MobiControl v14.1.2 Release Notes

14.1.2 Build 1937 (April 02, 2018)

MD5 Checksum: 6edf828620ad320912819968df6ac27e

Note: MobiControl 14.1.1 was never released. 14.1.2 reflects the next maintenance upgrade from v14.1.0.

Upgrade Observations


  • The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Features and Improvements


  • Adds Profile “Restriction” to delay software updates on Supervised iOS 11.3 and higher devices for up to 90 days.
  • Adds “Advanced Configuration” to disable Bluetooth on Supervised iOS 11.3 and higher devices.
  • Adds Profile “App Run Control” configuration to whitelist/blacklist apps on Supervised iOS 9.3 and higher devices. The previous “App Run Control” advanced setting that served as a notification/relocation mechanism has been removed.

Administrative Interface (New UI)

  • Improved translations for various languages.
  • Minor stylistic changes to device search to better illustrate the inclusion of the selected Device Group as search criteria.
  • Improved the performance of the infinite progress bar when the devices view is loading.
  • Added the ability to “Import User Assignments” option under the “All Devices” menu (previously available in v13 and earlier).
  • Added example saved searches for all newly created users
  • Added the ability to execute the “Upgrade Agent Now” action at the device group level.
  • Log message for Send Script and Send Message will now include the script or message sent to the device (previously available in v13 and earlier).


  • Introduces support for Symantec as an integrated Certificate Authority.
  • Log levels set in MobiControl Administration Utility will now be set without the MobiControl services restarting.
  • Introduced console security option to restrict logged in administrators to a single concurrent session (introduced in v13.4).
  • Adds support for Relocation Rules on Printers
  • Adds support for the default Add Devices Rule on Linux.


  • Introduces support for F5 VPN and Per-App VPN on Android.
  • Added device action to reset the KNOX container password (previously available in v13 and earlier).
  • Added device action to send scripts to Android devices using “Platform Notification Service” (previously available in v13 and earlier).
  • Introduces “Console Security” option to enforce passcode complexity requirements on Android Device Administrator passwords.
  • Extends support of the Samsung KNOX firewall configuration to support FQDNs instead of just IP addresses.
  • Added option to “Enrollment Settings” to perform “strict” evaluation when re-enrolling Android devices that attempts to prevent previously enrolled devices from appearing as a different device after being factory reset.
  • Adds a Profile “Feature Control” policy to Disable Multiple Google Accounts on a Work Managed Device.
  • Adds option to Profile “Lockdown” configuration to disable the Status Bar on Android Enterprise devices using “Activity Suppression” lockdown method.
  • Current “APN” in use by a device is now reported as an Android device property.
  • Adds Alert Rule trigger for incorrect passcode entries introduced on Android (introduced in v13.4).
  • “Android Security Patch Level” is now reported as an Android Device Property.

Bug Fixes

Administrative Console (New UI)

MC-45806 Corrected a performance issue that would result in the inability to edit an Application Catalog rule that is targeting tens of thousands of devices.
MC-46116 Corrected an error that would result in an Internal Server Error when attempting to delete a very large package from the console.
MC-47116 Removed erroneous log message about the Management Service starting when a user logged in.
MC-47373 Corrected a problem that resulted in alert notifications of the new console appearing in the legacy console.
MC-48338 Corrected a problem that resulted in the Cloud Link connection name appearing in configuration dialogs as an internal ID when the Cloud Link Agent is not reachable.
MC-50489 Corrected a problem that prevented the save or assignment of a profile that used Custom Data as filter criteria.
MC-51006 Removed erroneous “iOS-Only” labels from Android dialogs that were originally intended to distinguish between iOS / macOS support.
MCMR-13235 Corrected a validation error in the SOTI Surf profile configuration that required the “redirection URL” be set to save the configuration (resolved in v13.4 MR3).


