MobiControl v13.3 Maintenance Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (October 26, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 68fc8987a70e3df755e670b9d136d4c5

SB-3841 Added ability to export browser history to a .txt file
SB-3843 Added ability to specify a file location to save files downloaded in SOTI surf
SB-3846 Added ability for device users to specify a file location to save files downloaded in SOTI surf, if location is not already set by MobiControl administrator
MC-20632 Added ability to apply changes to log levels without requiring a restart
MC-41264 Added ability to apply changes to certain Deployment Server settings (log levels, minimum threads, maximum threads, maximum burst threads, rule reload timeout, schedule reload timeout, pulse interval and pulse timeout) without requiring a restart
MC-43200 Added 'Download' button to iOS application catalog to allow device users to install app updates at their leisure
MCMR-10608 After upgrade, Deployment Server failed due to an expired certificate
User Password Policy dialog box for Android Plus was missing text for a field
MCMR-11206 Some passwords for the Fusion WiFi profile configuration caused errors when encrypted
MCMR-11360 Package did not install at time specified by profile
MCMR-11611 Applications whose versions exceeded 25 characters were not successfully added to an application catalog rule
On Windows Mobile/CE devices, the agent was unable to replace old certificates with updated versions
MCMR-11808 Character encoding on DEP enabled devices did not match encoding used in MobiControl causing enrollment issues
On some Window Mobile/CE devices, the wrong connection type was reported to the Console
MCMR-11917 On some Sony Android devices, package installation was reported as failed when installation was actually successful
MCMR-11923 Removed unnecessary function to optimize database performance
MCMR-11980 Profile and package settings were still accessible on Windows Mobile devices in lockdown mode
MCMR-11982 Remote control sessions launched in the background rather than the foreground
MCMR-12041 The Phone Call profile configuration did not notify users to the cause of failure when special characters were present in the phone numbers
MCMR-12168 Improved Deployment Server connection behavior when queue length capacity is exceeded (September 29, 2017)

MD5 Checksum: 9e23798321bbd5d81c71d2c0731333f4

MC-36818 Added support of KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME)
The %removablesdcard% macro was added to File Sync rules to support SD cards on devices running Android 6.0 or later
MCMR-10004 Added support for Samsung API related to battery optimization
MCMR-10322 Application Catalog rules for Windows Modern devices were applied immediately regardless of the configured activation date
MCMR-10458 In rare cases, the enterprise resource gateway connection did not appear in the console
MCMR-10564 On some Android devices, after a device reboot, users could disable lockdown mode before it loaded
MCMR-10608 After upgrade and on very rare occasions, Deployment Server crashed while attempting to log exceptions
MCMR-11078 Occasionally, the console reported incorrect Last Connect time for offline devices
MCMR-11164 After upgrade, some iOS profiles could not be revoked
MCMR-11241 After upgrade, some reports were not generated according to their schedule
MCMR-11282 Added support for using the lock screen message as a macro on Android devices
MCMR-11629 Call Log report generated incorrect information
MCMR-11763 Reduced reporting frequency for the personalized device name macro
MCMR-11779 Occasionally, the iOS Device Information report did not generate a report
MCMR-11845 In some environments with multiple Deployment Servers, scheduled packages were not deployed
MCMR-11875 The IMEI/ESN column did not show complete values in the Device Information (flat view) report
MCMR-11906 Remote control sessions were slow to start when Deployment Servers had a high queue
MCMR-11931 Improved search behavior when searching for devices by Custom Data (September 19, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 95b2c0c32ffbf0452f510105cfeb2eba

