Android OEM Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.7.1 (May 08, 2019) - Download the Android OEM device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android OEM Agent Downloads page.

MC-65866 Added support for Reset Passcode on Urovo Devices
MC-70434 The "Notification Access" permission is silently granted with the installation of an Android Plus plugin on devices running Android 8.1 or later

13.7.0 (May 01, 2019)

MC-50259 Added support Android 9.0 (Pie)
MC-61272 Created new adaptive icon
Added new feature control options for Android 9.0 devices
  • Disable USB Mass Storage
  • Disable Background Data Support
MC-67717 Updated agent log message to clarify that connect -f script command is ignored if device is already connected to deployment server
MC-70035 Added new macro %device_date_time%
MC-70668 Added remote control support on Samsung devices running Android 9.0
MC-70672 VPN profile configurations incorrectly reported status as failed when successfully installed on device
MC-70845 MobiStage enabled all symbologies, decreasing scanning performance
MC-70890 Added WiFi Hotspot WPA2 support for Samsung ELM devices running Android 9.0
MC-70897 Added Disable Passcode Lock support for Samsung ELM devices running Android 9.0
MC-70988 Modified Panasonic installer to meet Google requirements
MCMR-15630 Agent failed intermittently on some Datalog devices
MCMR-16168 Data collection rule did not report foreground app name when set to collect data on foreground apps
MCMR-16238 Firmware bug in Samsung power saving feature stopped agent unexpectedly
MCMR-16300 "Disable USB Mass Storage' feature control option incorrectly listed as unsupported on some devices
MCMR-16456 Profiles with out of contact policies configured with proxy settings failed on iSafe Mobile devices with plugins
MCMR-16876 The top sections of the screens of some PointMobile devices were inaccessible if "Disable status bar expansion" lockdown option was selected
MCMR-16920 Agent did not correctly truncate logs files
MCMR-16948 Recent activities were not displayed on some devices running Android 5.0 while in lockdown
MCMR-17249 Lockdown refreshes on device at random intervals
MCMR-17283 %ICCID% macro did not properly resolve in custom data or when sent in showmessagebox script
MCMR-17334 Temporary .apk file was created on manual upgrade
MCMR-17808 Movilizer app stopped working when device was in lockdown mode
MCMR-17829 Message sent with 'Until User Presses OK' selected instead disappeared after five minutes