MC-44524 Corrected a problem that resulted in two Virtual Groups with the same filter criteria returning different results.
MC-44613 Corrected a problem that resulted in the Zebra Printer Administration Server (PAS) disconnecting and requiring a restart to re-establish a connection with the MobiControl
MC-44717 Corrected a problem that resulted in disconnected devices still appearing online in the console when multiple Management Servers are present.
MC-45283 Corrected a condition that would result in MobiControl Administration Utility crashing if left open for a prolonged period of time on a high load environment.
MC-45457 Corrected a condition that would prevent a user from an Identity Provider from using SOTI assist or other integrated applications calling the GET /security/users/{userName}/groups method.
MC-45778 Corrected a condition that would cause the Deployment Server to crash in a high-load scenario when it couldn’t connect to the database in the allotted timeout period.
MC-45837 Improved logging during package installation to correct condition where a package installing for the first time indicated it was being re-installed.
MC-45848 Corrected a problem that resulted in files synchronizing to devices that weren’t in scope of the file sync rule on high-load environments.
MC-45883 Improved file synchronization logging to correct the reported number of file sync’d
MC-45913 Improved agent connection status in high load environments with over-utilized resources to reflect that the agent has established a connection, but it hasn’t been processed by the server.
MC-46851 Improved memory handling during package deployment under high load with tens of thousands of devices.
MC-47169 Improved file synchronization to ensure the rule is executed even when the server is busy with package installation.
MC-47330 Corrected a logging issue that resulted in the Deployment Service crashing under high load.
MC-47689 Corrected an error that resulted in the “Alternative Deployment Server FQDN” from being ignored and having no effect on the system.
MC-48463 Corrected a problem that resulted in MobiControl Search logs being saved in multiple locations.
MC-49413 Corrected a problem that prevented the upgrade of MobiControl and logged a "CryptImportKey failed” error.
MC-49418 Corrected a problem that resulted in Profiles not immediately being removed from devices if they were Disabled prior to deletion.
MC-49486 Corrected an error that could prevent users with partially matching usernames from using SOTI Assist or other integrated applications calling the GET /security/users/{userName}/groups method.
MC-50112 Corrected an installation error that would prevent the installation of a secondary Deployment Server if a Management Server had not been installed.
MC-50338 Improved file synchronization logging to differentiate between a completed vs interrupted sync.
MC-51078 Corrected a problem where a device would remain as “Connected” even though it had disconnected during file synchronization.
MCMR-9146 Corrected a condition that would result in the system logging that File Synchronization to an Android device was successful even when the filesystem was unmounted (resolved in v13.4 MR6).
MCMR-10234 Removed some device-specific event logs that appeared in the Management or Deployment Server logs panel (resolved in v13.4 MR5).
MCMR-12582 Corrected an upgrade logic error that would incorrectly prevent upgrade due to packages sharing the same name, even if they have different versions (resolved in v13.4 MR2).
MCMR-12772 Corrected an upgrade error that would result in the MobiControl installer presenting a “Catastrophic Failure” due to data cached from a previous installation.
MCMR-13162 Corrected a problem that prevented Custom Attributes from appearing on Lockdown Screen.


MC-41926 Corrected an issue that could lead to loosing connectivity to devices when the Connection Settings is set to Manual.
MC-42328 Added logic to ensure that the App Catalog doesn’t show apps to Android Enterprise devices that were enrolled with “Skip Google Account Creation” set during enrollment.
MC-43586 Removed erroneous event log errors during Android Enterprise enrollment while creating managed Google Play Accounts.
MC-48151 Removed the unsupported “Turn Off/Suspend” action from Android Enterprise devices.
MC-49363 Corrected a problem that would prevent the re-enrollment of an Android Enterprise devices using LDAP authentication.
MC-49790 Removed unsupported option to configure Time Synchronization on Android Enterprise devices.


MC-50047 Resolved an issue that resulted in not being able to locate an iOS device in Lost Mode.

Windows Modern

MC-33716 Corrected a problem that prevented Windows Information Protection configurations from being applied to devices when the certificate in the Settings tab is updated.
MC-43828 Corrected an issue that would result in failed searches if searching by Screen Resolution, OS Edition, or CPU Type.
MC-46226 Added validation to prevent certificates from being deploying Trusted Root certificates to the “User” store, which previously would have resulted in an error installing.
MC-47660 Corrected a problem that prevented App installation dependency errors from being reported in the device event logs.
MC-48670 Corrected a problem that prevented the installation of the BitLocker configuration when the “Pre-boot recovery message” is set to “Use default message and URL”.
MC-49360 Corrected a problem that resulted in Assigned Access profiles being “Ignored” on RS3 Pro devices.
MC-49878 Corrected a problem that would prevent Windows modern device enrollments through Azure AD

Windows Mobile

MC-48594 Added support for certificate installation in pvk format to prevent installation errors on devices that don’t support pfx.
MC-45589 Corrected a problem that prevented alert triggers for executing against Custom Attribute values.
MC-48594 Improved handling of high number of package installation on high-load system to prevent device agents from repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting.