MobiControl v12.4 Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (November 23, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: e64507f58b977bfdf5f944ce09e8c0df

MCMR-11489 On some Android devices, the top status bar remained accessible while in lockdown mode
MCMR-12144 Files were not synchronized when the file was updated and the modification date changed
MCMR-12168 Improved device connection behavior if Deployment Server exceeds queue length maximum limit

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (September 08, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 8930a51f3a50841c2fc307a110b8ad8f

MC-11759 Fixed enrollment issues on devices running iOS 11 Beta (August 04, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 04fa02ae0c3133baffd460d75469c061

MC-40576 iOS 11 devices experienced difficulties enrolling due to an incompatibility with the SCEP server (March 30, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: af10f6dd755fb634118cb1b21b774e18

MCMR-3644 On some iOS devices, certificates sent through profiles did not install until the agent was opened
MCMR-4470 The Cellular Carrier field did not populate for certain Windows Mobile/CE devices on CDMA mobile networks
MCMR-4480 In extremely rare cases, some Samsung devices changed device ID after reconnecting to the Deployment Server
MCMR-6456 Some Android devices randomly lost connection to their Active Directory server
MCMR-6637 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-7203 Occasionally, the Web Console suffered an error when attempting to create an Alert rule
MCMR-8721 Implemented support for Bing Maps v8
Known limitation: Locating devices through the Self Service Portal interface fails (December 06, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: e849e21a77a25001d9cd0d7ccfb9a7eb

MCMR-4399 When creating an Application Catalog rule for Android devices, searches for Japanese applications in the Amazon App Store did not return results
MCMR-5553 Windows Mobile/CE device logs did not reflect the status of uninstalled packages
MCMR-5575 In minimal cases, Android+ profiles with multiple firewall configurations set to 'Deny' caused server errors
MCMR-6330 Refreshing the Deployment Server occasionally caused devices to temporarily remove custom attributes
MCMR-6413 Fixed validation error in the Fusion WiFi profile for Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-6513 Resolved issue that caused changes to the port in the Management console to affect Deployment Server port
MCMR-6518 Added more information to the log entry created when modifying custom attributes
MCMR-6697 Fixed a minor issue that caused devices to slowly reconnect to the Deployment Server
MCMR-7144 Added validation to flag illegal characters in file names when creating an Application Catalog rule
MCMR-7187 Added a new mobile network code for India to the APN profile payload for Android devices
MCMR-7427 Added new access point types within the APN profile payload for Android devices
MCMR-7466 Fixed an issue that caused a value to be omitted from the IPSec Xauth PSK VPN profile payload (September 09, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 731738f65e0e6303c343cba8e22dbb4f

MCMR-2291 Occasionally, the Web Console did not display an accurate log of active users
MCMR-2387 Location data was not collected from iOS devices when the agent was in the background
MCMR-4470 The Cellular Carrier field did not populate for certain Windows Mobile/CE devices on CDMA mobile networks
MCMR-5685 On some rare Windows Mobile/CE devices, devices enrolled using a server generated identifier would disconnect and then re-enroll, consuming a new license each time they connected
MCMR-5861 The Web Console automatically created an empty folder in C:/ drive upon installation
MCMR-6110 The Management Server had difficulty loading profile assignment trees that contained a very large number of nodes
MCMR-6485 In certain environments, some certificates did not install on Android+ devices
MCMR-6519 Some Android devices reported that the time synchronization feature was not supported due to a mismatch in time zone names
MCMR-6637 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese (August 02, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 043f8a7cc4343891fedc9c58e08d04f4

MCMR-5781 On some Android+ devices, device location data was visually represented in discrete points rather than connected points showing progression
MCMR-6041 Information reported by the data location rule experienced a delay
MCMR-6198 Some Android devices were not moved to a new group when a custom data alert rule was triggered
MCMR-6304 In rare cases, an application that was uninstalled and reinstalled several times would appear as multiple applications in the "Installed Applications with Name and Version" report
MCMR-6311 The total number of devices reported across various stages of package deployment did not match the actual number of devices
MCMR-6382 Fixed issue that developed during upgrade from 11.0.3 in an environment with a case-sensitive collation
MCMR-6727 Under certain circumstances, the location map in the web console did not automatically focus on device's location (July 15, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: a78ea12f0d5ad3e8ed82b8b2bae19d19