MC-32977 Added ability to revoke Entrust PKI certificates
MC-41818 Improved the behavior of the user interface when updating VPP apps via the application catalog rule
MCMR-10585 Some managed iOS apps, with an available update, did not show the correct status after device checkin
MCMR-10592 After upgrade, package and profile deployment speed slowed considerably due to high queue length on Deployment Server
MCMR-10860 If the name of the DEP assignment profile contained characters with unsupported encoding, the DEP assignment log was repeatedly generated
The Device Information report failed to generate a .csv file
MCMR-11018 Some Windows devices disconnected from the Management Server when they received multiple scripts that caused a conflict, resulting in a timeout
MCMR-11173 Added information regarding the compatibility requirements of the Android Plus Bookmarks profile configuration
MCMR-11294 In rare circumstances, attempting to create a Device Event Alert rule caused an internal server error
MCMR-11357 In rare cases, the database experienced an error during upgrade
MCMR-11396 Some Casio devices did not display a toggle button between the camera and barcode scanner
MCMR-11442 The encoding for some Japanese characters was not supported when importing data into Application Run Control
Fixed potential security risk
MCMR-11673 Occasionally, uploading a package to the Web Console caused a time out
After upgrade from v11, the Deployment Server experienced high queue lengths
MCMR-11751 Console occasionally timed out while searching for a device
MCMR-11843 Deployment Server reported incorrect status for device agent (August 25, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 53e109aa4abfb8dc953d8f1bf2b85c76

MC-37996 SOTI surf users could not log in using LDAP due to inadequate permissions
MC-40887 The SOTI surf app logged users out immediately after changes were pushed, rather than adhering to the App Shutdown Time setting
ADCS-SCEP did not communicate properly over Cloud Link
MCMR-8495 Management Service slowed down significantly under certain conditions when loading information for a large number of devices
MCMR-8925 On some Windows Mobile/CE devices, executing a cold reboot uninstalled the device agent
MCMR-9039 Agent builder inserted incorrect folder for secure storage on certain Windows Mobile Datalogic devices
MCMR-9265 Third-party SSL certificates that did not match the hostname of the Management Service server caused issues during installation
MCMR-9345 Some feature control options were revoked when multiple profiles containing feature control configurations were assigned to a device
MCMR-9387 Management profiles and information were not removed from iOS devices if they were offline for more than 24 hours after the deletion command was sent
Simultaneously upgrading the device agents for a large number of devices caused a timeout error
MCMR-9783 Enterprise applications for iOS devices could not be used with the iOS Single App Mode profile configuration unless the application was already installed on a device in the database
MCMR-9864 Improved performance of Device List API request
MCMR-9909 Profiles could not be sorted by assignment date or version
MCMR-10134 On certain Windows Desktop devices, the virtual keyboard was disabled in Lockdown mode even when it was explicitly set to be enabled
MCMR-10142 Archive database did not correctly truncate data after a restore from database
Database records with the same ProductIDs occasionally caused errors when editing Application Catalog rules for iOS devices
MCMR-10545 Added support for username macros in the Windows Mobile/CE WiFi profile configuration
In rare circumstances, expanding a device group containing 20+ devices while on the Android Plus tab caused the Console to time out
Enterprise Resource Gateway did not correctly filter exchange access for Android for Work devices
MCMR-10822 Added support for Personalized Device Name macro on Android devices
MCMR-10996 "Truncate Logs Now" action was not completed if archive settings were not configured
MCMR-11050 Some Android device agents were unable to connect to Deployment Server via a proxy connection
MCMR-11067 Updated the mobile network code for the TelCel/America Movil network
MCMR-11174 Packages using the same name on different platforms were not ported over correctly when upgrading from v12.4 or earlier
MCMR-11246 File sync occasionally caused high server queue after Deployment Server restart
MCMR-11259 Remote control did not work on some Samsung devices running Android 7.0
MCMR-11354 Deployment Server reported incorrect status for device agent
MCMR-11381 Occasionally, a SQL timeout exception caused the Deployment Server to fail
MCMR-11401 Console slowed considerably if device information query was run on many devices at once
MCMR-11484 Devices running iOS 11 could not be enrolled when using Internal MobiControl Certificate Authority
SB-3734 On iOS devices, the 'Disable Safe Search' setting in the SOTI surf profile configuration was incorrectly interpreted as more restrictive when enabled (August 02, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 94895df8ecf4d3bc7890815549fc0df9

