MobiControl v15.2.2 Release Notes

15.2.2 Build 1080 on October 5, 2020

MD5 Checksum: b2ace96069ffd01e34e6d77cf592e861

Please note: The original build, 1077, has been replaced with a new one, 1080.

Upgrade Considerations

SOTI MobiControl's minimum system requirements have been updated as of 15.2.0 to .NET Core 3.1, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU12.

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Feature Enhancements

XTreme Hub Support for Windows Mobile/CE Devices

Xtreme Hub support is now available for Windows Mobile/CE devices. It supports faster deployment of files and packages from the SOTI MobiControl server to the managed devices. As an intermediary between the SOTI MobiControl deployment servers and the Windows Mobile/CE devices, Xtreme Hub reduces the bandwidth load on the network connection between the server and the devices. Note that Xtreme Hub functionality is only available under Premium and Enterprise Support subscriptions.

Issues Addressed

MC-97431 Language inaccuracies were observed in the Japanese version of the console
MC-102675 SOTI MobiControl installer showed the required SQL version incorrectly
MC-102886 Clicking the Autodetect button in the SOTI MobiControl installer displayed an incorrect error message
MC-105497 In the course of creating a new add devices rule, only 1 of the 6 Datalogic agents appeared under MobiControl Agent Selection
MC-105818 Upon SOTI MobiControl upgrade, content libraries started disappearing from the console
MC-107500 CLAs with spaces in their names could not be converted to CLA v3.0.0
MC-107958 When two File Sync rules pushed the same file to the device, this file was synchronized through XTreme Hub twice
MC-108453 It was impossible to reconnect a device if its agent was disconnected during package installation
MC-108458 Profiles with packages targeted to XTreme Hub (Classic Desktop) remained in the "Pending Install" state
MCMR-22344 The regdeval and regdelkey commands did not work when they were sent to Windows 10 devices via scripts
MCMR-22425 Search integrity deteriorated because the order differed from the one the Search service expected from the database
MCMR-22509 Parentheses in Geofence names caused the “Duplicate Name Exists” error
Android device enrollment failed to due to the “Strict Enrollment” feature logic that was too restrictive
MCMR-22952 Post-install scripts did not execute in the package for Windows 10 devices
MCMR-23216 Macros were not parsed when sent to Shared Devices via scheduled scripts or package scripts
MCMR-23342 Profile search returned an error in the console due to a server-side defect
MCMR-23366 The “Out of Contact Policy” profile was not triggered because it defaulted to a false validation condition
MCMR-23544 Devices were deleted from the console after the wipe command had been sent to them
MCMR-23652 Console rendering was slow after Device Group search due to a server-side defect
MCMR-23695 WiFi Proxy profiles failed to install due to the character limit of the Domain field in the console
MCMR-23788 Upgrade to 14.5.1 failed due to a referential integrity constraint on the database
MCMR-23857 Database maintenance failed to complete because some of the timeouts were too short
MCMR-24029 Uploaded .apk packages did not show on the list of available packages in the console