Android Classic Agent Maintenance Releases

14.5.5 (August 9, 2021) - Download the Android Classic device agent from the MobiControl Android OEM Specific Agent Downloads page.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-26192 The prompt to allow remote control was not displayed on some Samsung devices if the SOTI MobiControl agent was not currently in the foreground
MCMR-27504 Some devices were unable to enroll when using a SHA-1 certificate

14.5.4 (July 15, 2021)

Resolved Issues

MCMR-26711 On certain devices, the agent would periodically disconnect during device check-in
MCMR-28056 Strict re-enrollment was occasionally causing devices to disappear from the console

14.5.3 (June 24, 2021)

Release Highlights

Certificate Installation on Honeywell

We’ve added the ability for administrators to configure certificates on Honeywell devices without requiring users to enter their passcode on the device.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-24377 The agent occasionally did not upgrade when the ‘upgrade action’ was triggered
MCMR-25644 The gesture to engage ‘Admin mode’ was not working on some Honeywell Thor devices
MCMR-27839 Speed Lockdown would occasionally disengage before the disengage criteria was met

14.5.1 (June 3, 2021)

Release Highlights

Remote Control on Google Glass

Administrators are now able to use remote control with Google Glass.

Zebra Device Migration Script

We’ve added the retriggermigration script to help reinitiate the migration processes for Zebra devices that encounter issues along the way.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-22447 On certain OEMs, SOTI MobiControl Agent was incorrectly reporting status of installed applications as ‘uninstalled’
MCMR-25604 ‘writesecuresetting -sys screen_off_timeout’ script was not working on Android 9 and above devices that had a MobiControl OEM plugin installed
MCMR-26442 ‘retriggermigration’ script was introduced for devices incorrectly stuck during Android Enterprise migration on Zebra devices to re-initiate the process
MCMR-26658 Inbound calls were not blocked when Phone Call Policy was configured with a whitelist
MCMR-26955 The agent was not able to enroll using URLs on MobiControl servers below v15.0.0
MCMR-27285 The agent was incorrectly requesting additional permissions when Wi-Fi payload was configured with Proxy

14.5.0 (May 6, 2021)

Release Highlights

Importing Contacts via VCF

Administrators can now import contacts via a VCF file.

JavaScript File Operations

All basic File Operations are now supported by scripts, including creation, deletion, copying, renaming, listing directories, and reading and writing text files.

Expanded Common Text Formats

We now support INI and XML formats, in addition to JSON. The addition of these formats opens new opportunities to build more powerful scripts, such as triggering device relocation.

Network Information Collection

Network information such as Wi-Fi SSID, active network, and available network can now be collected via script. This includes specific actionable details about the connections such as IP addresses and bandwidth.

Additional Device Information

Additional device information such as IMEI, MEID, and access to airplane mode are now accessible via JavaScript.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-24271 Devices were incorrectly showing a certificate error when enrolling Honeywell devices via mcsetup.ini
MCMR-26536 After a soft reset, the agent incorrectly scanned the entire SD card for Mcsetup.ini instead of just configuration files, which resulted in very long launch times