HUB-3663 Improvements to the SOTI hub profile configuration
MC-35256 Added alternative method for applying kiosk mode to Android for Work devices
MC-35735 Added support for NetMotion VPN service in Samsung KNOX containers
MC-39708 Improved user experience and added option to hide floating home button in native kiosk mode on Android for Work devices
MC-39791 Added ability to use Battery Status as a criterion for deployment of assigned profiles
MC-40576 iOS 11 devices experienced difficulties enrolling due to an incompatibility with the SCEP server
MC-40580 Added swipe up option to access Administrator mode in Kiosk or Lockdown mode
MCMR-7199 On rare occasions, iOS device check-in could cause the Deployment Server to hang
Fixed various minor translation errors in Japanese
MCMR-8781 Console listed duplicate entries for certain installed Android applications
MCMR-8882 Deploying a WiFi certificate to a large number of devices via profile configuration caused server timeout
MCMR-9333 Improved Fusion WiFi profile configurations on Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-9507 In extremely rare cases and when network connection is unstable, a network disconnection while the rule cache refreshed caused the spontaneous generation of new root certificates
MCMR-9699 Improved code logic for deleting Add Devices rules
MCMR-9912 Removed ability to delete custom data elements that are being actively used for profile assignment
MCMR-9991 Improved code logic for synchronizing last modified time and date between devices and Deployment Server
MCMR-10008 Improved Windows Mobile/CE device agent to better interpret data returned by the GPS driver
MCMR-10036 Previously removed iOS devices experienced difficulties when attempting to re-enroll using DEP and LDAP
MCMR-10063 Fixed time zone setting that automatically used daylight saving time even when not applicable
MCMR-10289 Some add devices rules for Windows Mobile/CE could not be deleted due to a missing property name in the database
MCMR-10356 Added support for authenticated proxies on desktop devices running Windows 7 or later
MCMR-10364 Added ability to collect device serial number to the Windows Mobile/CE agent
MCMR-10422 In rare cases, some reports may not generate due to a mismatch in date formats between the Windows operating system and the database
MCMR-10523 Adding multiple iOS enterprise apps with the same filename did not generate unique plist values
MCMR-10527 Occasionally, Android agents did not install packages in a timely manner due to a miscommunication with the deployment server
MCMR-10530 Environments upgraded from 12.4 occasionally experienced errors when assigning pre-existing profiles that contained packages
MCMR-10546 Format for time and date was incorrect when Console was set to use German and 24 hour clock
MCMR-10691 writesecuresetting script command did not set default apps on Samsung devices with ELM agent
MCMR-10727 Out of Contact reports did not display the correct device group path
MCMR-10914 Archived logs for rules were not visible in the Console
MCMR-10988 The list of installed applications did not appear for some Windows 7 devices
MCMR-11135 Enterprise VPN profile configuration for Samsung KNOX devices has been deprecated (July 05, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 22693597660df3d919087b88c147de44

MCMR-7760 Fixed a minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-9106 The list of installed applications did not appear for some Windows 7 devices
MCMR-9456 Device certificates configured using templates on iOS devices did not automatically renew
Upgrade from v12.4 or earlier experienced issues with package deployment due to duplicate package versions
MCMR-9638 On iOS devices, updates to apps in an application catalog rule did not push updates to the app on the device
MCMR-9772 Device search displayed correct device group but not specific page for requested device
MCMR-9881 Improved support for service accounts running MobiControl components
MCMR-10006 Custom data or attributes occasionally did not allow entry of values containing spaces
Deployed packages remained in Pending Install state after upgrade from v13.0
MCMR-10345 Device agent download fails when language on device does not match language on server
MCMR-10438 Agent upgrade did not work when invoked on virtual device groups
MCMR-10581 Agent upgrade for ELM agents ignored permissions set by writesecuresetting command and continued to prompt device users for permission
MCMR-10623 Simplified the update process for B2B VPP iOS apps in the application catalog
MCMR-10653 Certificate authority configurations could not be deleted from the console
MCMR-10689 Added ability to filter profile assignment based on OEM on Android devices
MCMR-10746 Encryption did not work on external storage of Samsung devices running Android 7.0
Packages remained in Pending Install state indefinitely after deployment
MCMR-10937 Added support for Android 7.0 in Samsung ELM agent (June 19, 2017)

