Android OEM Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

13.9.1 (September 23, 2019)

MCMR-19698 On some Lenovo devices, the serial number in the console did not match the actual serial number of the device
MCMR-19884 APN profile configuration was not properly configured on Android devices

13.9.0 (September 06, 2019)

MC-74754 Added ability to upgrade the operating system of Panasonic devices over the air
MC-76479 Added ability to retrieve battery health information from Panasonic devices
MC-79874 Added ability to silently blacklist apps on Samsung devices with ELM agents using manualblacklist script command
MCMR-18601 Users were prompted to update already compliant passwords to comply with password policy if Authentication profile configuration had been revoked and re-installed
MCMR-18753 Added script command to display list of enabled and disabled app components
MCMR-19308 Removed Lockdown refresh so that Lockdown retains its temporary state when user returns to it from another app