Android Enterprise Agent Maintenance Releases

14.4.0 (October 7, 2020) - Download the Android Enterprise device agent from the Google Play Store or the MobiControl Android Enterprise Agent Downloads page.

MC-89694 The agent now supports Android 11.
MC-98817 Users can manually remove speed lockdown, if after a configurable amount of time the device has not received GPS coordinates.
MC-105653 Users can clear application data using the agent without needing a plugin on Android 9 and above.
MC-109385 Users can configure the 802.11xEAP network from within lockdown using the action://CONFIGURE_WIFI intent.
MCMR-21646 The agent was unable to correctly parse custom data from an XML file.
MCMR-24169 The agent did not connect back to DS after migration from Android Classic.
MCMR-24185 DA to DO migration failed on Zebra devices as the agent did not relinquish DA on Android Classic agent.