Android Classic Agent Maintenance Releases

14.3.3 (September 10, 2020) - Download the Android Classic device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Specific Agent Downloads page.

MCMR-23476 The agent now correctly reports the device status for Unitech devices as Online when the device is connected.

14.3.2 (August 20, 2020)

MCMR-23699 The agent now correctly activates ELM on Samsung Android 10 devices
MCMR-22789 The agent now reports collected data continuously on schedule and does not need periodic restarts.

14.3.1 (August 6, 2020)

MCMR-22896 The agent now waits until it is idle before executing the 'restartagent' script.
MCMR-23299 The agent supports VectorDrawable icons, which resolves issues with application icons not being populated within lockdown.

14.3.0 (July 9, 2020)

MC-55930 Support was added to configure custom dialogs and text prompts using JavaScript Custom APIs.
MC-93556 Support was added to access various device information in real-time using JavaScript Custom APIs.
MC-96346 Improvements were added to the JavaScript Engine and its documentation.
MCMR-22254 Agent did not update the custom attributes and custom data in lockdown after a check-in.
MCMR-22690 Agent stopped responding when a lockdown profile was applied on a Zebra ET55 device.
MCMR-21989 Agent reported incorrect SSID values for devices Android 6 and earlier.
MCMR-22801 Agent was unable to install the Wi-Fi and certificate profile configurations after a 'restartagent' script was sent.
MCMR-23114 Agent would take an extended period to report the correct status of unsuccessful profile configurations when experiencing network issues.
MCMR-23135 Agent blocked incoming phone calls on Samsung Android 10 devices when the configuration had a wildcard.