MD5 Checksum: 4f570ea9b6f01c52ba02e83e761955ce

MC-37937 Added ability to configure Enterprise APN for Roaming on TH2 and RS2 Windows Modern devices
MCMR-7612 Under certain circumstances Profiles containing packages remained in "Pending Install" state
MCMR-8785 On certain Samsung devices on Android 6 and higher files failed to synchronize to external SD card
MCMR-9063 Flat View version of Device Information Report was updated to reflect User Name instead of User ID
MCMR-9098 Lockdown template on Windows CE and Windows Mobile failed to extract application icon from a lockdown item
MCMR-9357 In certain deployment scenarios API authentication was slow causing connection timeouts
MCMR-9498 Application icons failed to load on some Windows Mobile devices after upgrade
MCMR-9520 Improved Remote Control Skins to retain local configuration changes
MCMR-9554 Improved error handling and logging for DEP token uploads
MCMR-9670 Lockdown for Windows Desktop devices fails to authenticate users with no configured passwords
MCMR-9701 User was not automatically logged out based on configured session timeout value
MCMR-9809 Some location markers were missing when plotting location history
MCMR-9853 With certain HTML5 RC usage patterns Management Service crashed
MCMR-9980 File name case sensitivity was considered a trigger to synchronize files with condition "Files are Different"
MCMR-10005 Failed to generate Installed Applications With Name And Version report for applications containing Japanese characters
MCMR-10096 Under extremely rare circumstances the Deployment Server crashed soon after starting
MCMR-10113 Device names in Out of Contact Report were truncated if they exceeded 20 characters
MCMR-10223 Added validation for password length on Android and iOS WiFi profile configuration screens
MCMR-10224 Deleted devices continued to appear in the Profile Status Report
MCMR-10538 Editing a previously created Add Device Rule for Windows Modern platform failed in a specific and rare case (May 19, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 512fa183e04c19cbb3e7bbe561199d2d

MC-28601 New email profile configuration for Android for Work devices
MC-34997 Telecom Expense Management enhancements for all Android device models
MC-35907 Added ability to auto-update all devices to latest available agent
MCMR-7699 Search results based on custom attributes were not accurate when search string was longer than 6 characters
MCMR-7733 Clarified the meaning of "Total System Storage Size", which refers to storage space on device not occupied by the operating system
MCMR-7986 Occasionally, a scheduled report was not generated according to its schedule
Fixed a minor translation error in Japanese
MCMR-8774 After upgrade, duplicate packages appeared in the Web Console
MCMR-9103 Certain profile configuration settings persisted on the device even after the profile was deleted
MCMR-9247 Occasionally, LDAP user information imported by .csv files was not correctly mapped to devices
MCMR-9490 In rare cases, nightly maintenance failed when trying to remove offline devices
MCMR-9501 Shortened the time it took to move a large number of devices from one group to another
MCMR-9531 Fixed minor UI issue that caused text to exceed its button's border
MCMR-9534 The return URL for Identity Provider requests was configured improperly in cloud environments
MCMR-9688 In rare cases, the Device Connectivity Report may not generate a report due to a mismatch in date formats between the Web Console and the database
MCMR-9718 In some environments, the database did not update the Deployment Server version during upgrade
MCMR-9743 In the Japanese Web Console, radio buttons did not appear in the Agent Upgrade Settings dialog box
Occasionally, searching for devices using custom attributes did not return results
MCMR-9778 Out of Contact reports did not display the full device group path for devices
MCMR-9817 On some Android Plus devices, the device agent installation file did not contain the correct device naming convention as set by the Add Devices rule
MCMR-9847 In rare cases, devices could not move between groups due to a database error
MCMR-9916 Checks for update occurred very frequently
MCMR-9942 Sorting devices by Last Status Update did not produce accurate results (April 18, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 70ace9c7de842014cf85ac52ce731cfe

