v11.0.3 Detailed Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (September 11, 2015)

Note: Customers migrating from Remote MasterMind (REM) to MobiControl are strongly advised to contact SOTI Professional Services to validate the migration process.

MCMR-139 Removed the 125 character length limitation for the destination filepath when using Package Studio to add files.
MCMR-1913 File Sync does not update files on agents running Windows Mobile if the files to be synched have been renamed on the device in such a way that only case has changed.
MCMR-1980 When configuring a custom APN for Android+ devices the trailing 0 is truncated.
MCMR-2082 New custom attributes are not appearing under virtual filter for certain Android+ devices.
MCMR-2839 Added functionality to always request permission to initiate a Remote Control session.
MCMR-2957 Improved Web Console performance when dealing with very large and deep device folder structures.

Known Issues:

  • The MobiControl Remote Control plugin does not currently work in the latest versions of the Google Chrome web browser due to a change Google has made to the way Chrome invokes plugins. (June 24, 2015)

MCMR-325 WLAN configuration fails to apply on certain Android devices if WiFi is off at the time the policy is pushed to the device.
MCMR-458 Added ability to configure the display size of icons and fonts within the task manager utility for Android.
MCMR-1432 WiFi configuration fails on certain LG VK810 devices when in lockdown on a particular firmware.
MCMR-1666 WiFi turns on sporadically on certain devices with Samsung ELM agent.
MCMR-1886 Certain Android devices connect to a Deployment Server contrary to specified DS priority settings.
MCMR-2284 Certain Android devices running v11 agents fail to synchronise time correctly when managed by a v12 backend.
MCMR-2529 Added support for Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
MCMR-2579 Scheduled installation of multiple packages on certain Windows Mobile devices takes place before specified time.
MCMR-2729 Improved Out of Contact policy to function more accurately inbetween multiple device reboots during shorter time intervals. (June 5, 2015) 

MCMR-1152 Certain MC50 devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 lose connectivity when in lockdown mode.
MCMR-1557 Custom Data and Custom Attributes are not consistently reflected in Virtual Filter Groups on certain Samsung Android+ devices.
MCMR-1637 Long SSID names overlap with MAC address value in the WiFi indicator on certain Windows Mobile lockdown screens.
MCMR-2101 A custom report was enhanced to include device online/offline data at the time of report execution. (April 24, 2015)

MCMR-338 Pagination is inaccurate under certain conditions when sorted by custom data.
MCMR-792 Device ID is not reflected correctly in Telecom Data Usage Data Collection report.
MCMR-798 Users are prompted for enrollment credentials on certain Amazon devices although already enrolled and in use for a considerable amount of time.
MCMR-1147 The Barcode Generator creates blank pages under certain conditions.
MCMR-1300 Some MC40 devices fail to connect with a configured open WLAN profile.
MCMR-1487 Added functionality for time synchronization to take place on update schedule.
MCMR-1636 A line of business application crashes in lockdown on some MC40 devices when opened in admin mode.
MCMR-1662 RAM usage on some Windows CE devices increases over time.
MCMR-1685 "Upgrade Now" and "Push Pending Packages" action menus are unresponsive on the web console in certain scenarios.
MCMR-1850 MobiControl agent intermittently crashes upon device reboot on some Samsung devices that use a combination of lockdown and multiple active TEM data collection rules.
MCMR-1869 Android+ APN type configuration is missing * option. (February 27, 2015)

MCMR-119 Script engine processes multiple scripts in improper sequence if showmessagebox command does not have a timer value specified.
MCMR-123 Under certain conditions the Deployment Server restarts at random intervals.
MCMR-287 Amazon Kindle Fire HD agent now supports WiFi profiles.
MCMR-372 Certain packages on specific Windows Mobile devices are not installed despite shown as installed on the web console.
MCMR-689 "Data temporarily unavailable" error message comes up on the web console under certain configurations when the user moves from one device folder to another.
MCMR-899 Under certain circumstances user is unable to upgrade the Android+ agent when inside a device group that allows agent upgrade. (February 2, 2015)

