MobiControl v12.1 Detailed Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (May 29, 2015)

MCMR-483 Remote Control Timestamp report displays incorrect duration time values for some devices
MCMR-1355 The checkbox to confirm device wipe or un-enrollment is not displayed for iOS and Windows Phone devices in Self Service Portal under certain conditions
MCMR-1421 Added ability to bulk change AD user association for existing devices not enrolled via AD
MCMR-1472 Deployment Server and Management Service failed to start after upgrade with specific proxy settings
MCMR-1622 The queue length spikes up sporadically after upgrade causing excessive server load
MCMR-1690 Added encryption for certain parameters available in the pdb.ini file
MCMR-1801 Certain email profiles assigned to the KNOX container did not get removed when moving a device to a folder with no email configuration assigned
MCMR-1949 Added default check for 'Revoke certificates provisioned to device(s)' option when removing a device
MCMR-1969 Unable to edit certain application catalog rules on IOS after provisioning profile has expired
MCMR-1989 Certain Android devices disconnect after device agent upgrade
MCMR-2024 'Profile Status' report fails when a very large number of devices is targeted
MCMR-2095 Location history is not reflected accurately for some devices
MCMR-2218 Running truncation and archival process blocks device check-in or enrolment activity
MCMR-2248 Long SSID names overlap with MAC address value in the WiFi indicator on certain Windows Mobile lockdown screens
MCMR-2296 Certain Windows Mobile devices lose connectivity when in cradle and are unable to exit lockdown until rebooted (May 12, 2015)

MCMR-70 Devices are not getting relocated to some virtual groups after upgrading to v12
MCMR-330 Searches based on device serial number sometimes return results that include results from previously submitted queries
MCMR-1245 "Total Connection Time Report" was renamed to "Device Connectivity Activity Report"
MCMR-1505 Unable to delete devices from a specific folder on the Web Console
MCMR-1557 Custom Data and Custom Attributes values are sometimes not reflected in virtual groups
MCMR-1796 The iOS Add Device rule with Apple DEP configuration marks "DEP profile assigned to devices" with "No"
MCMR-1873 A particular iOS Enterprise application fails to download on devices
MCMR-1933 Customers with a monthly subscription license are alerted about license expiry within 30 days
MCMR-1968 A profile fails to install on certain Android+ devices after it is updated with a new certificate
MCMR-1969 A particular Application Catalog rule on IOS fails to update after a provisioning profile for an Enterprise Application has expired


Known Limitation - MCMR-2023: The following alerts for Zebra printer events are currently not being triggered:

  • A label has been removed from the peeler
  • A label is ready to be pulled from the peeler
  • Print job(s) have completed (April 24, 2015)

MCMR-850 The application name is set to the package name when importing a list of applications for Application Run Control
MCMR-982 When uploading a provisioning profile for an Enterprise Application, the type of this application changes to "Suggested", although it was originally set to "Mandatory"
MCMR-1587 Very large packages fail to install on certain Windows Mobile devices and show "Failed" status in the Web Console
MCMR-1649 ELM License Alert is presented as a Device Event alert when configuring alerts for the Windows Desktop platform
MCMR-1682 Applications on Windows Phone 8.1 devices are getting uninstalled if the Application Catalog rule is disabled
MCMR-1691 The WPA key remains cached within the pbd.ini file on certain Windows Mobile devices after the corresponding network profile is removed by a policy
MCMR-1808 The "View" option for newly created geofences when using Bing Maps SDK v7 require the Web Console to be restarted
MCMR-1810 Maps do not automatically adjust zoom when viewing a geofence using Bing Maps SDK v7
MCMR-1859 RAM usage on some Windows CE devices increases over time
MCMR-1862 Translation of the term "Payload" is incorrect in Traditional Chinese
MCMR-1863 Translation of the terms "Custom Data" and "Custom Attribute" is incorrect in Traditional Chinese
MCMR-1864 Translation of the term "Payload" is incorrect in Simplified Chinese (April 15, 2015)

