MobiControl v12.3 Detailed Change Log

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (September 21, 2015) 

MCMR-2905 Some iOS devices in certain environments containing duplicate device IDs unenroll immediately after enrollment
MCMR-3026 Windows Mobile device agents for HTC SNAP and HTC OZONE devices fail to buil in certain environments running v12.3
MCMR-3269 Custom Active Directory attributes for user properties do not propagate when configured as custom attribute 1, 2, and 3 in LDAP Connections Manager
MCMR-3337 Improved the error message that is being displayed when Content Library root folder is not configured

Known Issues:

  • The Google Chrome web browser will attempt to re-download and re-install the MobiControl Remote Control plugin after initial installation on subsequent attempts to start a Remote Control session unless the browser is restarted.
  • The following Android+ device agents were not included in installer:

    • Accel
    • BQ
    • Motorola
    • Motorola ET1GB
    • Cipherlab

    If you require any of these OEM Android+ device agents, please navigate to to download the appropriate agent. (September 8, 2015)

MCMR-1890 Certain Psion Omnii XT10 and XT15 devices running Windows Mobile disconnect after upgrade to v12.1
MCMR-2275 When creating a File Sync rule for Generic Android devices the file or folder name cannot contain Cyrillic characters
MCMR-2512 On certain Android devices when attempting to sync time to +8 (Beijing) the time is synced to +6 (Beijing)
MCMR-2593 When creating a File Sync rule for Generic Android devices the file or folder name cannot contain spaces
MCMR-2833 Enterprise applications keep re-installing on scheduled update intervals on certain devices running Windows Phone 8.1
MCMR-2996 Customers with certain environmental configurations running Windows Server 2008 R2 experience failures to start Deployment Server Extensions after upgrade to v12.2
MCMR-3064 Android+ devices sometimes appear in the wrong device folder after enrollment if there is another device folder with exactly the same name
MCMR-3095 Deployment Server Extensions fail to start when port 80 is being used by another application
MCMR-3099 Improved logging for Deployment Server status in the Web Console when the Deployment Server cannot communicate with the Management Service
MCMR-3104 Improved Web Console performance when dealing with very large and deep device folder structures
MCMR-3149 The dropdown menu for selection of LDAP refresh interval periods does not display correct values for options over 10 days
MCMR-3185 On certain Windows Mobile devices the WiFi password fails if it contains a particular special character in the password hash (August 26, 2015)

MCMR-921 When a large number of iOS devices check-in at the same time, some check-ins are rejected
MCMR-1628 Some custom APN configurations are not applied if MNC code is one digit long
MCMR-1696 Some Windows Mobile devices do not show the appropriate WiFi icon when there is no active wireless connection
MCMR-2034 Changed functionality of the Remote Control plugin not to use NPAPI which is pending deprecation in Chrome by September 2015
MCMR-2036 A custom APN profile does not get reflected properly under network settings for certain Android+ devices
MCMR-2062 Added ability to change location of device agent logs on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices so these logs can be retained after a cold boot
MCMR-2100 Device enrollment using MCSetup.ini sometimes is delayed due to "disabled admin" error on certain Android+ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 devices
MCMR-2236 The "Battery, Memory, Storage Collected Data" report fails to return results in Google Chrome when requested in .xls format
Added functionality to specify DNS addresses longer than 15 characters under Global Proxy configuration
MCMR-2616 File decryption using Recover Data in the Profile fails on certain Windows Mobile devices
MCMR-2630 Default iOS Add Device rule does not show as enabled for Apple DEP
MCMR-2655 Applying User, Server or System filters on log content in the web console continues to display all log content
MCMR-2756 Added support for "Pulse Secure" VPN payload for Windows Phone
MCMR-2757 Added support for "Pulse Secure" VPN payload for iOS
MCMR-2839 Added functionality to always request permission for Remote Control
Pushing a certificate profile to a device prompts for user confirmation
MCMR-2846 Added ability to collect the current foreground application on Android via a data collection rule
MCMR-2850 Windows Mobile device agent for Honeywell D95XX WM 2003 SE fails to be built in certain environments
MCMR-2857 On certain MC 9190 devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 certificates get pushed to devices but fail to install
MCMR-2888 After a new file version is uploaded, its status is shown as "downloaded" and not "available" in the Content Library
Windows Mobile device agent for Motorola HC700 PPC fails to be built in certain environments
MCMR-2950 Certain devices do not show as targeted by a particular package despite assignment
MCMR-2957 Certain environments with very deep device group structures experience UI performance issues when navigating the web console
MCMR-2969 Creating a large number of device relocation rules causes UI performance issues when displaying these rules in the Web Console
MCMR-2986 Fixed an incorrect Japanese translation under iOS profile on Web Console
MCMR-3151 MobiControl installation fails due to incompatible SQL Server levels in certain environments (August 10, 2015)