MCMR-104 Virtual groups do not refresh automatically after upgrade under certain circumstances
MCMR-122 Some notifications disappear behind lockdown screen on M3 Orange devices running Windows Mobile and utilizing standard operating system navigation bar.
MCMR-129 Spanish translation was updated to reflect the correct device type under Authentication Policy settings.
MCMR-153 Users with only ‘Manage Password’ permission under Device Group permissions are unable to reset passwords. (January 5, 2015)

60009 Devices sometimes disappear from a virtual folder upon check-in
64473 Unable to create Windows Mobile agents on v11.0.[1-3] when Korean Language is set as default
63334 Updated German translation for agent chat button
64826 Updated Japanese translation for "Enterprise Applications" (December 19, 2014)

62796 Device sorting in Web Console is inconsistent under certain conditions
63451 "Not Begin" operator within Virtual Filter Groups is not working for some Custom Attribute filters
63895 MobiControl 11.0.2 installation in a case-sensitive environment fails
64145 Devices that do not satisfy particular virtual group filter criteria still show under that virtual group
64336 Japanese localization of Application Catalog on iOS has been updated
61336 Windows Mobile / CE / Desktop agents now randomize which Deployment Server to connect to
64152 MobiScan fails to configure WiFi settings for Fusion Radio SW X2.01_89R on MC 9200 (December 8, 2014)

58359 Cannot sort columns in the web console under certain conditions
60046 File sync from device to server sometimes deletes empty folders on Android
60658 Columns containing custom attributes sometimes disappear when a new attribute is added
60828 Application in Lockdown on Windows Desktop sometimes does not scale correctly after on-screen keyboard is used
63060 "Device has not connected for N (minutes/hours/days)" alert is triggered before the condition is met
63139 Importing large IPA file fails
63170 VPN configuration fails to propagate on certain iOS8 devices
63779 Added Dolphin Counters functionality
63917 Total number of devices under management is sometimes displayed incorrectly
64125 Deployment rule summary report sometimes causes DB server SPU spikes
64418 Upgrading Windows Mobile agent sometimes requires device to reboot
64420 Custom attribute value is sometimes not displayed on Windows CE in lockdown (November 21, 2014)

