MobiControl v14.5.4 Release Notes

14.5.4 Build 1035 on October 6, 2020 - Download

MD5 Checksum: bee02983dacdf909bf6e4a3a518374c3

Upgrade Considerations

To support new functionality introduced in SOTI MobiControl 14.5.1, the minimum system requirements had been updated to Windows Server 2016. The SOTI MobiControl installer will prevent an upgrade if the operating system is older than Windows Server 2016.

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Issues Addressed

MCMR-23587 Database maintenance failed to complete because some of the timeouts were too short
MCMR-23342 Profile search returned an error in the console due to a server-side defect
MCMR-22952 Post-install scripts did not execute in the package for Windows 10 devices
MCMR-23167 Upgrade from 13.4 to 15.1.2 failed due to a defect in the installer’s profile clean-up logic