MCMR-4399 Queries in Japanese did not return results for the Amazon App Store in the Application Catalog rule for Android devices
MCMR-5727 Added an ability to force re-installation of failed packages with a customized script
MCMR-5947 Data generated from the telecom expense management rule did not truncate properly
MCMR-6260 Fixed an upgrade compatibility issue with MobiControl Stage for Honeywell devices (June 22, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 5ffe36507b9815113e9d17b91b8c8fd4

MCMR-3644 On some iOS devices, certificates sent through profiles did not install until the agent was opened
MCMR-4470 The Cellular Carrier field did not populate for certain Windows Mobile/CE devices on CDMA mobile networks
MCMR-5197 HTML5 Remote Control failed due to a certificate verification issue on cloud installations that were deployed over multiple servers
MCMR-5491 Device skins did not load during remote control sessions if the Web Console was accessed through a proxy server
MCMR-5692 Improved functionality and error logging when importing AD user information
MCMR-5761 The incorrect Connection Type was reported for devices connected to certain cellular carriers
MCMR-5778 Installation status of packages was not reflected in the Web Console if connection to the device was interrupted during the installation
MCMR-5820 Improved data roaming reporting
MCMR-6070 In specific environments, the Web Console slowed considerably due to excessive data logging
MCMR-6190 In certain environments, certificates did not appear in the Web Console after they had been uploaded
MCMR-6208 Fixed a security setting that improperly hid a section in the Web Console
MCMR-6358 On some Windows Mobile/CE devices, HTML5 Remote Control failed due to a certificate verification issue (May 13, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 06b5e14e3b5901813aab5d13f04b4751

MCMR-4768 On some Android+ devices, the installation progress bar did not reflect the actual status when installing apps from an Application Catalog
MCMR-5512 The battery status of some Samsung Android devices did not update on the Web Console when devices checked in
MCMR-5761 The incorrect Connection Type was reported for devices connected to certain cellular carriers
MCMR-5781 On some Android+ rugged devices, device location data was visually represented in discrete points rather than connected points showing progression (May 03, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 2788f4b7ccdaa95d93cf41a4f09e6a77

MCMR-4017 On some Android+ devices, connected devices did not appear in the Web Console
MCMR-4219 Very large and complex device group tree structures (multiple thousands of nodes with deep directory structures) load very slowly in the Web Console
MCMR-4500 In certain environments, Windows Desktop devices did not apply updated lockdown templates
MCMR-4916 In specific environments, some Windows Mobile / CE devices experienced issues while enrolling
MCMR-5091 Added the ability to filter devices based on SIM Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID)
MCMR-5126 Binding certain third-party certificates to the Deployment Server occasionally failed
MCMR-5188 Devices placed into virtual groups using a filter based on Installed Applications would return very broad results
MCMR-5202 Improved sorting capabilities for Custom Attributes
MCMR-5252 Remote control interactions were sometimes unpredictable on certain devices when device display was upside-down
MCMR-5291 Certain custom APN configurations are not applied if MNC code is one digit long
MCMR-5347 Certain enterprise applications on iOS could lose functionality if device was disconnected for a long period of time or during expected validation times
MCMR-5382 WiFi settings occasionally did not reflect updates when switching WiFi authentication methods
MCMR-5440 Device connectivity activity report timed out when generating a report for a large number of devices
MCMR-5548 Improved memory and battery life management on MC 9090/9190 devices
MCMR-5656 Improved Lockdown profile performance on MC 9090/9190 devices
MCMR-5657 Updating license information for VPP accounts with a very large number of licenses caused timeout errors
MCMR-5670 Updated setting in Deployment Server to prevent overload in update schedule
Fixed file renaming error that caused package deployments to fail on some Android+ devices (March 24, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 1795dfc14f7787c55dc64b34e8784009

