Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.9.0 (September 06, 2019) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MC-55170 Added support for Android 10 (Q) for Android Enterprise
MC-72036 Added ability to hide 'MobiControl is running' notification when the 'Allow Doze Mode' feature control option is enabled
MC-78727 Added support for Always On VPN
MC-79874 Added ability to silently blacklist apps on Samsung devices with ELM agents using manualblacklist script command
MC-81931 Added ability to preserve MobiControl agent on Zebra devices running Android 9.0 or later after enterprise data is wiped from device
MC-82192 Delayed agent request for Microphone permission to time of need
MCMR-18903 Access permissions changed on Zebra devices following device reboot
MCMR-18934 Administrators could not uninstall apps that were packaged in Package Studio and had 'Do not allow user to uninstall' enabled
MCMR-19098 Lockdown blocked app from starting automatically started after device reboot, even though lockdown was set to allow it
MCMR-19620 Closing port 443 prevented Android Enterprise devices from enrolling