MCMR-152 Android+ Samsung agent (ELM and Platform Signed) does not report the correct IP address in the Web Console on a particular upgrade path
MCMR-161 Android+ Samsung agent (ELM and Platform Signed) continues to attempt to connect to a backup Deployment Server despite this server being configured as "Not used" under Deployment Server priorities
MCMR-747 "Allow any Country" option under Fusion profile is not observed on a particular upgrade path
MCMR-858 Certain Motorola TC70 devices show "Preparing SD" message when USB mass storage and SD cards are disabled under Feature Control on the Web Console
MCMR-884 Location data is not being reported consistently by certain HTC devices
MCMR-969 On certain LG devices a user in lockdown can access settings and cause the MobiControl agent to crash
MCMR-985 Android+ APN configuration is missing * option under APN types
MCMR-1063 Forced time synchronization fails on certain Galaxy Tab 2 devices using Samsung ELM Android+ agent if time zone is set to UTC +03:00 with logs reporting "feature not supported"
MCMR-1257 Under certain conditions a lockdown user is able to close the MobiControl Android+ Samsung ELM agent
MCMR-1281 DS services take longer periods of time to shut down
MCMR-1312 Resolves a problem when caching passwords during enrollment of iOS devices in load balanced environments
MCMR-1371 Application Catalog items do not refresh when certain iOS devices check in
MCMR-1488 Web Console considers the username field for the Enterprise WiFi configuration mandatory
MCMR-1510 Optimized performance for iOS device checkins
MCMR-1542 Custom lockdown template on certain Windows Mobile devices is not using updated application icons
MCMR-1560 Daylight Savings Time change triggered file-sync rule execution under particular conditions
MCMR-1592 Deployment Server Extensions cannot be manually started on ports other than 443 in MobiControl Administration Utility
MCMR-1738 Web Console reports package installation status as failed although the package got successfully installed on certain Windows Mobile devices (March 30, 2015)

MCMR-6 Administrators without permissions to view non-managed installed applications on iOS are able to see these applications listed in the detailed report of installed applications
MCMR-593 Additional Custom Attributes are pushed to Windows Mobile devices under certain conditions
MCMR-667 Upgrades from certain pre-v12 versions to the latest v12 outside suggested upgrade paths result in Profile names showing question marks for group names originally specified in Chinese
MCMR-856 Killing a process during a Remote Control session on Windows Mobile triggers a prompt to close this process
MCMR-1017 Proxy settings parameters specified under the Management Console Connection Settings in the MobiControl Administration Utility are not being observed for Remote Control
MCMR-1018 Custom data columns containing numeric values under Virtual Filters are not being sorted as numbers
MCMR-1147 The Barcode Generator fails to create certain barcodes
MCMR-1454 MobiControl Stage does not reflect or allow editing a script once it is saved and re-opened in certain scenarios
MCMR-1487 With a configured Time Sync policy the Deployment Server does not synchronize device time when devices check in on update schedule
MCMR-1513 Upgrade from certain v12 builds to v12.1.0.22414 fails with database-related errors
MCMR-1525 Updating license information in the Web Console under certain conditions triggers immediate user logout (March 13, 2015)

MCMR-142 New iOS VPP codes fail to configure if uploaded multiple times
MCMR-294 MC67NA NUM shows an incorrect agent skin
MCMR-305 Profiles are not visible after upgrade under certain conditions
MCMR-329 Deployment Server and Deployment Server Extensions sometimes take long time to start
MCMR-361 Call Log reports inaccurate call duration under certain conditions
MCMR-470 Column sorting based on deployment server does not always work
MCMR-841 Android+ devices report as connected in the Web Console but are not receiving scripts or messages
MCMR-859 Web Console fails to create a new Add Device rule under certain conditions
MCMR-867 Database upgrade from v12.0.0.18564 or fails
MCMR-873 Created a flexible Device Information report
MCMR-1203 APN configuration MNC 28 is missing after upgrade
MCMR-1261 Deployment Server restarts automatically over random periods of time under certain conditions
MCMR-1287 Installation fails on a server with Japanese locale