MobiControl v13.0 Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (April 20, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 94f82731451320b2fdb4609e5a21560d

MCMR-3246 Compatibility requirements for SQL were incorrectly specified on certain versions of installer
MCMR-4178 Occasionally application catalog rules for iOS devices displayed multiple status bars for a single application
MCMR-4352 Fixed Power Save settings in MobiControl Stage
MCMR-4626 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-4721 Some Windows Mobile / CE devices could not enroll following upgrade to 13.0 agent
MCMR-4737 In certain environments, packages did not install unless a schedule had been set
In some environments, an internal server error occurred when attempting to edit an existing profile on the Windows Mobile CE platform
MCMR-5056 In certain cloud environments, upgrades failed due to database errors regarding package migration
Some Windows Mobile / CE devices did not install a package as part of the agent installation process
MCMR-5086 Fixed error that occurred during bulk import of boolean custom attributes
MCMR-5144 When enrolling a large number of Android devices, the Deployment Server occasionally requested unnecessary information causing it to slow down the enrollment process
MCMR-5146 Devices occasionally remained in Virtual Groups even after they no longer met the Virtual Group filter criteria
MCMR-5153 Lengthy application properties (AppId > 128 bytes, Name > 256 bytes and Version > 64 bytes) caused errors
MCMR-5160 On some Android devices, packages stalled during revocation and remained in "removal pending" status, disrupting the installation of future packages
Environments with orphan records in their databases experienced problems when upgrading
MCMR-5247 Fixed minor UI issue that altered profile assignment schedule
MCMR-5261 On certain environments upgrades failed with particular database names
MCMR-5357 Environments with incompatible indexes experienced issues when upgrading
MCMR-5453 Improved performance and stability of Deployment Server component (February 25, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 627127345ba31aaede2ca45a2f43aaee

MCMR-3580 Occasionally, devices that were added to virtual device groups using custom attribute filters disappeared from the virtual group when the device disconnected
MCMR-3737 Virtual device groups did not automatically populate according to certain custom attributes filters
MCMR-3835 Active Directory users that were deleted and later re-added to the AD server could not log into MobiControl
MCMR-3904 Added visual indication that email addresses were entered in an incorrect format when defining alert notifications
MCMR-4005 Added a macro to report integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID)
MCMR-4019 Improved the functionality of the Out of Contact report
MCMR-4219 Very large and complex device group tree structures (multiple thousands of nodes with deep directory structures) load very slowly in the Web Console
MCMR-4408 Improved web console dashboards to only use HTTPS connections
MCMR-4415 In limited situations, profiles containing the Anti-Virus protection configuration caused internal server errors
MCMR-4481 Carrier information was missing in some global reports
Generating a diagnostic report caused errors after some system upgrades in particular environments
MCMR-4537 In specific environments, generating a report blocked other MobiControl processes from operating
MCMR-4678 Fixed an SSL handshake error on a particular Windows CE device
MCMR-4793 Reports generated for device group subsumed under a Root device group with the same name returned data on the entire root device group (February 08, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 509b800b842745e210fd51cbd204b959

MCMR-4275 Tree View Device Reports did not return results for Log Information if query was set to a particular range
MCMR-4324 In some Windows 7 devices 64 bit registry files and folders were not visible in a remote control session
MCMR-4580 Improved the detailed description for an iOS profile
MCMR-4664 Fixed minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-4665 When targeting iOS devices in virtual groups some application catalog rules did not push down to devices until check-in
MCMR-4667 Excessive profile caching caused heavy CPU load and Deployment Server errors in a specific configuration
MCMR-4671 In minimal cases Android+ profiles with multiple firewall configurations set to 'Deny' caused server errors
MCMR-4672 Fixed an upgrade error causing issues with managing profiles on already enrolled devices
MCMR-4673 Resolved a Web Console issue with accessing event log truncation settings if 'Archive to file' option is selected
MCMR-4700 Duplicate package names cause package installation errors in some environments
MCMR-4704 In rare cases specific configurations with very large numbers of virtual groups cause high Deployment Server queue length
MCMR-4723 Updated default value for a setting in Deployment Server that occasionally caused errors with package installations