MobiControl v12.2 Detailed Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (July 20, 2015)

MCMR-1128 Certain Windows Phone devices do not get their device names updated after re-enrollment
MCMR-1802 Updated feature description for Disabling Background Data
MCMR-2036 Configured custom APN settings do not show under device APN settings on certain Android+ devices
MCMR-2069 After upgrade to v12 certain initial profiles can no longer be revoked from or assigned to devices
MCMR-2105 After upgrade to v12 no profiles can be created in an environment with a certain configuration
MCMR-2300 Added functionality to always require device user's acceptance for each Remote Control session
MCMR-2338 Apple DEP configuration fails to activate in environments where there are devices with duplicate hardware serial numbers
MCMR-2340 iOS devices reflect timestamps from a different time zone for alert messages
MCMR-2516 After upgrade to v12 in an environment with a certain configuration parameters under Global Settings can no longer be changed
MCMR-2542 Certain Windows Mobile and Android devices residing in a child device group show as targeted by a specific package deployment rule
Real time location based tracking of certain Samsung S4 devices running Android 5.0.1 fails
MCMR-2573 Upgrade to v12 fails in a certain environment with a very high number of device specific configurations
MCMR-2662 After upgrade from one minor v12 version to another a certain WiFi configuration profile on particular Windows Mobile devices reports an error resulting in this profile being removed
MCMR-2710 Certain Windows Mobile devices re-enroll with updated device names after a clean boot although configured to keep a previously configured device name
MCMR-2715 Certain localized cloud environments are not able to delete folders in the File Sync File Manager unless English locale is used
MCMR-2749 Improved error message shown on enrolment of new devices when limit of evaluation licenses has been reached
MCMR-2809 Location tracking of certain Android devices based on previously collected coordinates does not display the itinerary (July 6, 2015)

MCMR-16 New KNOX license key is not being updated on certain devices
MCMR-128 Virtual machines with specific configurations hosting MobiControl Management Service sometimes report the same MAC address
MCMR-934 License activation fails if the first attempt is made via online activation using a proxy
MCMR-1421 Added functionality to associate AD users with managed devices that were not enrolled via AD in bulk
MCMR-1640 Unable to generate "Total Connection Time Report" for a specific group of devices
MCMR-1695 Certain Windows Mobile devices do not log MAC address accurately if enrolled when in cradle
MCMR-1829 Option to reset KNOX container password disappears from the Web Console under certain conditions
MCMR-2257 File synchronization fails with certain configurations when using the %ROOT% macro to specify file location on Android devices
MCMR-2063 Cloud Link agent fails to log activity after upgrade via a particular upgrade path
MCMR-2232 Scheduled installation of multiple packages on certain Windows Mobile devices takes place before specified time
MCMR-2301 Offline license activation option is unavailable in certain environments that have network connectivity but no access to SOTI activation servers
MCMR-2325 Certain Windows desktop devices fail to respond to location requests when configured to use a GPS radio via a COM port
MCMR-2346 Sorting by "Cellular Carrier" column of Windows Mobile devices does not list devices grouped consistently
MCMR-2381 Call Log data collection reflects AM and PM timestamp qualifiers inconsistently affecting accuracy of sorting
MCMR-2527 Windows Start button becomes unresponsive on certain MC92N0 Windows Mobile devices after exiting lockdown
MCMR-2544 Web Console becomes unresponsive when creating a new VPN configuration within a KNOX profile menu in certain environments
MCMR-2548 A certain proprietary iOS enterprise application remains in "waiting" state, fails to install although reported as already installed in logs
MCMR-2599 After an iOS device has been agentlessly enrolled with LDAP credentials user is prompted to enter credentials again upon deployment of the iOS agent
MCMR-2613 Creation of the Intermec E700 series Windows Mobile agent for v12.1.22487 fails (June 19, 2015)

MCMR-319 Cloud Link Agent fails to upgrade if installed on a non-system drive
MCMR-492 Remote control sessions time out on certain models of Dell Venue Pro devices running Windows 8.
MCMR-1152 Certain MC50 devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 lose connectivity when in lockdown mode
MCMR-1643 Upgrade from v11.0.3.15329 or v11.0.3.15365 to v12 fails due to a series of previous upgrades outside supported upgrade path in a particular customer environment
MCMR-1865 "Internal Server Error" message is reported when assigning profiles to enrolled devices under certain conditions when profile caching is turned on
MCMR-1899 Samsung KNOX email policy is listed as pending installation on the web console for certain devices
MCMR-2141 A certain mandatory enterprise application on iOS fails to install and remains in a "waiting" state
MCMR-2186 Updated design of the Out Of Contact report template
MCMR-2301 Offline activation option is not presented if online activation with certain network configuration is attempted first
MCMR-2311 All payloads from a particular profile are pushed to a devices despite changes applied to only one payload
MCMR-2436 Running truncation and archival processes under certain high system load conditions blocks device check-in enrolment
MCMR-2441 Added ability to monitor and diagnose system performance with a variety of performance counters accessible via Perfmon
MCMR-2442 Long SSID names overlap with MAC address value in the WiFi indicator on certain Windows Mobile lockdown screens
MCMR-2446 Introduced various iOS device check-in optimizations to improve system performance
MCMR-2451 Certain Windows Mobile devices lose connectivity when in cradle and are unable to exit lockdown until rebooted
MCMR-2453 Searching Google Play Store for applications when creating an Application Catalog rule does not produce any results (Initial release - May 27th, 2015)