Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.7.6 (July 12, 2019) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MCMR-16592 Disabled the ability for end-user to ‘Forget WiFi Profile’, which was configured by MobiControl.
MCMR-18067 Android Enterprise agent on Honeywell CN85 crashed when upgraded to 13.6.0 (b1844)
MCMR-18242 ‘Send Message’ window on the agent did not time-out or close manually
MCMR-19078 Android Enterprise agent entered a boot-loop as soon as it was upgraded to v13.7.5

13.7.5 (July 03, 2019)

MC-72892 Improved security of pending certificates in agent
MC-76481 Added check to mxconfig script to ensure MX is ready at time of script execution
MC-78639 When migrating Zebra devices to device owner, a check for pre-existing accounts was added
MC-78908 Disabling Gmail in agent did not remove it from Work profile
MC-79056 Restoring app from antivirus quarantine sent duplicate notifications to deployment server
MCMR-18114 %SERIALNUM% macro did not resolve properly in device name when enrolling with Samsung Knox as Android Enterprise devices

13.7.4 (June 17, 2019)

MC-76350 Improved removal of passcode when switching between users on Samsung shared devices
MCMR-16859 "Disable SD Card Access" feature control option did not work if SD card slot was empty when setting was applied
MCMR-17586 Blacklisting a Chrome activity in Lockdown caused agent to restart when attempting to enter administrator mode
MCMR-17625 After upgrade, WiFi connections configured by profile configurations no longer connected automatically
MCMR-17673 Screen did not respond to touch after device received a message from server while using another app in Lockdown
MCMR-17804 %SERIALNUM% macro did not resolve correctly when pulled from some Samsung devices
MCMR-18084 Occasionally, some Zebra devices did not register touch when "Disable Status Bar Expansion" was enabled in Lockdown settings

13.7.3 (June 04, 2019)

MC-68207 Modified agent to capitalize Enrollment ID by default
MC-71692 Improved Antivirus reporting to send antivirus details to server including Threat Name and Threat Type
MC-72501 Improved Android agent to cleanup sensitive data in memory
MC-76051 Installing plugin silently grants runtime permissions to Android agent installer
MC-76052 Added ability to silently activate Device Admin on devices with Omnitracs signed agent
MCMR-17835 Lockdown stopped responding after accessing Event Logs screen

13.7.2 (May 14, 2019)


The "Notification Access" permission is silently granted with the installation of an Android Plus plugin
MC-70171 Added support for writesecuresetting -sys script with the installation of an Android Plus plugin
MCMR-14157 "_switch" script command can now be used to either set the MDM or the RC API
MCMR-18167 Zebra agent stopped responding after performing an enterprise reset following OS upgrade
MCMR-18304 On some Zebra devices, the lockdown screen turned white after an enterprise reset

13.7.0 (May 01, 2019)

MC-55929 Set home button to appear in lockdown mode by default on devices running Android 9.0 or later
The following permissions are silently granted with the installation of an Android Plus plugin:
  • Usage Access
  • Modify System Settings
  • Draw Over Other Apps
MC-60377 Added new script to request the granting of the "Modify System Settings" permission
MC-60582 Set floating home button to appear when the "Draw Over Other Apps" permission has been granted by device user and device is in lockdown
MC-66636 Added new script command to kill application: kill_application <packagename>
MC-68434 Changed behavior to remove all hardware enforcement policies when device is in Administrator mode
MC-69693 New script command to change "Global" settings on Android Enterprise 9.0 Managed devices: writesecuresetting -glo
MC-70040 Added ability to install or update plugins silently
MC-70150 Added "Disable Factory Reset" as feature control option on Samsung ELM enabled Android Enterprise Managed devices
MC-70172 Added new script command to change "System" settings on Android Enterprise 9.0 Managed devices: writesecuresetting -sys
MC-74683 Added ability to view event logs on agent enrollment screen
MCMR-17138 Certain combinations of profile assignment settings prevented the uninstallation of Managed applications after profile was revoked
MCMR-17231 Agent incorrectly reported Samsung devices enrolled through Knox Mobile Enrollment were not encrypted