MCMR-2092 In rare cases the Deployment Server may report a "Started but not Registered" error if the Deployment Server and Management Service run under service accounts with different permissions
MCMR-3506 In specific environments, a large number of agent requests to the Deployment Server regarding an Application Catalog Rule slows the server
MCMR-3897 iOS alert notification emails were delayed when specific configurations were used
MCMR-4050 When enrolling a large number of Android devices, the Deployment Server occasionally requested unnecessary information causing it to slow down the enrollment process
MCMR-4174 On some Windows Surface devices running Windows 8.1, restrictions created by the Lockdown configuration persisted after revocation of the profile
MCMR-4282 Generating a diagnostic report caused errors after some system upgrades in particular environments
MCMR-4320 WiFi certificates did not renew due to identical alias information on certain Motorola ET1 and MC 40 devices
MCMR-4519 Reports generated for a device group subsumed under a Root device group with the same name returned data on the entire root device group
MCMR-4556 On some Windows CE devices, custom data configuration would be reported in the device log information at every check-in
MCMR-4624 Specialized devices that were offline continued to generate log information
MCMR-4627 Some Windows Phone 8.1 devices were unable to receive deployed applications due to a Microsoft issue
MCMR-4684 On certain Windows CE devices, the installation status in the Web Console did not reflect actual installation status of the application on the device
MCMR-4720 On some Windows CE devices, the image icon for the Lockdown configuration did not appear
MCMR-4732 In specific environments, the device counts reported by the Dashboard view, License Information dialog and in the database did not match
MCMR-4744 Very large and complex device group tree structures (multiple thousands of nodes with deep directory structures) load very slowly in the Web Console
MCMR-4795 The MAC address on specialized and identical Windows CE devices reset to a single MAC address rather than unique MAC addresses
MCMR-4798 Windows Modern devices did not allow changes to the destination folder for the "Everyone Else" LDAP group when editing an Add Devices Rule
MCMR-4799 Cellular carrier names containing invalid characters caused iOS devices to enroll using the incorrect naming convention
MCMR-4827 During certain upgrade situations, a Deployment Server issue caused user information to disappear
MCMR-4846 Lengthy application properties (AppId > 128 bytes, Name > 256 bytes and Version > 64 bytes) caused errors
MCMR-4867 Devices occasionally remained in Virtual Groups even after they no longer met the Virtual Group filter criteria
MCMR-4885 In some Windows 7 devices 64 bit registry files and folders were not visible in a remote control session
MCMR-4913 During some upgrade situations, the device group permissions view was no longer visible
MCMR-4946 Certain Carrier specific information was missing in some global reports
MCMR-4973 Some Android for Work devices did not correctly configure Microsoft Exchange using client certificates for authentication
MCMR-5119 Multiple Add Device Rules with conflicting rule tags caused devices to enroll into the incorrect folder
MCMR-5142 MCMR-5175 MCMR-5216 MCMR-5220 MCMR-5221 An external update caused an internal server error when uploading a VPP token
MCMR-5157 Occasionally, Apple VPP licenses did not immediately update
MCMR-5256 In rare cases specific configurations with very large numbers of virtual groups cause high Deployment Server queue length (January 22, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 57c2ccec71adbca9084b51dcdb476719

MCMR-3397 Windows Mobile agent converted URLs to lowercase in Lockdown configuration
MCMR-3635 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-3651 When targeting iOS devices in virtual groups, some application catalog rules did not push down to devices until check-in
MCMR-3961 Excessive profile caching caused heavy CPU load and Deployment Server errors in a specific configuration
MCMR-4146 In minimal cases Android+ profiles with multiple firewall configurations set to 'Deny' caused server errors
MCMR-4251 Fixed an upgrade error causing issues with managing profiles on already enrolled devices
MCMR-4277 Resolved a Web Console issue with accessing event log truncation settings if 'Archive to file' option is selected
Deployment Server did not launch if set to alternative port while the default port 443 is being used by another service
MCMR-4388 Caching errors on Deployment Server caused a profile's failure to load in certain environments
MCMR-4590 Fixed an SSL handshake error on a particular Windows CE device (January 11, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 65bde2b3c1af6703c3d23f1bd58c8c23