SB-2789 Improvements to the SOTI surf app and profile configuration
MC-34737 Lockdown caused device instability on Samsung Android devices
MC-34997 Telecom Expense Management enhancements for select Android device models
MCMR-5139 Filter Criteria did not apply policy to devices when using boolean custom attributes with Device Properties
MCMR-6739 Samsung devices no longer require a script command to rotate the device screen during a remote control session
MCMR-7502 Remote control failed due to a mismatch with a hard-coded URL
MCMR-7695 Sorting entries by alphabetical order did not persist in the Information panel of the Devices tab
MCMR-7795 In rare cases on some Android devices users were not prompted to update their passwords while Lockdown mode was active
MCMR-7979 Android devices failed to enroll if TLS 1.0 was disabled on the device
MCMR-8394 Improved Android device agent to better retrieve inconsistent GPS data
MCMR-8537 The writesecuresetting script did not work on Samsung devices with the ELM device agent
MCMR-8553 File names in the File System Manager disappeared when the Web Console language was not set to English
MCMR-8636 On some Windows 7 Embedded devices, remote control failed on slow computers with high-speed network connections
MCMR-8710 Occasionally, in cloud server environments, a DSE exception caused the Deployment Server to fail
MCMR-8727 Corrected the time zone mapping for UTC+3
MCMR-8776 Lockdown profile configurations containing an auto-launch script caused some Android devices to run the script repeatedly and the device screen to flash black and white
MCMR-8809 Upgrade failed due to syntax restriction in server name which contained an ending backslash
MCMR-8970 The application information for Android for Work apps in an Application Catalog rule did not update when "Sync Apps" was clicked
MCMR-9029 Some Zebra Motorola devices did not receive application upgrades for Enterprise applications through the Application Catalog rule
MCMR-9111 The Out of Contact Devices report returned information for 14 days rather than a full month
MCMR-9181 The latest version of a package was highlighted in the packages list, even if latest version was already selected
Agent upgrade on certain Android devices failed due to a certificate hash mismatch
MCMR-9602 The URL for the API access token was case-sensitive, it is now case-insensitive
MCMR-9606 Improved the installer to better handle duplicated data
MCMR-9609 Improved agent and backend compatibility check (March 10, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: cb008bb0ff6079cbde64e2b3a445af6a

MC-30162 Lockdown caused device instability on some Android devices
MCMR-7655 On some Android devices, the lockdown configuration relaunched if a Bluetooth device was connected or disconnected
MCMR-8198 Password settings for Intermec wireless network profile were not applied correctly to Windows Mobile/CE devices when scanned with MobiControl Stage
MCMR-8389 Improved functionality to send Over-The-Air updates to devices using scripts
MCMR-8426 Password for the Fusion WiFi profile in MobiControl Stage for Windows Mobile/CE failed when it contained certain characters in a specific order
MCMR-8497 Added new functionality for the Summit Wireless Radio profile in MobiControl Stage for Windows Mobile/CE devices
MCMR-8730 Improved security of information stored by the Android agent
MCMR-8806 Improved Management Server performance when handling a large number of simultaneous calls
MCMR-9053 On some Android agents, the auto-launch scripts repeated several times
MCMR-9174 iOS VPN profile configurations no longer pre-populate user's principal name (UPN) if left blank
MCMR-9233 Scheduled emails for Profile reports were not dispatched
MCMR-9248 Latitude and longitude coordinates have been extended to show four decimal places
MCMR-9298 Improved appearance of Location Collected Data report (February 21, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 39c8da3be553c1174a14320f35845c8e

