15.0 Maintenance Releases

15.0.3 (July 07, 2020) - Download the generic Linux device agent from the MobiControl Device Agent Downloads page.

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

MCMR-23185 After upgrade, remote control sessions did not load

15.0.2 (April 27, 2020)

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

MC-51605 Packages were not getting installed until check-in after the schedule was reached.
MC-55094 Application files were not deleted once package installation was completed.
MC-68558 Minor version of the OS was not being displayed on the web console.
MC-72465 Error was displayed when certificate profile was assigned with Out of Contact on device.
MC-81102 Device ID did not persist across agent restart if MAC address was unavailable.
MC-81473 Some certificates were not getting installed on the device.
MC-83102 After uninstallation, applications were not getting removed from the MobiControl console.
MC-87894 Package was not getting installed when multiple Packages and Task Scheduler payloads were assigned together on the device.
MC-90436 Device Specific (FARA): Even after user had unenrolled the device from MobiControl, the agent was getting restarted again.
MC-91091 Under the task scheduler configuration, script command was executed multiple times.
MC-91256 Device did not reconnect when device IP changed.
MC-91582 Repeated logs were showing during installation or deletion of package.
MC-92721 Memory leakage when device was moved to groups with Alerts.
MC-94161 CentOS: Installed applications were not displayed in Installed Applications panel.
MC-94574 Remote Control was not working with SOTI Assist 1.7.
MC-94596 Certain scripts as part of a Scheduled Task profile configuration were not running.
MC-94654 Curtain mode functionality was not working on ARM headful device.
MC-94864 './mobicontrol -s' was not showing the correct agent status.
MC-96564 CLI AG7000: [RC-Curtain Mode] Was not able to revert User Interaction after disabling.
MC-96746 Upon device movement to group with all configurations, Raspberry Pi device was getting disconnected.
MC-98450 OS upgrade was failing for Ubuntu headless devices.