Before You Begin

If you are not a current customer please submit a trial request.
To learn about features that have been added in recent versions, please see the MobiControl Release Notes.
For help during installation, please see the MobiControl Help.
If your question is not answered there, please email support.

System Requirements

Please note that system requirements have changed as of MobiControl v2024.0, see the Help page for details.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version of MobiControl, please read the Upgrading MobiControl chapter in the MobiControl Help. The setup program will automatically backup the existing MobiControl database and modify it to support the new version.

Customers upgrading from MobiControl version 11.0 or earlier are encouraged to review the Migration to Profiles and Package Rules to Profiles Migration guides in order to reduce the number of profiles created upon upgrade.

MobiControl Device Agents

To download MobiControl device agents please click here.