MobiControl v12 Detailed Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (March 6, 2015)

MCMR-1185 Handling of device check-ins can now be staggered with configurable parameters in large scale deployment scenarios
MCMR-1186 Apple push notifications can now be staggered with configurable parameters in large scale deployment scenarios (February 27, 2015)

MCMR-123 Deployment Server restarts automatically over random periods of time under certain conditions
MCMR-157 Unable to generate 'Devicescape' WiFi profile with MCStage without filling in the Anony ID field
MCMR-288 Under certain circumstances user is unable to upgrade the Android+ agent when inside a device group that allows agent upgrade.
MCMR-302 Deployment Server crashes in certain scenarios after upgrade to v12.0.
MCMR-303 Unable to push WiFi settings via a barcode with MCStage to Intermec CK3x devices.
MCMR-305 After upgrade to v12.0 with a specific configuration Profiles are not visible and an error message is displayed.
MCMR-310 Upgrade to v12.0 fails during database upgrade procedure due to certain local settings.
MCMR-367 Connection type is missing and MAC address is incorrect on web console if certain MC65 devices are on cellular connection.
MCMR-431 Management Service logs do not clearly indicate the root cause of a failure to login to the web console when a user is a member of multiple AD groups with conflicting permissions.
MCMR-499 The checkbox for Terms and Conditions screen of the iOS agent is cut off.
MCMR-652 Duplicate device IDs are observed under certain conditions.
MCMR-712 File names that contain certain non-English characters do not get properly reflected on the device when uploaded to the Content Library.
MCMR-713 Under certain conditions Windows 8 Phone devices fail to enroll.
MCMR-748 MCStage fails to configure a 25 characters(128-bit) long WEP key on certain devices running Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic.
MCMR-779 Spanish translation of the authentication policy settings is not precise.
MCMR-781 In certain configurations the 'Manage Password' permission under the Device group permissions does not work as expected.
MCMR-900 Under certain conditions users can see non-managed applications on the iOS platform despite this being denied.
MCMR-927 Certain devices appears under Virtual Groups they should not be a member of.
MCMR-939 Certain devices are not appearing under appropriate Virtual Groups with LDAP criteria after saving.
MCMR-1110 In the Self Service Portal a device image continuously repeats as a background image when viewed from mobile device. (February 9, 2015)

MCMR-24 Added Android+ Samsung Agent support for Android 5.0 - Lollipop.
MCMR-25 Failed to disable Location mode after sending a script command to certain Kyocera devices
MCMR-27 BQ A+ agent becomes slow once certain DFC is applied
MCMR-33 Failed to disable default browsers after sending a script command to certain Kyocera devices
MCMR-38 Failed to disable location service after sending a script command to certain Kyocera device
MCMR-41 Out of Contact Policy does not work on certain device models after reboot
MCMR-47 Samsung ELM agent cannot be activated if migration from Platform Signed happen with certain configured Settings restrictions
MCMR-49 Failed to disable VPN function after sending a script command to certain Kyocera devices
MCMR-52 TazTag A+ Agent fails to use APN Proxy
MCMR-55 Disable Home button not working on certain TC55 device models runnign  4.4.3
MCMR-59 %ESN% Macro returns IMEI, MEID and ESN as one string for certain Samsung device models
MCMR-65 Cannot Open MobiControl Application from Admin Mode in Lockdown under certain conditions
MCMR-295 Screen Recording on Android+ stops when device is rotated
MCMR-310 Upgrade to v12 sometimes fails at updating database stage
MCMR-328 Certain iOS devices un-enrolls immediately after enrollment
MCMR-490 First letter of username in iOS enrollment input field is capitalized by default
MCMR-510 Certain Windows desktop devices fail to comment after upgrade to v12
MCMR-579 Packages with circular dependency are allowed to be added
MCMR-823 Added Android+ LG Flex 2 Agent support for Android 5.0 - Lollipop.

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (January 23, 2015)

MCMR-189 After upgrade from v10.R5 to v12 "Samsung" label is shown for both ELM and platform signed Android agent
MCMR-312 Under certain conditions DS does not start automatically after upgrade from v11
MCMR-550 Package sorting is sometimes inconsistent after upgrade
MCMR-551 Sometimes Remote Control window is not brought to the foreground and user is informed about an active session
MCMR-554 Multiple selection box for several reports defaults to a single selection
MCMR-556 Under certain conditions rules that are assigned on the Group level are not being displayed in the Rules Assigned panel
MCMR-559 Fixed Japanese translation for "Enterprise Applications" label
MCMR-560 The Deployment Rule Summary Report sometimes causes the database server to consume 100% of CPU
MCMR-561 Data collection information sometimes does not get uploaded during manual check-ins
MCMR-562 Deployment Server sometimes needs to be restarted in order to initiate Remote Control sessions (January 9, 2015)

9043 Updated built-in Installed Applications report
10694 Management Service sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to render the Package Deployment progress pie graph
10794 Imported reports are placed into a misnamed group if imported under the Reports node
11187 Certain custom reports sometimes fail to load in web console