MobiControl v13.2 Maintenance Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (November 25, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: e5ec270889f565e74ec153938da3864e

MCMR-6224 Modified the required application identifying information for B2B applications on the iOS platform
MCMR-6413 Fixed validation error in the Fusion WiFi profile configuration for Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-6518 Added more information to the log entry created when modifying custom attributes
MCMR-6586 Fixed package installation error that occurred when a package depended on another package whose installation required a device reset
MCMR-6602 Devices with multiple geofences applied did not always generate an alert for every geofence
MCMR-6878 Added functionality to allow device firmware upgrade via MobiControl
MCMR-6891 When creating an Application Catalog rule for iOS devices, searches in the Canadian App Store did not return Canada-specific results
MCMR-7042 Fixed an issue in the MobiControl Administration Utility that caused it to call the incorrect URL
MCMR-7093 Occasionally, profiles installed slowly on some Android devices
MCMR-7182 Occasionally, the Installed Applications With Name and Version (flat view) report did not display the correct number of installations for an application
MCMR-7243 Fixed a minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-7246 Truncating log files occasionally caused an error when truncating extremely large collections
MCMR-7307 Added validation to prevent package deletion when dependencies exist
MCMR-7325 Fixed a credentials conflict that caused the WiFi profile configuration to fail on some Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-7427 Added new access point types within the APN profile configuration for Android devices
MCMR-7448 Removed the three character limitation on app names within Application Catalog rule
MCMR-7935 Fixed a minor database error that occasionally prevented profile installation (October 25, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: 12803173f17bc31475d05d98ed6f861e

MCMR-5590 Improved the description of a feature for iOS
MCMR-6513 Resolved issue that caused changes to the port in the Management Console to affect Deployment Server port
MCMR-6518 Added more information to the log entry created when modifying custom attributes
MCMR-6662 Added the ability to reduce the number of fields scanned when searching for device information in the database
MCMR-6893 Fixed time zone issue that caused alerts to be time stamped with UTC regardless of actual device time zone
MCMR-7049 Occasionally, Windows desktop devices did not enter lockdown mode if they rebooted while already under lockdown
MCMR-7118 Reference to applications persisted in the Web Console after the application was uninstalled from certain Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-7189 Occasionally, when using custom data in profiles or for virtual group filtering, the custom data description was used instead of the custom data name
MCMR-7191 On some Windows Mobile/CE devices, custom data was limited to 250 characters when pulling database registry entries
MCMR-7321 Fixed a minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-7585 Developed script to remove duplicate data that occurred during a custom upgrade from v11
MCMR-7725 Fixed a minor issue that caused Apple DEP to occasionally stop working after upgrade (October 03, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: aa7cfdb5560cec3aec6c0063858a888f

MCMR-2279 The device location occasionally lost accuracy when the location services map zoomed in or out
MCMR-2291 Occasionally, the web console did not show an accurate log of active users
MCMR-6490 Fixed issue that caused packages to reinstall and then hang on a limited number of devices following an upgrade
MCMR-6622 Deployment servers were configured with the wrong name if the IP address of a previously configured deployment server was identical except for the last digit
MCMR-6815 Improved Apple VPP integration to more gracefully handle unexpected responses from Apple servers (September 19, 2016)
MD5 Checksum: fcefbbe8479e8235b57a6ca6572eef1b

MCMR-4951 On rare occasions, iOS devices did not receive an APNS notification to check in
MCMR-5272 Fixed an installation issue that occurred when a non-default port address was used
MCMR-5685 On some rare Windows Mobile/CE devices, devices enrolled using a server generated identifier repeatedly disconnected and then re-enrolled, activating a new license each time they enrolled
MCMR-6026 On the Windows Mobile/CE platform, the Lockdown profile configuration did not reset to default values when requested
MCMR-6110 The Management Server had difficulty loading profile assignment trees that contained a very large number of nodes
MCMR-6710 The custom data dialog occasionally did not display the correct information
MCMR-6920 Increased our range of supported file formats for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
MCMR-6950 On rare occasions, a custom data variable caused an error in the Management Server when a new device was added