MobiControl v14.4.7 Release Notes

v14.4.7 Build 1053 on January 24, 2020

MD5 Checksum: ac9082ae9e20017fc7856886a5da1227

Upgrade Considerations

The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Bug Fixes

MCMR-18965 Google Chrome remained maximized and could not be resized on Windows Desktop Classic devices in Lockdown mode
MCMR-19475 Uploading a Device Relocation CSV file that exceeded 1750 lines failed
MCMR-19520 External SD card encryption alert was being triggered even though no external SD card was inserted in device
MCMR-19580 The management service failed due to excessive API calls
MCMR-20281 Mail on Android devices stopped working when a management service in a load-balanced environment that leveraged ERG was temporarily shut down
MCMR-20353 Windows Mobile and CE devices did not enroll successfully when using the SOTI MobiControl Stage Agent
MCMR-20414 Database checks significantly delayed the upgrade process
MCMR-20628 iOS Enterprise Applications were not automatically installing upon device check-in
MCMR-20688 Profiles were not assigned properly when the assignment included custom attribute filter criteria
MCMR-20691 Devices disconnected due to a deployment server caching issue
MCMR-20702 Remote Control skins settings were not saved at the group level
MCMR-20854 Only one iOS Enterprise Application was installed per check-in even though multiple apps were pending installation