Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

14.1.8 (April 08, 2020) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MC-89606 Samsung devices could not complete work managed device enrollment with enrollment rules where authentication was required
MC-95549 Added ability to hide agent-side terms and conditions screen about remote control audio recording
MCMR-18038 The network SSIDs of devices running Android 8.0 or later were not reported in the console
MCMR-21276 When enrolling Zebra devices using StageNow with the "GMS Restricted" configuration, the agent repeatedly notified the device user to enable Google play Services
MCMR-21800 In environments with multiple deployment servers, a certificate error message appeared on devices trying to enroll using a StageNow generated barcode
MCMR-21897 'Draw over other apps' permission prompt periodically reappeared after permission was already granted

14.1.7 (March 05, 2020)

MCMR-19521 The number of failed password attempts was reported incorrectly if the correct password was entered before next check-in
MCMR-19554 Lack of response from SafetyNet attestation significantly delayed enrollment for Zebra devices running Android 8.0
MCMR-20674 Unnecessary SOTI MobiControl files were stored in the 'enterprise' folder of Zebra devices following an agent upgrade
MCMR-20900 While device was in lockdown, message boxes disappeared before device user could press OK
MCMR-20945 Profiles were not installed according to their scheduled installation time if install was set for midnight
MCMR-20993 Devices running either Android 6.0 or 9.0 and enrolled as Work Profile could not install packages
MCMR-21102 Remote control was disabled when the Settings application is blocked by app run control
MCMR-21124 Values were not reported by data collection rules for Power precision batteries on Zebra devices
MCMR-21206 Zebra devices were not automatically enrolling using MCSetup.ini
MCMR-21219 Janam devices reported the incorrect hardware serial number
MCMR-21328 Remote control remained on 'Waiting for Screen' loading screen indefinitely on Zebra TC51 and VC80x devices
MCMR-21336 Agent connected and disconnected excessively
MCMR-21431 Script to uninstall Google Chrome did not work on Android 7.0 devices
MCMR-21669 Enterprise applications were not updated according the application catalog rule
MCMR-21885 Incorrect PIN code attempts counter did not reset to 0 after password was reset

14.1.6 (February 06, 2020)

MCMR-21103 Macros did not resolve correctly when device language was set to Turkish

14.1.5 (January 23, 2020)

MCMR-20309 Notifications continued to appear while devices were in lockdown and set to block the status bar
MCMR-21094 Android Enterprise agent did not persist on Zebra devices following an Enterprise reset
MCMR-21135 AnyConnect app did not register new certificate when it was renewed

14.1.4 (January 09, 2020)

MCMR-19790 SOTI MobiControl incorrectly blocked incoming phone calls on devices running Android 9.0
MCMR-20369 Time synchronization incorrectly also synchronized time zone when the option to synchronize with the deployment server was selected

14.1.3 (January 06, 2020)

MCMR-18953 Remote control displayed the incorrect device resolution on devices that were upgraded to Android 9.0
MCMR-19196 Zebra devices running Android 8.0 were unable to install certificates
MCMR-20246 When a device was relocated via alerts, the first character of the device's name was removed if it was a zero (0)
MCMR-21016 Not all WiFi configurations within a profile were applied to the assigned devices

14.1.1 (November 20, 2019)

MCMR-20636 Macros are not working when they are part of a Lockdown template

14.1.0 (November 19, 2019)

MC-79721 Bitdefender CloudSDK Integration
MCMR-19513 Wi-Fi profile is not installing using custom attributes
MCMR-19238 MobiControl > Android > Configurable device hardware key fails to launch application in lockdown
MCMR-19902 Geofence device alerts not getting triggered
MCMR-19047 Zebra SDM660 Devices > Battery Swap feature is turning the device off when "Manage Bluetooth Settings" feature control (under Hardware > Bluetooth) is enabled