Added new macro %device_date_time%
MCMR-16168   Data collection rule did not report foreground app name when set to collect data on foreground apps
MCMR-16300   "Disable USB Mass Storage" did not work properly on Zebra devices
MCMR-16592   New setting to prevent device users from forgetting WiFi profiles that were configured by MobiControl
MCMR-16920   Agent did not correctly truncate log files
MCMR-17283   %ICCID% did not properly resolve when used in showmessagebox script
MCMR-17285   Restored event log message for out of contact policy status when moving between administrator and user mode

13.6.0 Build 1664 (February 19, 2019)

MC-51788   Added support for script that grants Notification Access permission, either silently or by prompting user to grant the permission
MC-52025   Added time stamps to notifications within Lockdown
MC-65320   Added new script "app_bundle_id delete_keep_data" that preserves app data after its uninstallation. Must be preceded by agent restart script
MC-65789   Added ability to re-detect a previously failed remote control connection without restarting agent
MC-67046   Changed behavior to prompt user to update password if new user password policy is stricter than current password on the device
MCMR-15504   Apps set to auto-launch after reboot in Lockdown retreated to background after initial launch
MCMR-16052   Exchange email profile configuration did not install on Huawei devices
MCMR-16115   Apps set to auto-launch after lockdown start up did not consistently launch
MCMR-16235   Agent was unable to connect to deployment server while using enterprise WiFi
MCMR-16236   Device users were prompted for permission to complete installation when installing an enterprise app package through profiles
MCMR-16765   Feature control to block OS upgrade was not removed even after profile was revoked

13.6.0 Build 1476 (January 08, 2019)

  Added ability to configure alerts to send scripts to device when alert is triggered
MC-59463   Lockdown profile configuration did not immediately apply on devices running Android 9.0
MC-60386   Added support for wifiapenable script to enable or disable WiFi mobile access points on devices running Android 8.0 or later
MC-61642   Added new feature control options for Huawei devices:
  • Disable Removal of MobiControl agent
  • Prevent Uninstallation of Managed Applications
MC-65320   Added new script "app_bundle_id delete_keep_data" that preserves app data after its uninstallation. Must be preceded by agent restart script
MC-65552   Repeated remote control failures are now reported to server
MCMR-13212   Added new script to control visibility of lockscreen passwords and patterns
  Feature control option "Disable addition of new Email Accounts" also blocked email accounts configured by profile
MCMR-15912   Discrepancy between .INI file and alert rule caused alerts to trigger incorrectly
MCMR-16174   WiFi error messages caused high queue length
MCMR-16261   Change to "Disable addition of new Email Accounts" feature control option was not correctly applied after agent was upgraded
  Packages lacking a configured installation windows caused agent to crash
MCMR-16469   After upgrade, some Zebra devices did not reconnect to server due to a serialization error with messages to deployment server
MCMR-16635   showmessagebox script with no timer disappeared from device screen prematurely

13.6.0 Build 1257 (November 06, 2018)

MC-53993   Updated product logos
MC-56835   Encrypted user sensitive data from MobiControl-generated log file on device
MC-57784   Added ability to schedule continuous overnight connections
MC-58237   Returned administrator mode password dialog box to its pre-Android 9.0 appearance
MC-59044   Included Garmin API to enable or disable OTA updates
MC-60007   Added log out capability for devices with Shared Users in lockdown mode
MC-60009   Added Shared User option to Lockdown template if template already has a pre-configured Shared User item
MC-60824   Certificates for Applications and VPN connections did not persist on device following device reset
MC-61112   New Feature Control option: Disable Installation from Unknown Sources" for Android 8.0 devices
MC-61642   Embedded production certificate in Huawei APK
MC-61731   Added ability to set agent to disconnect from deployment server when connected to specified WiFi SSIDs
MC-62046   Added ability to disable firmware upgrade via Download mode on Samsung device if the device is enrolled in E-FOTA
MC-62066   Added ability to use device time or UTC as scheduling options
MC-62139   Added ability to disable battery optimization on specified applications using a script command, for Samsung devices with ELM license activated only
MC-62987   Added ability to enroll installer via MCSetup.ini file if it exists on device
MCMR-13469   The incorrect serial number appeared in the console for some Lenovo devices
MCMR-15504   Applications set to auto-launch in Lockdown were moved to background after a device reboot
MCMR-15655   Users could not access applications for up to 40 seconds after rebooting a Zebra device in lockdown
MCMR-15669   Some Casio devices did not display toggle option between camera and barcode scanner
MCMR-15888   URLs with HTTPS did not work in lockdown mode

13.6.0 Build 1045 (October 15, 2018)

MC-42625   Added "Prevent Uninstallation of Managed Applications" as new feature control option on Huawei devices
MC-58934   Added ability to read current APN configuration settings from the device
MC-59589   Added "Disable GPS Mock Locations" as a feature control option for devices running Android 9.0
MC-61026   Added ability to retrieve battery charging status from device for profile deployment scheduling
MCMR-14584   Fixed a bug caused by conflict between the "Disable WiFi Changes" and "Disable WiFi Profiles" feature control options
MCMR-14678   Some Panasonic devices did not report their Available Memory through the Data Collection / Custom Data Collection report
MCMR-15669   Some Casio devices did not display the toggle between camera and barcode scanner