MCMR-3551 Added ability to request a confirmation from the device end user for each Remote Control session
MCMR-3635 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-4071 Improved the detailed description for an iOS profile
MCMR-4124 Improved the ADautoenroll utility to function without domain administrator privileges
MCMR-4143 In a particular environment virtual groups did not filter devices based on Installed Applications
MCMR-4291 Updated certain cryptography algorithms to improve performance in FIPS compliant environments (December 24, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 3f012b0b69769175eed437fd6eb31ceb

MCMR-1986 Some large .APK files fail to upload to Android+ Enterprise Application Catalog
MCMR-3293 Improved Japanese translation for iOS VPP dialogs
MCMR-3503 In certain distributed environments Profiles and Applications fail to get pushed to iOS devices after enrollment
MCMR-3529 Lockdown on Windows Desktop does not allow a particular application to run in background
MCMR-3570 HTML5 Remote Control on some Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 devices fails to interact with physical and virtual buttons
MCMR-3632 Optimized Deployment Server CPU utilization
MCMR-3748 Added ability to view in the Web Console the contents of the message sent to a device
Improved server diagnostics capabilities with optional Performance Counters
MCMR-3929 Some configuration profiles can no longer be renamed after upgrade
MCMR-4069 Migrate to ELM right click contextual menu option is not available in Web Console if the entire device group is selected
Improved Android agent version compatibility functionality
MCMR-4104 Improved File Sync functionality when dealing with empty files
MCMR-4169 Customized logo does not show on the Support page of the agent on certain Android+ devices
MCMR-4193 In certain distributed high-load environments Application Catalog fails to load on some iOS devices
MCMR-4195 Improved Deployment Server queue handling (December 07, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 36a9d006aa3ee7eeabbe00d257abfb18

MCMR-2702 Improved device removal policy targeting iOS devices
MCMR-2956 MobiControl Stage did not launch scanner on some MK4900 Motorola devices running Windows CE if scanner was inactive
MCMR-3542 Installed Applications panel in certain environments did not reflect the actual applications installed on devices running iOS
MCMR-3756 Added compatibility check for *.pvk and *.pfx Root Certificates on Windows Mobile
MCMR-3762 Some devices running Windows Phone 8.1 entered an application upgrade loop when conflicting application catalog rules with different application versions were applied
MCMR-4005 Added a macro to report integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID)
MCMR-4023 In certain conditions, columns established by users in the Web Console did not persist between logins
MCMR-4034 The application description field shown during addition of a new Android application via Application Catalog cannot be edited
MCMR-4088 Some Android+ devices entered sleep mode during package deployment causing package deployment to fail (November 23, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 166fbe04157a6538b775297f887e82b9

MCMR-3325 Profiles fail to apply on certain Android 2.3.5 devices
MCMR-3412 Some Android Zebra devices disconnect during Package Deployment
MCMR-3605 MobiControl agent intermittently crashes on certain MC 9090 devices running Windows CE 5 when WiFi is disabled and the WiFi icon is clicked
MCMR-3732 MobiControl provisions multiple certificates on Honeywell VX6 devices running Windows CE 5 in certain environments
MCMR-3819 Custom Data Registry Keys longer than 128 characters are not displayed in the web console
MCMR-3872 Added ability to scroll with a mouse longer lists of folders in File System Manager (November 13, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 946f9a87649a31efb6651ece6f748bdd

