v11.0.1.14221 Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following issues have been addressed in MobiControl v11.0.1.14221:

23724 Add script support to kill an application.
31620 Agent should send a snapshot to DS as soon as exchange email account is configured on the device.
34993 If the device has a lockdown policy on it and is then switched to user mode, the lockdown will not apply immediately.
36733 Passcode Reset and Certificate Store relational functionality change.
37188 Mouse click does not work in lockdown menu.
37286 Custom attributes not displaying when viewing devices in a virtual group.
40518 Device Agent is not reinstalled after rescanning barcodes.
40803 Attempt to install device agent fails on CipherLab CP60 WM6.5.
41007 WiFi profiles are still editable on MC67NA after device feature control policy is implemented.
41437 DB View to pull "Yodel_ScanCount" custom data.
41669 Duplication of naming macro devices for Android+ and Android Generic.
41725 Resizing name column causes delete icon to disappear.
41730 Add support for the "This is a hidden network" option when configuring e-WFC on the device.
42186 Merge ADAutoEnrollment tool into the v11 branch.
42314 WiFi menu does not allow you to connect to open networks from the lockdown WiFi configuration menu.
42415 Secure email access filter blocking emails from IOS devices after v11 upgrade.
42420 Upgrading Samsung Tab 2 while in lockdown causes the status bar at the bottom of the screen to disappear on some devices.
42461 Custom taskbar in lockdown for PSION OMnii XT15 Windows CE 6.0 device.
42520 The installer does not complete due to a database install error being thrown.
42591 Unable to see the entire message on the Web Console for (Disable iMessage) feature restriction.
42592 Feature restriction policies do not migrate properly when upgrading from v10.
42657 Allow administrators to hide the Send Debug Report option in Android agents.
42683 When launched, the MobiControl device agent displays a black screen, then exits.
42717 MobiControl Manager causes CPU on database server to spike to 100% CPU utilization.
42861 Registry Editor in Remote Control adds null character to end of value.
42873 Can't delete Windows Mobile devices from the Web Console.
42953 Silent Admin Mode (SilentAdminActivation) Activation doesn't work when using APK + INI.
43007 Running scheduled location report doesn't work, throws an error *Missing parameter values* in MS log.
43130 Wipe command does not work on the device.
43138 Interrupting the agent download while enrolling using installer, agent crashes with message "Unfortunately, MobiControl has stopped".
43180 Unable to upgrade device agents from v10 to v11.
43193 Japanese strings are cut off on the button in the application catalog on device side.
43234 After enabling device upgrade, the Web Console goes back to page one after it refreshes.
43253 After device OS upgrade, the device screen prompts with the message "Type password for Credential Storage".
43261 MobiControl agent unchecks and grays out the "Make Pattern Visible" option in Lock Screen settings for "Pattern".
43337 Device has black screen and is unable to perform any actions when it is deleted on WC or uninstalled via script.
43346 After client upgrade to v11, the web filter is not working on devices. Some devices are on v10 and some are on v11, but all devices can access web sites that are not in the white list.
43353 Devices showing wrong status on Web Console after upgrading to v11.0.
43359 Incorrect value show up in Policy property under the Content Library.
43364 Drop-down menu in Desktop agent is not listing running apps.
43377 When a content library folder is renamed, it will produce a record without a name on the device.
43448 The Web Console reports inaccurate online/offline status duration times.
43450 Attempt to do a fresh install of MobiControl v11 fails with a database error.
43732 AFter upgrading the MobiControl Server, packages having reset scripts deployed were installed, but the Web Console continues to show a pending state.
43763 When a Windows Mobile device is rebooted via MobiControl (Action -> reset) or a reboot script specific to the device, the logs will show that the device disconnected twice.
43858 New Agent created from the Agent Builder on the Web Console only shows 1% in the builder till you close/reopen the agent. The agent is functional, its just a fault in the UI.
43862 File sync issue with sync on device addition/relocation.
43863 Adding two new lockdown commands for implicit calling of Webroot secure web browser.
43944 After upgrade to V11, generic devices can't access any apps, settings, or anything on the device outside of lockdown.
43945 VPN Configuration > IKE Identity > Key ID cannot be selected. Drop menu defaults back to Automatic.
44167 Update to Device Information report - add Manufacturer and Model columns.
44170 Windows Phone 8 device fails to enroll with a KeySet error.
44285 If MobiControl relocates an iOS device to the group that has Camera Restrictions, the restrictions are not applied and the camera keeps on working. If an iOS device is enrolled directly to a group that has Camera Restrictions, the restrictions are applied on the device.
44392 Add device agent support for Motorola MC 18.
44414 Device does not enroll with LDAP authentication if user is not apart of Security Group.
44416 Old definition of MDM API permission "android.permission.ACCESS_HTC_MDM_API" still being used for HTC agents.
44485 Sending a Fusion profile to an MC75 with TKIP encryption fails to configure the profile on the device.
44553 Add ASKEY images to device skins catalog for Remote Control.
44564 Windows Embedded 6.5 version not available in ABS for Motorola Workabout pro 4 when agent creation was attempted.
44565 CE 6.0 OS not available in ABS for Motorola HC 1 when agent creation was attempted.
44634 CE 6.0 OS agent not available in ABS for Motorola Workabout pro 4 when agent creation was attempted.
44671 Custom report request: Display all entries by order of date on the "Connectivity Information" report.
44896 If you create 10 WiFi profiles, on the 10th one, it will not allow you to navigate back into Device Configuration > Connectivity > WiFi. It will also appear unchecked, even though there are ten profiles configured; and when you click on it, it will say "working" for a split second then nothing happens. It seems to also break this menu altogether, not allowing you to navigate to WiFi profiles at any other device group level for the Windows Mobile platform.
44907 No option to select the Netherlands as the country of application origin when adding application entry.
44988 When the agent is upgraded from version 10 to version 11 the AME application gets deleted on the device.
46465 Lockdown screen blinks and flickers and cannot launch configured functions.