v11.0.2.15166 Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed in v11.0.2.15166:

42195 When enrolling a device, the IMEI number that is displayed under the IMEI field is truncated so that the last digit is cut off.
42938 After a applying a lockdown policy to devices, the queue length jumps to over 2,000 and remains at that level.
43218 Attempts to view device packages in the MobiControl Web Console result in an internal server error message being displayed.
43324 When you remotely control a device, the Excitor DME app displays a blank screen.
43911 A Windows 7 device in kiosk mode cannot launch the Sierra Wireless Watcher.exe application.
44002 When setting up an email configuration within the KNOX container policy and selecting a client certificate, the certificate is not pushed to the KNOX container and the email configuration will not authenticate with the exchange server.
44075 On iOS, a generated report on applications available in the Application Catalog is incomplete.
44221 When a PDF report that has been generated for a specific folder is sent via scheduled email, the attached report in the received email contains no data. This occurs in cases where devices are located in a folder that is lower down in the folder tree than either the root folder or an immediate child folder of the root folder.
44288 When using alerts to relocate devices based on SSID, the evaluation of SSID is flawed causing alerts not to trigger.
44712 After upgrading from MobiControl version 10 to version 11, LDAP authentication for MobiControl Web Console login takes an unacceptably long time (longer than 15 seconds).
44993 A device lockdown based on speed is not disengaged when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.
45202 A custom name specified in the mcsetup.ini file is not honored when devices are enrolled.
45203 Attempting to generate a telecom data usage report causes the CPU usage to spike to 100%.
45319 iOS devices cannot be enrolled using Active Directory authentication in the Add Devices rule.
45359 The MobiControl Web Console is timing out when attempting to view a device folder containing about 2,900 iOS devices.
45429 The Management Service is persistently using over 80% of CPU resources, causing the MobiControl Web Console to respond very slowly to input.
45445 MobiControl Deployment Server extensions crash frequently.
45448 Enrollment profile files downloaded from a non-English server OS are corrupted.
45451 Devices are not removed from the old virtual group when they are relocated to a new virtual group and a device property filter is used.
45548 A WebFilter license is not being applied on the device.
45563 The Application Catalog does not appear if a newer version of an application is added to the catalog. This effectively means that the Application Catalog cannot be updated with newer versions of applications. Also, Enterprise Applications show a gray icon.
45564 Cannot enroll iOS devices after upgrading to MobiControl 11.0.1 due to failed authentication.
45602 Cannot deploy an iOS application packaged as an IPA file using the Application Catalog.
45609 After upgrading from MobiControl 11.0 to 11.0.1 and upgrading the device agents, devices that have ELM agents installed become unusable because permission errors prevent configuring the device.
45678 Filtering online or offline devices results in a server error.
45702 The daily transaction log backup schedule is interfering withe the daily log shipping activity and is preventing the enablement of disaster recovery.
45718 On iOS devices, the Application Catalog button does not display the correct Japanese language status text for 'installing' and 'installed'.
45729 In the Japanese language version of MobiControl 11.01, some of the Japanese strings are out of date or have not been translated.
45763 Devices running Android 4.4 flicker when they are in lockdown.
45782 Application opened on lockdown page does not have focus.
45788 Installation of a package that has a dependency on a previously installed package fails.
45796 When adding files to the content library, the files get added to the server but the files will not get pushed to the agent on any iOS device.
45824 When upgrading from MobiControl 10 to 11.0.1, the installer fails with a certificate-related error.
45889 The "Cellular Signal Strength Data Collection" report is blank even though the data is visible on the device's tab under the "Collected Data" panel.
45935 If a package is uploaded on an English language pack, and an update is then added on a non-English version of the MobiControl Web Console, then the package will be uploaded as a separate package and not an update of the previous one.
45977 Enrollment profile files downloaded from a non-English server OS are corrupted.
46023 When the MobiControl Deployment Server attempts to push files to a device using the Content Library, and the folder structure is nested more than two levels deep, the device returns an 'insufficient space on device' error.
46084 When attempting to upgrade MobiControl, the database upgrade fails.
46467 CPU usage is spiking when events are raised.
54322 Windows CE 7.0 agent lockdown leaves the file system accessible via right-click context menus.
58565 Localization hooks are needed in the MobiControl Web Console for the Hungarian locale.
58719 The MobiControl Deployment Server crashes every couple of minutes.
59088 When using the MobiControl Web Console in the Japanese language to generate an APNS certificate request, the Web Console contains an incorrect link to the APNS portal.
59742 On Kindle Fire HDX devices, packages are reinstalled at every scheduled update or whenever the device reconnects.
59955 Dependent package installation fails.
60136 MobiControl cannot push Domino email profiles to Windows Phone 8 devices.
60154 When the MobiControl Deployment Server publishes the secondary device connection address, the device agent does not record the value.
60478 BQ devices do not support multiple email profiles.
60572 In the MobiControl Web Console, the dashboard does not complete loading.
60633 BQ devices are not setting email sync to automatic as is set in the email profile.
60914 The Management Service frequently crashes with a System.OutOfMemoryException.
61007 Skin is not displayed.