MobiControl v14.0.2 Release Notes

14.0.2 Build 1226 (December 12, 2017)

MD5 Checksum: 4708d076a5f77e437c25977b93954556


  • License, certificate, and VPP and DEP token expiration warnings will no longer appear in the legacy console, but are presented in the “Announcements” section of the new console.

Bug Fixes


MC-36484 Saving a KNOX passcode policy without specifying a password age resulted in an internal error when closing the policy dialog
MC-42168 Remove installed application option was disabled on Android Enterprise devices
MC-44529 “Sync Files Now” action was not available for KNOX devices


MC-43258 Improved the workflow to force updates on regular or VPP App Store applications on iOS devices

Web Console (New)

MC-43250 Searching by “Terms Status” did not provide list of possible values to search by
MC-44918 Web console occasionally logged out despite the logged on user being active
MC-45093 Custom attribute tooltips showed an internal reference “lbl_inherit_from” rather than localized value
MC-45564 An error was thrown when viewing event logs in the device information panel when no log types and/or log sources are selected

Web Console (Legacy)

MC-45404 User icon was missing in the Servers tab for users logged in via federated authentication/single sign on.
MC-46284 Legacy console was not accessible when the Management Service is hosted on a port other than 443
MCMR-12189 Windows phone application did not launch in lockdown after relocating device to another folder in Web Console
MCMR-12442 Added option to multi-select or deselect OEM manufacturers when creating add device rule under Android Platform Selection

Windows Modern

MC-45277 Windows Modern devices were not targeted by Profiles that leverage Custom Attributes as assignment target criteria


MC-36101 Newly enrolled devices, or devices moved into scope of a Profile do not receive the Profile if it had a new version scheduled for assignment in the future.
MC-45820 Memory usage of the Management Service grew under high load and when devices connect and reconnect
MCMR-8388 Application version for an iOS device displayed in Web Console kept reverting to an older version
MCMR-8986 Search bar was shown on Windows CE device navigation bar when lockdown mode was applied
MCMR-11980 %MCCONFIG% macro exposed certificate option to device user when the device was in lockdown mode and in user mode.
MCMR-12089 Lockdown mode disabled the hardware volume buttons on devices running Windows 10 with the desktop agent