MCMR-613 MobiControl Stage does not set certain APN parameters correctly on MC65 Windows Mobile devices
Location icon on the map does not maintain position when zooming in or out in the web console
MCMR-2291 Improved reporting of users who are logged into the web console
MCMR-2525 Applications do not get re-installed after an Android device is wiped and re-enrolled
MCMR-3253 Added ability to not send packages if a device is in roaming
MCMR-3285 Added ability to disable Multi User mode via the web console on Samsung devices running Android 5.1.1
MCMR-3343 Scheduling certain reports for "All Device Groups" selection option fails
Certain new scheduled reports fail to appear in the web console after creation
MCMR-3384 HTML5 Remote Control fails in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10
MCMR-3389 The top bar of the remote control session window does not display Device Name
MCMR-3408 Incorrect device model and manufacturer is reported for Honeywell 99ex devices
Telecom Expense Management report for certain Android devices returns inaccurate information
MCMR-3492 Windows Phone devices fail to enroll if non-default Device Management Address ports are used
MCMR-3532 Certain v11.0.3 environments fail to upgrade to v12 on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2
MCMR-3575 Configuration elements are missing when editing certain Android+ TEM rules
Web console filter views fail when custom attributes of enumerator type are used
MCMR-3602 Custom SSL VPN profile fails to save after being edited
Advanced settings option to install the Remote Control plugin for all users is missing
MCMR-3680 Multiple Deployment Servers crash intermittently
MCMR-3831 File Sync rules in environments with Authentication and Terms and Conditions policies do not sync files until devices check in for the second time (October 19, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 06bf239f218444f5873cfac7a701dc2b

MCMR-591 Added ability to change the default AM/PM time format used in the web console to the 24 hour time format
MCMR-1022 Web console becomes unresponsive when miss-formatted email address values are entered while scheduling certain recurring reports
MCMR-1042 Certain files names in Japanese are not properly reflected in Content Library
MCMR-1043 Improved database performance when handling Custom Attribute evaluations upon check-ins of a large number of devices
MCMR-2056 Certain MK4900 devices fail to launch scanner functionality when using MobiControl Stage
MCMR-3053 Profiles containing Authentication and Lockdown policies fail apply on certain Android+ devices if Lockdown policies utilize specific special characters in Admin passwords
MCMR-3187 HTML5 Remote Control fails to initiate if set to run on any other port but the default 443
MCMR-3244 Certain MC92N0 Windows Mobile devices report some successfully installed applications as failed in web console when deployed as packages
MCMR-3313 Remote Control with a device agent running on Windows Server 2003 R2 fails
MCMR-3342 Added ability to show ICCIDs in web console for Windows Mobile and Android devices
MCMR-3375 Remote Control of Honeywell Dolphin 99EX devices fails with error 12007
MCMR-3403 Enrolment via a desktop agent fails for certain devices running 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP with error "The file is not a valid Windows 32 Executable"
MCMR-3409 Upgrade from to failed under certain conditions
MCMR-3414 A device group cannot be deleted in web console despite rules being assigned to the parents group only
MCMR-3420 Deployment Server does not start after default DMA port change in certain environments
MCMR-3494 Accessing the Enrolment URL from a device on certain unsupported platforms causes server error
MCMR-3516 Devices with mobile carrier names containing non displayable control characters fail to check-in
MCMR-3528 Removed ability for non-administrative users to see rules created by other non-administrative users (October 9, 2015)
MD5 Checksum: 21df77f7b203dba23a1df19794c4949b

