15.2 Maintenance Release Notes for Linux

15.2.3 (April 5, 2023) - Download the SOTI MobiControl Linux Agent for Zebra and the Zebra RFID enrollment utility from the SOTI MobiControl Device Agent Downloads page.

Release Highlights

XTreme Hub on Linux

Administrators can now enroll Linux devices as XTreme Hubs. XTreme Hubs enable faster deployment of files and packages from the SOTI MobiControl server to the managed devices. As an intermediary between the SOTI MobiControl deployment servers and the Android or Windows Mobile/CE devices, Xtreme Hub reduces the bandwidth load on the network connection between the server and the devices. Note that Xtreme Hub functionality is available only to SOTI MobiControl customers who have purchased the SOTI Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus Service.

Resolved Issues

LIN-465 Remote Control did not display company logos on Advantech DLOG DLT-V72 devices
MCMR-31414 Lockdown failed to install for Linux devices

15.2.2 (August 3, 2022)

Release Highlights

Expanded Linux Support

SOTI MobiControl now officially supports Linux devices running on Ubuntu 22, Linux Mint 17.10 and Raspbian 11 (Bullseye), creating more opportunities to manage your Linux devices.

BusyBox Support

BusyBox provides a suite of common utilities as a single executable. This simple toolkit is now supported for Linux devices managed by SOTI MobiControl.

RFID Device Certification

Support for RFID devices now includes both Impinj R700 8.0.1 and Nordic ID FR22 RFID readers. These devices have been certified for use with SOTI MobiControl.

Resolved Issues

LIN-309 Remote control failed on Impinj firmware
MCMR-29860 The lockdown browser (Electron) failed to open URLs in Linux Ubuntu 20.04

15.2.1 (December 9, 2021)

Release Highlights

Enhanced Lockdown Configuration

The ability to configure Lockdown for Linux systems has been improved with an enhanced configuration profile; available with version 15.5 or later of the MobiControl web console.

Faster Lockdown Engagement

Lockdown will now apply in less time than in prior versions of the Linux Agent.

Upgraded Web Browsing Engine

Web Browsing Engine has been upgraded to increase rendering performance and security overall.

Improved Navigation

Lockdown window has an improved navigation and better onscreen keyboard appearance.

Improved Display Resolution

Optimized use of the native desktop resolution for improved visibility.

Proxy Exceptions

Administrators are now able to add or remove URLs as exceptions on proxy-configured devices to better customize the end-user experience.