39286 System event alerts "User Added", "User Deleted", and "User Updated" are not being triggered.
39286 System event alerts "User Added", "User Deleted", and "User Updated" are not being triggered.
43930 The alert for BSSID (access point) does not identify the MAC address and SSID change not triggered.
45914 Need to identify BQ API and MDM versions used by a BQ MobiControl agent.
45915 Need to silently configure email accounts on BQ devices so that device users do not have to manually configure their email accounts.
45916 Need to view, install, and delete certificates on BQ devices to manage the device users' access to secure resources.
45931 Telecom Expense Management Rule not working properly on Samsung S4, Tab3, SM-T315, GT19195.
46049 Lockdown not being applied when device relocated using alert action and event "SIM Card Changed".
46100 Searching in Web Console doesn't find device when there are multiple pages.
46167 iOS: IPA files cannot be uploaded from V10R5 and above.
46310 Webclip custom icon is coming up 1/3 of size on v.11.0.1.
54319 Reply/Forward options on the emails (Exchange account) is not working as expected for the customer.
58714 Need the ability to disable the home key on Motorola Android devices.
58779 Lockdown: Blank screen shown when using customer's HTML.
59055 Telecom Expense: alert is triggered before rule limit, and inaccurate reports.
59079 Do not set Chinese Bing map as default when the language is set to Chinese.
59099 Configuring password expiry warnings via 'Windows User Directory Authentication' does not work correctly.
59765 After upgrading to version 11, XT15 devices crash (out of memory) and need to be restarted.
60000 Customer needs a way to switch between running applications on Galaxy Tab 2s.
60037 Device Relocation alert does not work consistently on device check-in.
60043 Juniper VPN configuration fails to install on iOS 8.
60249 Device is reporting/collecting incorrect TEM Data Usage Values (ELM).
60420 Request for custom report with custom attributes and other device information.
60481 BQ Agent: email global contacts not synching on email profile.
60571 Customer would like his powershell script updated to inject users into DB without enrolling devices through LDAP.
60579 Devices corrupt pdb.ini on cold boot.
60638 No agent available for Pidion MT360 in ABS.
60647 Devices fail to keep MobiControl persistent after firmware upgrade.
60656 %IP% is not returning the correct IP address in use.
60657 Connection type for 99ex is always displayed as ethernet.
60659 Customer using their own CA would like to configure Generic SCEP.
60759 Selecting 'PEAP' as '8021x' protocol prevents Barcode from being generated.
60774 After upgrading from 10R4 to v1101 14250 device configurations changed from roaming off to roaming on.
60831 Virtual Group Filter: SQL collation causes MC Web Console device filters to fail.
60957 Unable to log into MC with AD users from different domain.
61131 When clicking the device relocation rule folder the loading screen is shown for a while and then an error message appears at the bottom of the browser saying "data is unavailable" and the rules do not appear.
61256 When pushing out lockdown with custom attributes in menu items, it does not apply correctly on device / apply at all.
61294 If port 80 is being used by another app, MobiControl will not allow device enrollment.
61352 Device configuration: Can't push down WiFi and Proxy settings (ELM).
61393 Customer needs Professional Services help creating custom reports.
61574 The lockdown never applies to the device when moved into the appropriate folder, the root cause was determined to be that the custom attributes are not applied to the device before the lockdown is pushed out.
61611 Package sorting after upgrade is out of order.
61822 User can exit kiosk mode by entering an incorrect user passcode.
61993 Console Security password complexity requirements not being enforced.
62009 The lockdown item does not automatically launch after device reboot.
62019 Send/Reply and Forward buttons on email client do not work on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.3.
62036 Menu option in lockdown is not accessible using ALT+M.
62056 The # character is not allowed to be entered.
62085 Verizon Galaxy Tab 2 agent will not connect after 11.0.2 upgrade.
62117 Change Request: Agent for Amazon Kindle Fire HD requires support for WiFi profiles - Enterprise PEAP encryption.
62118 RC API detected as n/a on TC55 device with OS 4.4.3 *device & OS Specific*.
62130 Devices corrupt pdb.ini on cold boot after the upgrade from version 9.0 to version 11.0.1 14250.
62704 Special characters in MC Stage WiFi Profile WPA Key cause connection to fail.
62706 Web Console: Language pack not working properly for Spanish only after upgrading to version 11.0.2.
62711 Web Console: Internal error when deleting a package.
62797 Lockdown is white blank screen when running a different agent from MobiControl.
62808 Custom Attribute as a filter value for the virtual group produces "The server could not complete your request. An internal error occurred."
62889 Max setting allowed for screen timeout changed, even if option is not enabled.
62966 Enrollment fails due to duplicate device ID.
63052 Filtering offline/online devices results in a 'server could not complete your request' error.
63101 Customer is unable to upgrade between different versions of Facebook through the app catalog on Android+.
63177 Agent for Gen2Wave RP1200 is missing in ABS.
63178 Agent for Gen2Wave RP1300 is missing in ABS.
63255 Webroot connection failure causes timesync (and maybe other features) to fail.
63256 Database is experiencing slowdown and takes too long to process commands.
63281 Agents for Gen2Wave WM devices are not persistent.
63351 Devices are in virtual filter group however virtual filter group is not part of devices root group -> huge queue sizes.
63399 Remote Control support for Hungarian localization.
63522 The update button inside the App Catalog on the BQ Android+ device shows "Update" when localized to Spanish, but should show "Actualizar".
63585 Deployment server restarts continuously and randomly (more than 5000 times a day).
63597 Agent doesn't use configured APN proxy for enrollment, but instead goes directly to the enrollment server.
63613 Cannot set APN settings with MCC 214 and MNC 19.
64081 AD users are asked to change password to meet local complexity requirements.