MCMR-921 When a large number of iOS devices check-in at the same time, some check-ins are rejected
MCMR-1628 Some custom APN configurations are not applied if MNC code is one digit long
MCMR-1696 Some Windows Mobile devices do not show the appropriate WiFi icon when there is no active wireless connection
MCMR-1890 Certain Psion Omnii XT10 and XT15 devices running Windows Mobile disconnect after upgrade to v12.1
MCMR-2034 Changed functionality of the Remote Control plugin not to use NPAPI which is pending deprecation in Chrome by September 2015
MCMR-2036 A custom APN profile does not get reflected properly under network settings for certain Android+ devices
MCMR-2062 Added ability to change location of device agent logs on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices so these logs can be retained after a cold boot
MCMR-2100 Device enrollment using MCSetup.ini sometimes is delayed due to "disabled admin" error on certain Android+ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 devices
MCMR-2236 The "Battery, Memory, Storage Collected Data" report fails to return results in Google Chrome when requested in .xls format
Added functionality to specify DNS addresses longer than 15 characters under Global Proxy configuration
MCMR-2275 When creating a File Sync rule for Generic Android devices the file or folder name cannot contain Cyrillic characters
MCMR-2512 On certain Android devices when attempting to sync time to +8 (Beijing) the time is synced to +6 (Beijing)
MCMR-2323 Date and time of the Telecom Expense Alert message on the iOS Agent is incorrect
MCMR-2593 When creating a File Sync rule for Generic Android devices the file or folder name cannot contain spaces
MCMR-2616 File decryption using Recover Data in the Profile fails on certain Windows Mobile devices
MCMR-2630 Default iOS Add Device rule does not show as enabled for Apple DEP
MCMR-2655 Applying User, Server or System filters on log content in the web console continues to display all log content
MCMR-2756 Added support for "Pulse Secure" VPN payload for Windows Phone
MCMR-2757 Added support for "Pulse Secure" VPN payload for iOS
MCMR-2833 Enterprise applications keep re-installing on scheduled update intervals on certain devices running Windows Phone 8.1
MCMR-2839 Added functionality to always request permission for Remote Control
Pushing a certificate profile to a device prompts for user confirmation
MCMR-2846 Added ability to collect the current foreground application on Android via a data collection rule
MCMR-2850 Windows Mobile device agent for Honeywell D95XX WM 2003 SE fails to be built in certain environments
MCMR-2857 On certain MC 9190 devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 certificates get pushed to devices but fail to install
MCMR-2870 Certain custom APN configurations are not applied if MNC code is one digit long
MCMR-2888 After a new file version is uploaded, its status is shown as "downloaded" and not "available" in the Content Library
MCMR-2905 Some iOS devices in certain environments containing duplicate device IDs unenroll immediately after enrollment
Windows Mobile device agent for Motorola HC700 PPC fails to be built in certain environments
MCMR-2950 Certain devices do not show as targeted by a particular package despite assignment
MCMR-2957 Certain environments with very deep device group structures experience UI performance issues when navigating the web console
MCMR-2969 Creating a large number of device relocation rules causes UI performance issues when displaying these rules in the Web Console
MCMR-2986 Fixed an incorrect Japanese translation under iOS profile on Web Console
MCMR-2996 Customers with certain environmental configurations running Windows Server 2008 R2 experience failures to start Deployment Server Extensions after upgrade to v12.2
MCMR-3026 Windows Mobile device agents for HTC SNAP and HTC OZONE devices fail to buil in certain environments running v12.3
MCMR-3064 Android+ devices sometimes appear in the wrong device folder after enrollment if there is another device folder with exactly the same name
MCMR-3095 Deployment Server Extensions fail to start when port 80 is being used by another application
MCMR-3099 Improved logging for Deployment Server status in the Web Console when the Deployment Server cannot communicate with the Management Service
MCMR-3104 Improved Web Console performance when dealing with very large and deep device folder structures
MCMR-3149 The dropdown menu for selection of LDAP refresh interval periods does not display correct values for options over 10 days
MCMR-3151 MobiControl installation fails due to incompatible SQL Server levels in certain environments
MCMR-3184 Macros and variables with % signs cannot be used within Lockdown templates without adjusting the corresponding <style> tags
MCMR-3185 On certain Windows Mobile devices the WiFi password fails if it contains a particular special character in the password hash
MCMR-3269 Custom Active Directory attributes for user properties do not propagate when configured as custom attribute 1, 2, and 3 in LDAP Connections Manager
MCMR-3337 Improved the error message that is being displayed when Content Library root folder is not configured
MCMR-3465 Certain Samsung Galaxy S4 devices running Android 4.2.2 trigger erroneous SIM card alerts upon enrollment or agent upgrade