MobiControl v14.4.8 Release Notes

v14.4.8 Build 1043 on March 02, 2020

MD5 Checksum: 2e6363e73b265586700697d9dde847bc

Upgrade Considerations

The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Bug Fixes

MC-90006 Fixed a certificate issue which caused upgrades to fail under specific circumstances
MC-90984 Added support for the "Installed Applications (Detailed)" report for Windows Modern devices
MC-91472 Datalogic OEMConfig app did not receive all values from SOTI MobiControl
MCMR-18845 Improved handling of Unicode characters for Android OEM names
MCMR-19035 LDAP connections experienced issues after upgrade if Security IDs were not unique between LDAP groups
MCMR-19830 Added support for SHA-384 and SHA-512 Enterprise Root certificates
MCMR-20058 Improved messaging around the number of devices affected when deleting a device group
MCMR-20392 Accessing a File Sync Rule that targeted a previously deleted device caused server issues
MCMR-20538 Users could not assign new permissions to existing profiles
MCMR-20652 Changes to usernames in Users and Console Security were not saved
MCMR-20701 After cloning a profile, a new line could not be added to the description
MCMR-20715 Rarely, after an error occurred while pushing a profile to a device, the profile became stuck in pending installation on subsequent devices
MCMR-20870 The filter criteria tab in the Profile Assignment dialog box was inaccessible
MCMR-20904 Attempting to resolve the %MCDEVICENAME% macro when placed in a device name consumed significant deployment server resources
MCMR-21006 Upgrade from 13.4 could fail if duplicate labels were found in the database
MCMR-21098 Occasionally, deleted devices reappeared in the console
MCMR-21137 Alerts were not triggered for devices found in multiple groups
MCMR-21145 The console did not show the correct device count when subgroup filter criteria was applied
MCMR-21166 Apple VPP sync failed due to the improper deletion of some Apple devices