13.0 Maintenance Releases

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues for the iOS device agent have been addressed: (February 21, 2018)

MCMR-8236 Enrollment fields did not appear correctly when screen rotation switched to landscape mode
MCMR-11973 Screen flickered briefly while taking screenshots during remote control/remote view (HTML5) sessions
MCMR-12449 Fixed build issues with the iOS Sample app that was supplied with the iOS SDK
MCMR-13132 Updated iOS SDK to report more accurate build version information (October 24, 2017)

MCMR-9028 Video files in Content Library did not display the correct icon
MCMR-9601 Agent reported the incorrect connectivity type to the Console
MCMR-10172 Logs did not appear in device configuration pane
MCMR-10895 On some iPads, the agent returned a location unknown error after successfully locating device
MCMR-11774 Improvements to iOS SDK, including adding support for iOS 11, upgrading OpenSSL to 1.0.2k, removing dependency on third party library JSONKit, and enabling Bitcode (September 29, 2017)

MCMR-8247 Agent did not prompt user for permission to access location data
MCMR-10751 Device name on device did not match device name in Web Console while using macro
MCMR-11181 Location history data was only transferred to Deployment Server when agent was in the foreground (August 18, 2017)

On devices running iOS 10 or later, users could not open hyperlinks in documents from the Content Library (July 06, 2017)

MCMR-6452 Files downloaded from the Content Library tried to re-download after device agent was closed and re-opened
MCMR-6792 Items deleted from the Content Library continued to appear in the device agent
MCMR-7328 Content Library continued to consume cellular data when disabled
MCMR-7955 On devices running iOS 10, playback controls for video disappeared on videos viewed in the Content Library
MCMR-8104 Added build information to agent's plist file
MCMR-8711 On devices running iOS 10, video playback continued even when user navigated away from application
MCMR-9958 On devices running iOS 10.3, the agent stopped working after attempting to open a Chinese or Japanese language file
MCMR-10010 On devices running iOS 10.3.1, the agent occasionally stopped working when attempting to access Content Library files (January 05, 2017)

MCMR-7034 On iPad mini (1st gen) devices, the agent did not accurately reflect the download progress of a file from the Content Library
MCMR-7910 Agent log files occasionally appeared among the Content Library files
MCMR-7964 Download queue for the Content Library did not accurately reflect the files waiting for transfer
MCMR-8399 When disconnected from WiFi, the download queue for the Content Library listed total number of files in the library