MCMR-16 New KNOX license key is not being updated on certain devices
MCMR-128 Virtual machines with specific configurations hosting MobiControl Management Service sometimes report the same MAC address
MCMR-348 Certain Panasonic devices running Windows 7 fail to report accurate GPS coordinates for location based services
MCMR-934 License activation fails if the first attempt is made via online activation using a proxy
MCMR-1128 Certain Windows Phone devices do not get their device names updated after re-enrollment
MCMR-1421 Added functionality to associate AD users with managed devices that were not enrolled via AD in bulk
MCMR-1531 Enterprise WiFi provisioning profiles fail to install on some Motorola MC40 devices
MCMR-1602 Some Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 devices running Android 4.4.2 experience agent crashes upon enrollment
MCMR-1640 Unable to generate "Total Connection Time Report" for a specific group of devices
MCMR-1695 Certain Windows Mobile devices do not log MAC address accurately if enrolled when in cradle
Some Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" devices fail to present Administrative menu during remote control
MCMR-1802 Updated feature description for Disabling Background Data
MCMR-1829 Option to reset KNOX container password disappears from the Web Console under certain conditions
MCMR-1919 File Synchronization fails when a file is specifically selected through the web console and a /%ROOT%/ macro is being used.
MCMR-2063 Cloud Link agent fails to log activity after upgrade via a particular upgrade path
MCMR-2069 After upgrade to v12 certain initial profiles can no longer be revoked from or assigned to devices
MCMR-2081 MobiControl Stage application hangs until the back button is pressed to complete provisioning on a particular model of Samsung Galaxy Tab S devices.
MCMR-2105 After upgrade to v12 no profiles can be created in an environment with a certain configuration
MCMR-2127 Some Android devices report incorrect time values after device reconnection when a specific time zone is being configured
MCMR-2182 Agent crashes on certain Xcover 3 devices after an enrolment ID is entered
MCMR-2232 Scheduled installation of multiple packages on certain Windows Mobile devices takes place before specified time
MCMR-2237 Improved iOS device check-in performance by adding thread queue for asynchronous processing of check-in command responses
MCMR-2242 Improved iOS device check-in performance by optimizing locks in caching service engine
MCMR-2244 Improved iOS device check-in performance troubleshooting by adding new performance counters
MCMR-2257 File synchronization fails with certain configurations when using the %ROOT% macro to specify file location on Android devices
MCMR-2266 Unable to specify a custom bundle ID for lockdown after upgrading to Lollipop on some ASUS devices
MCMR-2267 Unable to scroll through the messages screen on certain TC Zebra devices after tapping outside confirmation box
MCMR-2281 MobiControl Stage fails to provision WPA Enterprise WiFi on certain LG G3 devices
MCMR-2300 Added functionality to always require device user's acceptance for each Remote Control session
MCMR-2301 Offline license activation option is unavailable in certain environments that have network connectivity but no access to SOTI activation servers
MCMR-2325 Certain Windows desktop devices fail to respond to location requests when configured to use a GPS radio via a COM port
MCMR-2338 Apple DEP configuration fails to activate in environments where there are devices with duplicate hardware serial numbers
MCMR-2340 iOS devices reflect timestamps from a different time zone for alert messages
MCMR-2346 Sorting by "Cellular Carrier" column of Windows Mobile devices does not list devices grouped consistently
MCMR-2362 Added a customized report that features wireless device configuration details
MCMR-2379 Some Samsung Note 3 devices reflect own phone number instead of caller's phone number in the log of incoming calls
MCMR-2381 Call Log data collection reflects AM and PM timestamp qualifiers inconsistently affecting accuracy of sorting
MCMR-2399 Upgrade to v12 from v11.03 fails on a server with Turkish locale