MCMR-4480 Android devices under certain rare circumstances and a particular configuration re-enroll with a different Device ID
MCMR-6949 Updated Out of Contact dashboard for iOS to improve accuracy of calculation
MCMR-7053 Hex to Dec translation produces incorrect results when setting DWORD registry values
MCMR-7305 Sometimes Web Console reports applications as installed for the Windows Modern platform while applications are still being queued for installation
MCMR-7907 In certain environments speed lockdown utilizes the default lockdown template despite a custom template specified
MCMR-8046 Improved Remote Control to use TLS 1.2 when negotiating with the server instead of system default TLS 1.0
MCMR-8135 Improved help to specify that "Disable YouTube" policy is only applicable on iOS 5
MCMR-8230 Using Windows MobiControl Stage application to apply WiFi Fusion country codes to devices fails due to version incompatibility
MCMR-8418 F5 per app VPN configuration on iOS fails to establish connection
MCMR-8550 Enrollment fails when other LDAP configuration option is used in particular eDirectory-based environment
Implemented support for Bing Maps v8
MCMR-8750 Particular targeting configuration of a FileSync rule prevents it from being removed when a device leaves a targeted Virtual Group
MCMR-9008 Search for a device sometimes fails if it is present in both a Physical and a Virtual Group
MCMR-9044 In a particular upgrade scenario, the Printers tab no longer appears in the Web Console (January 24, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 734df47e8f177c367ed4b378bdfb76c0

MCMR-3644 On some iOS devices, certificates sent through profiles did not install until the agent was opened
MCMR-5719 Scheduled reports were sent as high priority emails when set to send as low priority
MCMR-6330 Refreshing the Deployment Server occasionally caused devices to temporarily remove Custom Attributes
MCMR-6457 The Administration Utility produced errors during the data diagnostic after upgrade but not before
MCMR-6676 Apple VPP apps registered as B2B apps if they were not available on the U.S. App Store
MCMR-6703 Japanese characters did not display correctly on csv or txt reports
MCMR-6733 On some iOS devices, the device user did not receive prompts to install applications in their Application Catalogs
MCMR-6807 Agent Builder attempted to insert folder for secure storage on device in incorrect location
MCMR-6932 Data presented in csv for "Device Information" reports did not align intelligibly
MCMR-6938 On some Android devices, logs generated by a Call Log rule did not return accurate data
MCMR-6979 Multiple custom data values with the same name caused errors when selecting filter criteria
MCMR-7144 Added validation to catch illegal characters in file names in the Application Catalog
MCMR-7203 Occasionally, the Web Console suffered an error when attempting to create an Alert rule
MCMR-7309 All profile configurations on a device were re-applied if a profile was re-assigned, including unedited configurations
MCMR-7427 Added new access point types within the APN profile configuration for Android devices
MCMR-7452 Fixed minor UI issue that caused the speed of a device to be displayed outside of the Location Tracking pop-up
MCMR-7457 Modified package upgrade behavior to remove window between the uninstallation of the previous version of the package and the installation of the new version
MCMR-7466 Fixed an issue that caused a value to be omitted from the IPSec Xauth PSK VPN profile payload
MCMR-7580 Changed assignment of custom data and profiles to occur simultaneously on devices
MCMR-7600 WiFi passwords with special characters in a WiFi profile configuration can cause the profile to stall in a "pending installation" state
MCMR-7625 Fixed an issue that caused some dialog boxes to clear previously entered information when dialog box was refreshed
MCMR-7637 Deleted iOS devices did not appear in "iTunes Hash" report in "Group View"
MCMR-7764 Firewall profile configurations with duplicate bundle IDs could not be saved
MCMR-7891 Fixed issue that caused a column to disappear from "Device Information with Custom Data" report after upgrade
MCMR-8007 Authentication profile configuration did not allow the value 'none' for the 'Maximum password expiry length' for the device user password policy
MCMR-8129 Fixed the description for the Bookmarks profile configuration
MCMR-8249 Updates to applications in Application Catalogs failed to install if they were dependent on another package previously installed on device
MCMR-8272 Fixed issue that caused the Deployment Server to occasionally disconnect from the Management Server
MCMR-8289 Added device count to "Device Tree with Device Count" report
MCMR-8304 Added the ability to locate a DN by following referrals in LDAP
MCMR-8393 Fixed issue that prohibited cloning the assignment criteria of profiles as well as their configurations
MCMR-8481 On rare occasions, certain iOS enterprise applications that were installed via Application Catalog would appear as unknown in the Web Console