Android Classic Agent Maintenance Releases

14.4.3 (January 12, 2021) - Download the Android Classic device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Specific Agent Downloads page.

MCMR-24422 ‘End-entity’ certificates did not install on Samsung devices.

14.4.2 (December 3, 2020)

No fixes in this release.

14.4.1 (November 16, 2020)

MC-110769 The %OS% macro can be used to display the OS version of managed devices.
MCMR-22638 The agent did not set the correct protocol for APN.
MCMR-22981 Urovo devices were still able to access cellular data after the Disable Cellular Data feature control was applied.
MCMR-23243 The agent now executes scripts in a more timely manner on Zebra devices.
MCMR-23418 LG Devices were able to receive calls from any number despite an active whitelist through a phone call policy.
MCMR-24442 The "OK" prompt behaved incorrectly when triggered through the Configure Wi-Fi action in lockdown.

14.4.0 (October 8, 2020)

MC-98817 Users can manually remove speed lockdown, if after a configurable amount of time the device has not received GPS coordinates.
MC-105653 Users can clear application data using the agent without needing a plugin on Android 9 and above.
MC-109385 Users can configure the 802.11xEAP network from within lockdown using the action://CONFIGURE_WIFI intent.
MCMR-23141 On some devices, the agent did not upgrade correctly and was unable to action configurations assigned through profiles.
MCMR-23242 The agent lost WiFi-related configurations when the device reported an unknown SSID and required manual re-entry.
MCMR-23735 The agent crashed after an upgrade on Zebra devices if the enterprise storage was full.
MCMR-23762 Some Honeywell devices were stuck on boot-up after applying lockdown.
MCMR-23894 SOTI MobiControl would rapidly drain battery on low-memory, pre-Android 5 devices.