MCMR-2408 User password policy does not stick after device restart on some models of Samsung S4 devices
MCMR-2424 Remote Control fails on Acer A3-30 devices
MCMR-2426 Added a feature to associate AD user accounts with devices in bulk by uploading a .csv file
MCMR-2460 Status bar continues to be disabled in lockdown even when entering Admin mode on some Samsung Note 2 devices
MCMR-2467 Certain Dolphin Black 70e devices experience agent crashes upon enrolment
MCMR-2516 After upgrade to v12 in an environment with a certain configuration parameters under Global Settings can no longer be changed
MCMR-2527 Windows Start button becomes unresponsive on certain MC92N0 Windows Mobile devices after exiting lockdown
MCMR-2530 User is sometimes able to access applications through the multi-window tray while in active lockdown on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10" running Android 4.1.2
MCMR-2533 Apple DEP configuration and add device rule creation fail where there are devices present with duplicate hardware serial numbers
MCMR-2542 Certain Windows Mobile and Android devices residing in a child device group show as targeted by a specific package deployment rule
MCMR-2544 Web Console becomes unresponsive when creating a new VPN configuration within a KNOX profile menu in certain environments
MCMR-2547 Real time location based tracking of certain Samsung S4 devices running Android 5.0.1 fails
MCMR-2548 A certain proprietary iOS enterprise application remains in "waiting" state, fails to install although reported as already installed in logs
MCMR-2554 Some Samsung S4 devices running Android 5.0.1 fail to respond to location requests when using location based services
MCMR-2556 Users are able to sometimes exit lockdown on Galaxy Note 4 devices by pressing the menu button
MCMR-2573 Upgrade to v12 fails in a certain environment with a very high number of device specific configurations
MCMR-2585 Added functionality to allow file downloads when in active lockdown, for example from within whitelisted web email
MCMR-2597 Zebra TC55 and TC75 devices default to activating cameras instead of barcode scanner when provisioning
MCMR-2599 After an iOS device has been agentlessly enrolled with LDAP credentials user is prompted to enter credentials again upon deployment of the iOS agent
MCMR-2613 Creation of the Intermec E700 series Windows Mobile agent for v12.1.22487 fails
MCMR-2633 Added ability to download files to a Windows Mobile device via https by invoking a script command
MCMR-2662 After upgrade from one minor v12 version to another a certain WiFi configuration profile on particular Windows Mobile devices reports an error resulting in this profile being removed
MCMR-2676 Added Acer A3-30 to the list of Android+ certified devices
MCMR-2710 Certain Windows Mobile devices re-enroll with updated device names after a clean boot although configured to keep a previously configured device name
MCMR-2713 Profiles with custom SSL payload fail to install on iOS devices
MCMR-2715 Certain localized cloud environments are not able to delete folders in the File Sync File Manager unless English locale is used
MCMR-2740 Users are able to exit active lockdown on certain MC40 devices
MCMR-2742 Some Pidion BIP1500 devices fail to collect accurate GPS coordinates for location based services
MCMR-2749 Improved error message shown on enrolment of new devices when limit of evaluation licenses has been reached
MCMR-2809 Location tracking of certain Android devices based on previously collected coordinates does not display the itinerary
MCMR-2822 Improved accuracy of "Call Log Report Time" report
MCMR-2833 Enterprise applications keep being reinstalled on some Windows Phone 8.1 devices
MCMR-2880 Improved the "OS version report" to function when run against a virtual group of devices
MCMR-2912 .appx applications that are added to the Application Catalog need to include the MDILFileList.xml file
MCMR-2926 Disabling multi-window feature control does not disable the feature on Panasonic FZ-X1 devices
MCMR-2927 Using %settings% via Application Run Control does not disable all settings changes on Panasonic FZ-X1 devices
MCMR-2928 Using Application Run Control blacklist option for does not disable soft buttons on Panasonic FZ-X1 devices (Initial release - July 28th, 2015)