MobiControl v13.1 Maintenance Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (July 22, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 67bdc5abb8e8361c2d80ac69d189ac05

MCMR-5172 Occasionally the incorrect application image was shown in the Application Catalog
MCMR-6081 In certain circumstances, the file sync rule did not function correctly when applied to devices in virtual groups
Fixed minor upgrade issue with Reporting feature
MCMR-6490 Fixed issue that caused packages to reinstall on a limited number of devices following an upgrade
MCMR-6655 Improved installer to accommodate deployments with a very large number of devices (June 30, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 115788982588717872da4a6dedd5a361

MCMR-4783 LDAP enrollment was inconsistent on some Windows 10 devices
MCMR-5298 Fixed loophole that allowed certain Windows CE devices to exit Lockdown mode
MCMR-5516 Under certain conditions, devices running Windows Mobile/CE only installed the first profile containing packages
MCMR-5637 Device filter information became unavailable under certain conditions
MCMR-5687 Lengthened timeout period in database for generating reports
MCMR-6008 Minor UI improvement of package deployment dialog window
MCMR-6190 In certain environments, certificates did not appear in the Web Console after they had been uploaded
MCMR-6200 Fixed database issue that prevented the deletion of packages
MCMR-6275 In certain environments, some certificates did not install on Android+ devices
MCMR-6438 Added the ability to create file folders based on IMEI to File Sync rules (June 10, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 30b7e0ad749172832896f096439ad08a

MCMR-4251 Fixed an upgrade error causing issues with managing profiles with specific configuration settings on already enrolled devices
MCMR-4512 Improved Android for Work Kiosk Mode user experience
MCMR-5600 A specific report fails to be scheduled
MCMR-5761 The incorrect Connection Type was reported for devices connected to certain cellular carriers
MCMR-5931 On some Android+ devices, the installation progress bar did not reflect the actual status when installing apps from an Application Catalog
MCMR-5933 Web console filter information fails to load when opening it for editing for the second time
MCMR-5990 On some Android+ rugged devices, device location data was visually represented in discrete points rather than connected points showing progression
MCMR-6109 Location history marks separate dots instead of drawing an itinerary
MCMR-6111 Improved Baidu maps functionality
MCMR-6114 Devices placed into virtual groups using a filter based on Installed Applications would return very broad results
MCMR-6144 Added the ability to filter devices based on SIM Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID)
MCMR-6145 On some devices, Self Serve profiles remained in pending install state if multiple profiles were assigned simultaneously
MCMR-6146 Fixed stability issues of Deployment Server component that were caused by upgrade
MCMR-6163 Improved sorting capabilities for Custom Attributes
MCMR-6164 Certain custom APN configurations are not applied if MNC code is one digit long
MCMR-6165 Device connectivity activity report timed out when generating a report for a large number of devices
MCMR-6189 On some Android+ devices, connected devices did not appear in the Web Console
MCMR-6227 Binding certain third-party certificates to the Deployment Server occasionally failed
MCMR-6231 In certain environments, Windows Desktop devices did not apply updated lockdown templates
MCMR-6232 WiFi settings occasionally did not reflect updates when switching WiFi authentication methods
MCMR-6233 Fixed file renaming error that caused package deployments to fail on some Android+ devices
MCMR-6234 Certain enterprise applications on iOS could lose functionality if device was disconnected for a long period of time or during expected validation times